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Saturday, September 05, 2009


UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown yesterday told an audience at the International Institute for Strategic Studies that Britain is considering sending more troops to Afghanistan. Brown made his speech on the same day as 130 more Afghan people were murdered by Western forces that invaded and attempted to occupy Afghanistan in October 2001.

Brown’s announcement came just a day after 19 years-old Gavin Elliot was shot dead in the Babaji district of Helmand Province, Afghanistan. The day before Elliot’s death, 24 years-old Richard Brandon had been killed by an explosion, also in Helmand Province bringing the number of UK young men killed while trying to kill Afghanis to 212.

So far, 1340 young Western soldiers have died in Afghanistan while trying to kill Afghanis. Many of those killed were teenagers. However, during the same nearly eight year period since the West invaded Afghanistan, tens of thousands of Afghanis have been killed and millions have been displaced from their homes.

And all because the US wants to build a gas pipeline across Afghanistan.

One wonders how long it will be before the West finally wakes up the fact that the war against the Afghan people is unwinable and that the Afghan people – Taliban or otherwise – simply don’t want the West in their country.


It seems that, of those that have been displaced from their country because of the war, some tried to seek refuge in Australia, one of the countries involved in the invasion and killings that drove them from their home. As they approached Australia their boat blew up and many of them found themselves in the water. As they tried to scramble aboard the Australian Navy vessels sent out to inspect the rickety boat just prior to it blowing up, the Australian crew members kicked and fended the refugees off from the Australian’s vessels.

Not only are they being bombed and killed in their own country but those that are able to survive and escape are then refused rescue from the sea after their boat is destroyed.

No wonder Australia has a reputation for being one of the most racist nations on the planet.

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