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Thursday, April 30, 2009


The American Enterprise Institute (AEI), a think-tank organisation long regarded as neoconservative headquarters, recently launched a website dedicated to demonising the Islamic Republic of Iran. The site, called ‘Irantracker’, besides being clearly set up to propagandise Iran, tells one a lot about the neoconservative agenda which, in turn – and far more importantly – reveals even more about the agenda of the Zionists of Israel, to whom the neoconservatives are subservient to, and their intentions toward Iran.

Israeli extreme right-wing Zionist and current Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has had a long and close relationship with the AEI and it is no coincidence that the ‘Irantracker’ site was set up at around the time that it was beginning to look like Netanyahu was going to get up as Prime Minister prior to the recent Israeli elections.

The main thrust of ‘Irantracker’ is, of course, it’s propagandising of Iran’s so-called nuclear weapons program. It writes for example:

“In defiance of multiple sanctions programs and in violation of its nuclear non-proliferation treaty obligations, Iran continues to develop and perfect technologies that would allow it to possess a nuclear weapons capability. This section examines the critical issues that Iran’s illicit nuclear program presents: the types and progress of programs; the sources of Iran’s nuclear and weapons technology; critical nuclear facilities; and the development of missile delivery systems.”

The lie is in the neoconservative’s accusation that Iran is in violation of its non-proliferation treaty (NPT) obligations. If Iran had a nuclear weapons program then, yes, it would be in violation of its NPT obligations. However, despite the neoconservative’s best efforts to tell its readership otherwise, there is not a skerrick of evidence to even suggest, let alone prove, that Iran has any nuclear weapons program.

The neoconservative’s base their accusations solely on the fact that Iran has made it difficult in the past for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to verify Iran’s claims that it is only producing low enriched uranium for the purposes of generating electricity which they are perfectly entitled to do. The neocons and the Israelis argue that this uranium can then be enriched further to produce the highly enriched uranium need to build a bomb. The main reason why the Iranians are so reluctant to allow full-on constant inspections is because they see it as an intrusion upon their integrity and simply a deliberate attempt by the Israelis and their neoconservative minions to propagandise the demonisation of Iran. In the past Iran has allowed full inspections but has baulked at further inspections simply because they have been demanded by Israel via the UN. Iran is also annoyed that the world has demanded that Iran prove that it is not doing anything beyond that which it claims while the world ignores entirely Israel’s vast nuclear weapons arsenal simply because it is not a signatory of the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Of course, the neocon’s propaganda about Iran’s so-called nuclear weapons program revolves around the threat a nuclear armed Iran would pose to Israel. The fact is, however, that Israel is actually more of a threat to Iran than ever Iran is a threat to Israel. Not only does Israel have a massive arsenal of nuclear arms but has also hinted that it is quite prepared to use them.

So, the question that remains is: Why does Israel see Iran as such a threat to it that it is prepared to destroy it and why does Israel and their neoconservative allies go to such lengths to demonise Iran with lies, innuendo and inference?

The reason why Israeli Zionists and their neoconservative minions have gone to such lengths to demonise and propagandise Iran is because they need to paint a picture of an evil Iran to present to the world to justify an eventual attack on Iran. In other words, they are trying to build a fake casus belli for such an attack.

The real reason Israel wants to attack Iran is not because Iran has a nuclear weapons program – Israel knows full well that Iran doesn’t – but to affect regime change there. Iran’s so-called nuclear weapons program is merely an excuse for such an attack. When the attack does come, while Iran’s nuclear facilities will be targeted to maintain the illusion that they are indeed all Israel is after, Iran’s governmental institutions, particularly the military, will also be hit extensively on the pretext of preventing an Iranian retaliation against Israel.

The bottom line is this: Israel needs to neutralise Iran’s potency so that it is no longer able to support Syria, Hezbollah in south Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza. Without Iranian support Israel believes that Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas will no longer be able to resist Israel. Israel will use its war against Iran as an excuse to attack Hezbollah and Hamas as well as Syria. Israel has made it clear that, because of Hezbollah’s influence within the Lebanese government, Israel will have no compunction about going to war against Lebanon as a nation rather than just Hezbollah thus providing them with the opportunity of occupying at least south Lebanon up to the Litani River. Such a war would also mean that Syria can forget any talk about getting the Golan Heights back and Hamas in the Gaza without support from Iran or Hezbollah, will simply collapse, as would all Palestinian resistance in the Gaza and the West Bank which would be completely occupied by the Israelis and the Palestinian Authority disbanded. The resulting exodus of Palestinians from these areas into Jordan and the Sinai will not be stopped by the Israelis.

And thus the neoconservatives in the American Enterprise Institute will have played their supporting role by demonising the Islamic Republic of Iran in order to set the ball rolling toward the destruction of Palestine.


Man From Atlan said...

Then again, the neo-cons could lose-again.

Saint Michael Traveler said...

Palestine, Israel and Iran:
President Obama and Foreign Policy

The success or failure of the administration of President Obama with Israel would determine the nature of future stability for the Middle East. Any rational and humanistic resolution of Palestinian dilemma has been non-starter with Israel. The problems of Palestinian subjugation to Israel occupation are the seeds for an unstable world including the Middle East.

