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Thursday, August 21, 2008


The Sydney Daily Telegraph owned by Rupert Murdoch has shown, yet again, that it practices deceit and fraud on its opinion blogs. Australian extreme rightwing Islamophobic racist Tim Blair runs an online blog at this newspaper which in the main attracts fellow rightwing Muslim-hating racists who exchange rightwing ideas and generally just slap each other on the back when they opine some outrageous view about their objects of hate. (Currently it’s Barack Obama)

Recently I have been posting at this blog only to find when I really hit a sore point with them that exposes their racism, that what I have written had been heavily editorialised to the point that it is published in a way that means the complete opposite of what was originally written. The intent is to dissuade any further posting that disrupts their otherwise warmongering and hate-filled discourse.

Naturally, people are free to publish or not as they wish but in this case Blair and his coterie of supporters who professes to be a ‘liberal’, get very irate over people that deny freedom of speech or practice censorship. Yet, when the argument against them becomes compelling, he shuts down the argument by abusing his editorial privilege. While I don’t have a problem with censorship per se, there is in Blair’s case a big problem with his so-called ‘liberal’ credentials – not to mention his hypocrisy.

What the argument was actually about, however, pales into unimportance when it is laid against the fact that this deceitful practice of editing out participators that don’t conform is multiplied by the number of extreme rightwing pro-Zionist anti-Islam hate blogs that Murdoch owns all over the world. It gives him and his paid-for minion’s unparalleled power that goes directly to the Israeli-centric neoconservatives and their warmongering Zionist cohorts in Israel as they attempt to manipulate world opinion to favour their racist agenda.

Having been editorialised out of further blogging at Blair’s demonstrates how desperate these people are in their attempts to silence the truth about rightwing Zionism and the events of 9/11 but also shows how important blogs that are independent of the mainstream media are.


American Hill BIlly said...

Good for you! Murdoch made an ass out of himself on 08-08-08; when he was saying that Russia had bit off more than it could handle with Georgia! I have laughed every day since watching that idiot spew false "prepardness".

I think the Russians, and other's have more strength than ever, and with this STUPID attempted Proxy war will have more STRENGHT.

Looks like any attempt to attack Iran has been postponed at least for a short while!

Forget this Blair subversive; I listen, learn, and discern the truth for myself. These Neo Con Freaks show their "hand of cards" with their complete lack of diversified information!

United In Peace And Freedom

Anonymous said...

damo that markl at blairs has got to be a paedophile hasn't he? Yuk!

Damian Lataan said...

American Hill Billy, my series of postings at Blair’s blog had simply been part of an academic exercise to analyse the structure of the extreme rightwing mainstream media blogs and those that frequented and supported them. The main lesson learnt is that there are very few of them but they are extremely vocal in their output and tend to come to each others aid when one of them seems to be floundering in their argument with me. Naturally they never address the issues that I raise and, true to the rightwing propagandist’s form, will do everything in their power to attempt to demonise the messenger. But the most revealing phenomenon has been the way that they accuse you of being exactly what they all are – racists.

Eventually, as it became obvious that the bloggies weren’t coping with countering my arguments, the editor closed me out.

Still, it was a very interesting exercise and it gives a glimpse as to how the neocon and Zionist rightwing work to maintain control of opinion in the mainstream media blogosphere.

Yes, anonymous, I found MarkL to be a rather slimy sort of person with a weird fixation on child analogies that seemed to affirm that he has some serious inferiority complexes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Lataan,

Were you posting on the same Tim Blair blog I was? From what I saw, you were being slammed by a few people, but responded with meager insults towards those with weaker arguments. I dare you to go head to head with one of the regulars who, strangly enough, you never responded to, even before the Tran censorship (that I would pay to see).

That, and I take offence to being labelled 'racist' (a label that you seem to have blanketed upon all of the regulars) Or did I misinterpret what you said?

Yours in fun on the net,

Anonymous said...

To add to your study, Damian, consider the fact that MarkL (of Canberra) claims to have been in the Navy for close to 20 years (and has said on Blair, "Joined pussers in the 70s.."). Then he claims to have joined the Army ("... jumped over to become a crab, did another long stint as a reg there..."

Got a feeling he's a defence contractor now.

It makes me wonder if many of them are connected in that way.

Anonymous said...

I take it that the person using the name "Craig" on Blair's Telegraph blog, the one that attacked you on Tuesday at 1:09 pm, is Craig Warton.

He claims to be an ex-soldier as well.

Are we seeing a common thread here?

Damian Lataan said...

Craig, thanks for your input. Yes, I think you may be right about Craig Walton though I wouldn’t want to pick him on his classic faux pas about knowing a bloke that flew an aircraft on his own without any actual flight training whatsoever and be wrong. Perhaps that’s why the Craig at Blair’s, if it is Walton, is not giving up his surname through fear of being exposed as a fraud and liar in the mainstream media. As for MarkL, he sounds like a bit of a sour grapes has-been with a chip on his shoulder and a massive ego problem. I imagine he’d be in his late 50’s or early 60’s, either retired or with some cushy government job maybe in defence as you suggest, with enough time on his hands to hop on the net and post as he does on rightwing blogs. He’s not alone in terms of the amount of time spent blogging. If you look at the time logs against the posts you’ll find many of them must spend most of the day monitoring the blog and posting. There is a small but extremely vocal and active community of them who blog at many of the other rightwing blogs as well. I think there is a common thread beyond nearly all of them being lunatic rightwing but seeing themselves as somehow ‘normal’ inasmuch that many of them do seem to have a military air about them – an over-the-top pride in our ‘brave Aussie diggers’, a desire to ‘bang more heads’ in the battle against ‘terrorism’ and all that.

Bigmac, my idea of fun is spending the day at the airfield doing a bit of flying, or going to the many wine regions around here and trying a few of their finest, I also get a lot of pleasure cooking and eating great food. I can’t say that arguing with lunatic racists on the right or writing about war, death, invasions, killing and the like is ‘fun’. It’s simply what I do. I’d rather spend more time writing about flying, wine and food. I was at Blair’s blog for a specific purpose. I have no interest in going ‘head to head’ with rightwing racist lunatics.

Anonymous said...


You and Craig Rowley have suggested that a person writing on Tim Blairs blog is me. As I pointed out to you earlier today, it IS NOT me. I do not and never have posted any comment at any of the various version of web sites he has had. I have never been registered or tried to register at any of his sites either.
If you are going to make a baseless accusation against me then at least allow me the courtesy of replying.
You talk of being open, practice what you preach.


Craig Warton

Damian Lataan said...

Warboy, in light of the strong similarities between your rightwing racist Islamophobic garbage and the rhetoric of the person that called himself ‘Craig’ at Blairs, the accusation, as you call it, is hardly baseless.

You say I talk of being open; I do indeed, but with that openness there needs to be honesty; something you totally lack. Furthermore, as you know, I do not give a platform here to neocons, extremist Zionists or other rightwingers or their loony supporters. Start a blog of your own if you’ve got something to say. If rightwing bloggers publish my comments then more fool them.

Freedom of speech is one thing; abuse of it to start wars and vilify people of other races and beliefs is something else.