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Sunday, September 13, 2009


It’s good that the neoconservatives have the warmongering frothing-at-the-mouth lunatic Michael Ledeen in their ranks. Despite all the clever sophisticated rhetoric and propaganda that some of those other neoconservative writers and commentators try to feed us, one can always rely on Michael Ledeen to put the nonsense they come up with into its proper perspective.

In his latest piece the entirely delusional Ledeen thinks that there is “a global alliance directed against the United States, running from Moscow to Tehran, Damascus and Caracas”. Indeed, the way Ledeen carries on, one would think that the whole world is against the US.

Well, it probably is; what else can one expect after all that the US did when Bush was in charge. Not only did he alienate the entire Islamic world but also a goodly measure of ordinary Western folk around the planet as well. But to infer that there is some kind of global alliance directed against the US is nothing short of plain paranoid.

It may be that he and his fellow neoconservatives are deluded enough to think that it is they that actually represent all that is American and that because there actually is a global (albeit very loose) alliance ranged against neoconservatism that consists of writers and commentators that oppose neoconservatism but who come from all places on the political spectrum, the neoconservatives, or at least Michael Ledeen, thinks that it is some kind of global conspiracy going on. It’s as if he’s regressed to the bad old days of Reds under the Beds.

If it wasn’t for the fact that some people – people of influence – actually believe what this crackpot writes it would be laughable.

But the world shouldn’t laugh at him – the world should be frightened of men like this. Ledeen had a major hand in getting the Iraq war off the ground, a war that has resulted in the death’s of hundreds of thousand, maybe over a million, Iraqis, and thousands of young Western kidz sent to kill Iraqis have also died.

Ledeen is an embarrassment to neoconservatives because through his lunacy he exposes them for what they really are.

Say ‘No’ to these lunatics in future.


A. Peasant said...

perhaps what he really means when he says the "US" is Israel, since the US has become a cardboard cutout for same. what's a little more projection at this point?

Vigilante said...

Michael "Bloodlust" Ledeen. Yeah, I'm looking for a source on him I discovered Thursday. If I find it, I'll be back.