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Sunday, September 27, 2009


When Iran is attacked (that’s ‘when’, not ‘if’), Israel will likely simultaneously attack both Hamas in the Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon and will also overrun the already occupied West Bank. It will overrun the West Bank because, despite the differences between Hamas and Fatah, such a massive onslaught by the Israelis will be seen not as an attack against Hamas, but as an attack against the Palestinian people. The Palestinians will quickly realise that such a massive attack will be for one purpose – the destruction of all Palestinian resistance, Hamas and Fatah, the complete occupation of all of the territories, the subjugation of all of the Palestinian people, and the dissolution of the Palestinian Authority putting an end once and for all any hope of any Palestinian state.

Israeli forces will also attack the south of Lebanon with the aim of occupying it and destroying all traces of Hezbollah. All this will be done on the pretext that Hamas and Hezbollah will likely retaliate against Israel in the event of an attack against Iran, and Israel’s attacks against the Palestinians and Hezbollah will be seen in the West as simply pre-emptive action to deter retaliatory strikes against Israel by those who they claim are ‘Iran’s proxies’.

To most in the Western world, Israel’s actions against the Palestinians and Hezbollah will be seen as merely a necessary side action of the main ‘event’; the attack against Iran.

While just a few weeks ago it seemed that Israel would have to go it alone or at least make the first move against Iran, it now seems, in the light of recent events in the US at the UN General Assembly and the revelations about Iran’s so-called ‘secret’ nuclear facility and the pronouncements made during press conferences at the G-20 meetings, that the US may be more inclined to take on a first strike attack against Iran itself or give the go ahead to Israel to launch a first wave attack and then finish it off for the Israelis while they deal with Hezbollah and the Palestinians.

Because an attack against Iran would be more than just the destruction of Irans nuclear facilities – that part of the attack would be for propaganda purposes only to justify the attack – the US would also have to launch massive attacks against Iran’s military and government institutions in an effort to get the Iranians to capitulate to US demands which would include the removal of Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs and the installation of a provisional government nominated by the UN as dictated to by the US.

The war against Iran will be so massive that Israel’s attack against Hezbollah and the Palestinians would seem little more than a side show to the West, yet the overall operation in reality is not so much about bringing Iran to its knees, but allowing Israel to achieve its life-long ambition of creating a permanent Greater Israel.

For Israel and the US many birds will be killed with one stone; Israel gets the West Bank, the Gaza, an impotent Syria, and access to the Litani River in south Lebanon after having destroyed Hezbollah. The US gets a friendly government in Iran which, in turn, will give the US far more clout in both Iraq and Afghanistan now that there is no longer a theocratic Iran to wield any influence in either country.

For Israel and the US an attack against their enemies is not about Iran’s ‘nuclear weapons program’ but about a carefully planned and manipulated set of events using a relentless world-wide propaganda campaign that will culminate in the long-term aims of the Zionists of Israel and the neoconservatives of the US.

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Peter said...

Wrong analysis...

When Israel attacks Iran, Israel will be overwhelmed by forces all around her. Gone are the days when Arabs run... these days it is the Israelis that run remember ...Lebanon 2006 and even the recent Gaza conflict. These proved beyond doubt IDF is nothing anymore..

Can Israel stand months and months of Lebanon style battles they cannot defeat?

Dont dream of 67 battles. even 73 if not because of US Israel would have been history.

In fact.. the moment Israel attacks Iran,.... that would spell the beginning a fast collapse of what you have now as Israel. The limited IAF cannot hope to cope with simultaneious attack from Syriam lebanon and gaza ...not to mention constant never ENDING SUPPORT from Iran for years and years.

You dont make a ME giant angry..that would be the most stupid mistake Israel will ever make...after all these years of invincibilities..

WE tend to laugh at the way the IDF trying even to attack a weak Hamas !!!!

michael mazur said...

You have it about right for their war aims Damian, as all of these objectives are within their ambitions as frequently stated - or alluded to, over the decades, but the restraining bit which has been chafing the Jewish state for easily 3 years now has been the absence of a plausible false flag scenario, which explains the murderous assault option taken on Lebanon in Jul/Aug 06 in the hope that Syria would come to their rescue and then - the real target - Iran would feel obligated under their mutual defence pact to come to Syria's aid as their aircraft would be engaged in aerial combat over Lebanon.

Syria did not move. The objective of the assault on Lebanon failed, and Israel withdrew, and not because of serious damage to some of the IDF's APCs by Hezbollah in the south.

The Jewish state can't cobble together a false flag scenario that anyone would anymore believe in, as that would involve the destruction of, say, a manned US naval vessel in the Persian Gulf, and so instead, they will resort to naked aggression by using their world wide asset of media control to manufacture the pretext of an imminent nuclear threat from Iran - as in, any minute now, any minute now . . .

But America has been seriously militarily depleted of ground forces these last 8 years, and bombing without end of Iran's 65,000,000 people will commence, with tens of millions of them, in a worst case scenario, envisaged as killed.

I can't imagine this going to completion and successful occupation as US ground forces will be too few in number to effect it, for not only will there be mass uncontrollable upheavals within America resulting in shooting deaths of demonstrators, which the media spokespeople will be unable to handle without masses of shoes being thrown at the tv screen, but also the nations of the rest of the world just might take it upon themselves to ban all commercial, trade and visitor contact with both America and the Jewish state, regarding both really as the one entity called USrael, or indeed, the Greater Satan.

Although i'm not a Muslim, that sentiment i could understand, for in spite of the attempts at media blackouts, electronic images of the horrendous kind we saw coming out of both Lebanon and Gaza by the thousands will seep out, and the Germans will be re-accepted unconditionally into the human family.

Conclusion: this will end up as a huge military debacle, as well as a public relations disaster for the US of Israel.

Unknown said...

@ peter, Agreed,And what about 30,000 shihab 3 missile waiting to be fired from Iran within one hour??...Remember 100 katyusha fired from labanon fired as promised for 33 be sure 30k will surely be fired as promised.

DRC983 said...


Anonymous said...

Well if all this takes place, dont for get Israel has nuclear weapons they will not go down with out taking everyone of their enemy's with them.