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Monday, September 14, 2009


We should be properly up front about the use of the ‘Zionazi’ label; it is strictly a propaganda tool designed and used deliberately to both shame those it refers to and also to emphasise to those who would otherwise be unaware that there is a comparison between the behaviour of the Nazis of the last century and the behaviour of today’s modern Zionists and their supporters.

As part of their propaganda technique, Zionists like to present themselves as being representative of all Jews. In this way they can then justify, at least to themselves, labelling everyone that criticises them as being ‘anti-Semites’. This is done in the hope that those ignorant of the fact that Zionism is actually a political ideology rather than a religion or a race of people will support them simply because they would not want to be labelled anti-Semites.

Hitler had a similar approach in Germany and, later, throughout occupied Europe during the 1920s through to the 1940s. He argued that to be anti-Nazi was to be anti-German. Just as today Zionists accuse their Jewish opponents as being ‘self-haters’ and such like, so Hitler labelled those opposed to him as being traitors to Germany.

Part of Hitler’s Nazi ideology was the notion that Germans as a race of people were somehow superior to all others and that Jews were at the other end of Hitler’s racial spectrum. Today, the Zionists believe that Jews are superior to all those that surround the nation of Israel and that Palestinians in particular are at the other end of Zionism’s racial spectrum. History is littered with examples of Zionism’s racial hatred of Arabs and Palestinians.

Just as Hitler yearned to create a Greater Germany in Europe at the expense of other non-Germanic peoples, so Zionists dream of a Greater Israel which they hope to create at the expense of the Arab and Palestinian peoples. The methods that the Zionists use to expand their ideology and their empire are similar to those methods used by Hitler. There is, of course, no way that Zionists can exterminate the Palestinians as the Nazis attempted to exterminate European Jewry, however, the Zionist have demonstrated their ability behave as the Nazis did in other ways. Just as the Nazis used Ukrainians and Latvians to murder Jews after the Nazis had invaded those countries, so the Zionists, when they invaded Lebanon in 1982, used local Lebanese fascists (Phalangists) to systematically murder Palestinians at the refugee camps at Sabra and Shatila.

The Zionists have also successfully ghettoised the Gaza Strip using deprivation as a means of subduing dissent and resistance and have resorted indiscriminate bombing and shooting of the Gazan populace to subdue any attempt by the Palestinians to retaliate with resistance fighters just as the Nazis did in the Warsaw Ghetto. Similarly in the occupied West Bank, the Zionists have used mass arrests, torture and detention without trial against those Palestinians that oppose and resist the Zionists them. Just as the Nazis attempted to move ethnic Germans into occupied lands as part of the Germanisation process of creating a Greater Germany, so the Zionists in the West Bank are creating settlements within the territories they occupy as part of the Zionisation process of creating a Greater Israel.

Remembering the brutality of the Nazis during the Second World War and their attempts to eliminate European Jewry, the label ‘Zionazi’ is not one used without consideration of the immense connotations associated with the word. But it is for that exact reason that when used in the proper context, it is the most appropriate label to use when describing modern Zionism and its ideology.

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