The Palestinian issue, over 40 years of baffling by Israel throwing one excuse after another to derail any prospect, is independent of any other world concern for the US administration. Secretary of State Clinton should not allow Israel to dictate the foreign policy of the United States. USA can’t afford war after war to support failed attempts to stabilize the region. Palestinians have paid a high price for failed attempts to consider the human side of the Palestinians struggle for peaceful life.

Iran is not an issue; it is just a diversion from focusing on the real problems in the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

AEI brought us the forever war on terror, and now its about to see new life under Obama.
Whe will AEI finally be brought to judgement for its crimes?


Chuck Boldwyn said...

Chuck Boldwyn
Retired Physics & Chemistry Instructor says:

The internet repeatedly established weight of a single Twin Tower is 500,000 Tons.

DL(110) = 500,000 Tons

The weight of the 16 Floor alleged falling block is much less than 73,000 Tons, as the steel is only .25 inches thick at the top, but we will consider the whole Tower to be of uniform thickness.

DL(16) = 73,000 Tons or less

The weight of the lower WTC 94 floor block is 430,000 Tons or more as the steel gets progressively thicker and thicker,until it reaches 4 inches thick toward the bottom floors.

The top alleged falling 16 floor block is less than (1/6) the weight of the lower 94 block.

Even though the top block was very massive, on a comparitive scale to the lower 94 floor steel, highly intact block, according to the laws of Physics, it could never collapse the topmost 94th floor, floor 94, with its gravity weight of force alone, much less the entire 94 floor steel tower below.

The Tower could support 20 times its Live Load (LL)weight.

CL = Collapse Load
CL(94) = 20 x LL(94) (via John Skilling, WTC Cheif Enginer, deceased, but published everywhere)

The Live Load is confirmed by NIST 911 Commision Report Science Guy, Ronald Hamburger to be:

LL(94) = 5 x DL(94)


CL(94) = 20 x LL(94)

and therefore:

CL(94) = 20 x (5 x DL(94))

and therefore:

CL(94) = 100 DL(94)

According to the above, the very unique Safety Factor is the Collapse Load Factor, whis is:

100 x DL(110)

It is not 5 DL(110)
It is not 20 DL(110)

It is 100 DL(110)
& it is 20 x 5 x DL(110)

Get over it OCT misguided dupes and misguided PHDs.

This means the the lower 94 block of steel could support 100 blocks of 94 floors before possible total collapse could occur.

This also means that the lower 94 block of steel could support 588 blocks of 16 floors before possible total collapse could occur, since one 94 block is equal to 5.88 16 floor blocks.

588 Vector Force units of upward support (stressed Normal Force)against 1 Vector force unit of downward gravity weight force, all by its lonesome.

Now apply Vector math Addition to opposing Forces to find that the top block could never in one's wildest dreams totally collapse the lower 94 floor block of powerfully strong and very thick,
4 inches, steel.

588 Force units of upward support
1 force unit of downward weight Force
gives 587 force units of non-collapsing support.

1 Force Unit(FU) = 1 DL(16)

(588 FU up) - (1 FU down) = 587 FU up.

No collapse can possibly occur...

CL(94) = 588 DL(16)

That is crushing and most devastating news for the Original Conspiracy Theorists in the Government and in the Mass Media.
They no longer have a lying and deceitful or ignorant leg to stand on.

Amen, story over using Vector Forces Physics. the Ultimate Truth and Proof.

That is the Final & Ultimate answer as to why the twin towers could never, ever collapse under the conditions offered by NIST, the Government, the Mass Media, and the big name University and corporate PHDs.

Since the confirmed discovery of the red and gray nano Thermite active and explosive particles in the WTC dust samples, there is no leg to stand on by the NIST, government and all the "quack" PHDs hired by the Government to do their lying diry work with the Mass Media.

Game over. Get the Gallows and Guillotines ready!!

Here is a little bit of shocking information for you OCT people and non physicists to digest.

You would have to raise the top 16 floor block, the alleged falling block, to a height of 120 miles above the 94 floor block and then drop it. The 16 floor block would drop for 200 seconds and collide with the top of the lower 94 block at a velocity of 4,500 miles per hour with a colliding energy of 1.5 x 10^14 Joules of energy before total collapse could occur.

That collision energy, 1.5 x 10^14 Joules, is the energy equivalent of 2.4 Hiroshima Atomic bombs or the equivatlent energy of 36,000Tons of TNT or a very large number of mini nuclear devices.

This is attained only if there is no air resistance, in ideal conditions of Free Fall. Because there is air resistance, the Terminal velocity of about 1200 miles per hour will prevent the top 16 floor block from attaining the required collision velocity and the required collision energy to totally collapse the botton 94 floor steel tower.

In other work, under any conditions it will be impossible to totally collapse the lower 94 floor tower.

Amen....End of the Official Conspiracy Unscientific Theory of NIST, the Government, the Mass Media and the retarded PHDs from the Universities and Industry.

All of those PHDs are shot down in flames, becoming the laughing stock of their students and peers. They all need to retire and spend the money they got for writing and supporting tnose stupin and foolish ideas and theories they have corruptly put forward. Their careers are doomed.

Chuck Boldwyn
Retired Physics & Chemistry Instructor.

You may request my detailed PDF research report to be emailed to you if you send me your email address at

You will be amaze and shocked when evaluating my blockbuster research findings.

Bring on the debunkers, if they are brave and foolish enough to try their foolish best...