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Friday, September 18, 2009


Recent weeks have seen a number of developments that have put Iran back on the front burner. In the latest development, Israeli Air Force commander, Maj-Gen Ido Nehushtan, has told the ‘Jerusalem Post’ that the Russian S-300 surface to air missile defence system must be stopped from reaching countries which Israel may wish to attack. Naturally, he has Iran in mind.

Israel knows that, once this very advanced missile system is in place, it would make it almost impossible for Israel to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities. It is clear from Nehushtan’s remarks that Israel has Iran clearly in its sights. In a report written by the preposterously named ‘Bipartisan Policy Center’ titled ‘Meeting the Challenge – Time is Running Out’, the authors asserted that, if Israel was confronted with a “game changing technology – such as Russia’s S-300 anti-aircraft system – Israel, more likely than not, will act on its own”.

On the surface, the way relations between the US and Israel seem to be strained at the moment over the issue of settlements in the West Bank, it may appear to some observers that Israel, indeed, may have to act alone. However, this would be burying ones head in the sand in order to avoid reality. The fact is, despite relations appearing to be strained, the US Congress, firmly in the pay and clutches of the Israel Lobby, will ultimately support the Israelis. However, the Israelis will not at all be able to act without the active connivance of the US. The job that Israel feels it needs to do can not be done without US ordnance and, even if the Israelis were to gain clearance to pass through Saudi Arabian airspace in order to avoid overflying Iraq and the diplomatic problems involved, the massive amounts of military jet fuel required to mount such an operation (an out and back trip of several thousand miles necessitating in-flight refuelling) would also have to be supplied by the US.

It seems the Israelis are very perturbed by the threat of Russia’s S-300 anti-aircraft system being in place in Iran and have, if recent unconfirmed stories about Netanyahu’s secret trip to Russia and the Israeli’s involvement in the high-jacking of a ship at sea are true, gone to great lengths in order to prevent it happening.

Now, it may be that the stories about a visit to Russia to discuss the S-300 sale to Iran and the stories about the ship sailing to Iran laden with missiles are just a part of a deception to provide a casus belli to attack Iran arguing that, by receiving the S-300 anti-aircraft defence system, Iran has crossed a ‘red line’ that Israel cannot let go unanswered.

Whatever happens, one can rest assured that, if push comes to shove, Congress and the administration WILL back Israel.


IDHolm said...

IF Israel, using the risibly named IDF (actually, offensive, extremely offensive force) were to attack Iran, THEN that would be a war crime with full, 101% Nuremberg implications - specifically, any perpetrators would be earning a one-way trip to the gallows. Indeed, Israel itself is an illegitimate construct, based as it is on its initial aggressive invasion of Palestine, then genocide, ethnic cleansing, apartheid etc. and the 61+ year continuous outright stealing of Palestinian land via murdering force, i.e. murder for land-theft. One cannot both claim the UN as legitimating authority, then proceed - 61+ years long and no end in sight - to violate the very principles that the UN was founded on, let alone ignore 100s of UN resolutions telling the Zs to stop their murdering. It is incumbent on any and all Israelis, and any and all of the so-called 'Diaspora' to stop the Z-criminality in its tracks and that immediately; unless all possible effort is deployed - and that effort made effectively, every single member of the Jewish 'nation,' wherever they live will 'wear' the ugly ignominy = murdering thieves - and that, unavoidably for ever. No discussion of Israel should ever be made, without referring to its *101% illegitimacy*.

I just *lurve* the phraseology: "... that the Russian S-300 surface to air missile defence system must be stopped from reaching countries which Israel may wish to attack.". What really caught me eye is 'must.'

Of course it wouldn't do for any target of the aggressive, invasive, war criminally mass-murdering IDF to attempt any sort of self-defence, eh? Just shoot, bomb, slaughter the defenceless, like 1300+ slaughtered (lots of women & children, old folks etc.) in just a few weeks in Gaza '08/09? The IDF and their commanders must be primitive throw-backs, eh? Like my use of 'must?'

Anonymous said...

President Ahmadinejhad has roused anti-government demonstrations in Iran again, not long after his successful violent coup.

However, once more showing solidarity against the illegal regime, protestors have taken the opportunity of Quds Day protests to instead renew their resistance against the theocratic dictatorship.

"Thousands of supporters of Mousavi, wearing green wristbands or shawls, were among the crowds marching in the "Qods (Jerusalem) Day" rallies held nationwide every year on the last Friday of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan."

"Death to the dictators," and "Not Gaza, Not Lebanon, We are ready to die for Iran," chanted protesters.",7340,L-3778777,00.html

Amazing stuff. So much for Palestinian solidarity.

This is the Iranian street talking. What incredibly brave, brave people.

Damian Lataan said...

You'll find that pro-Ahmadinejad demonstrators far out number the anti-demonstrators. Start with this:

Bibi's Lunatic Fringe said...

Doncha just love Israeli masturbation? ...“game changing technology – such as Russia’s S-300 anti-aircraft system – Israel, more likely than not, will act on its own”.

There's a feeling of terminal ennui in this business of waiting for Israel to attack Iran, but the prospect of Zionists redefining the meaning of "suicide bombing" is too good to be true - no matter how seductive it sounds. When will someone from the Pissant Parasite State explain how and why DEFENSIVE weapons are a threat to Lucifer's Chosen Thieves & Liars? If I was running a P.P.S. I'd think carefully about upsetting 60 million Iranians. If things got out of hand it could very easily result in the Iraqification of Zion; not a bad outcome, all things considered.

Go for it, Izzies! The world is waiting (but we're not holding our breath).