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Tuesday, April 07, 2009


There was an article in today’s ‘Jerusalem Post’ that said that ‘Hamas wants to smuggle long-range rockets into the Gaza in one piece’.

This is Israeli propaganda that is getting very desperate – and one has to wonder why.

The inference is that Hamas are interested in smuggling into the Gaza the Iranian missile known as the Fajr. Since it is too complex to breakdown and reassemble, the Israelis want us to believe that it will be smuggled in while fully assembled. The Israelis go on to say that special tunnels are being dug between the Sinai and the Gaza within the so-called Philadelphia Corridor, a 4 kilometre strip of land separating the Gaza from the Sinai, in order to cater for the giant missile.

Of course, the biggest problem for Hamas is not so much getting the missile through the tunnel – that would be a feat in itself but not altogether insurmountable – but how to get a rocket over 10 metres long fully fuelled and ready to go across the Sinai, sneak it past the Egyptian authorities into the Philly corridor and then down a massive tunnel while it is all in one piece. None of this is explained by the Israelis. One imagines that they hope no one would ask; after all, this nonsense is aimed at people who are far more interested in how they’re going to meet their next mortgage repayment or if they’ll have a job to turn up to next Monday.

The story doesn’t explain either why the Iranians would attempt to range their rockets against Israel via Hamas in the Gaza when it would be far simpler and less riskier to transport them by sea to Lebanon where they could easily be unloaded and transported to firing locations much closer to the Israeli heartland. Or maybe that’s going to be the next propaganda storyline to be used as the Israelis ratchet up the ante for war against Hezbollah later.

Overall, the story when viewed with a critical and analytical eye is a complete nonsense, but the important question is; why are the Israelis resorting to this kind of desperate fearmongering?

The report comes after claims that Israel had destroyed an arms convey in the Sudan recently that was in transit to the Gaza for Hamas. The Israelis claimed the convey was carrying Iranian-built rockets. This somewhat suspicious story had its detractors even in Israel with Ha’aretz doubting its honesty suggesting the whole story was just ‘an exercise in propaganda’. Transporting large high-value munitions overland through over a thousand miles of unfriendly territory is a hard ask to believe. High-value munitions simply wouldn’t be put at risk in that way.

No. It is clear that Israel is brewing up another ‘lets get Hamas before they get us’ propaganda scenario prior to attempting to finish off the job Olmert attempted to do in the dying days of the Bush regime – destroy Hamas, provoke Hezbollah, draw in Iran, draw in the US, provoke the final confrontation with all of Israel’s enemies. They don’t need the support of world public opinion; they only need the support of Israelis, which they hope to get through fearmongering, and support from the US Obama administration which they’ll get after the fait accompli of Israeli attacks on their enemies.

Time is running out for the Israelis. The call for a bi-national one-state solution is getting louder. Desperation is setting in.


Ha’aretz is reporting that the Israeli Defence forces are planning the largest defence exercise ever undertaken in Israel with “the Home Front Command hoping to convince the population that in a future war the entire country can become a front without warning”.

If that isn’t fearmongering, then what is?


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