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Sunday, August 24, 2008


Fred Kagan, a senior neocon who instigated the idea of the ‘surge’ policy in Iraq that some have hailed as a success, is at it again only this time he’s looking to further provoke the Russians by insisting that NATO positively demonstrates it support and presence in the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania lest the Russians feel tempted to reinvade them as Kagan thinks they did in Georgia.

Kagan, a well known neoconservative propagandist, is deliberately attempting to recreate the atmosphere of fear and loathing that dominated during the Cold War years. The Baltic States that consist of three small European nations have historically, especially during the last century, been used as a bit of a political football due to their geographical position relative to Germany and Russia.

In 1939 the Baltic States were ceded to Russia as part Stalin’s deal with Hitler when they carved up Eastern Europe between them at the beginning of the Second World War. However, when Hitler turned on Stalin and attacked Russia, the Baltic States quickly fell to German control. Then, toward the end of the war as Russia advanced westward, the Baltic States reverted back to Soviet Russian control. It wasn’t until 1991 after the collapse of the Soviet Union that the Baltic States regained their independence. As a result of this predominately Soviet Russian control over the years, the people of the Baltic States had become extremely anti-communist and, far more importantly in the twenty-first century since the demise of communism, anti-Russian, and it is this fact that the likes of Kagan are exploiting for their own ends.

So, what’s behind Kagan’s thinking here? The answer lies in what Kagan has proffered as an explanation for this strategy; he ‘says that the West needed to match words with deeds if it was to stop Russia turning into an "intolerable, aggressive imperialistic" power’. The reality, of course, is that it is not Russia that is becoming an “intolerable, aggressive imperialistic” power, but the US.

The circumstances that led to the crisis in Georgia is totally different from the geo-political situation of the Baltic States relative to Russia, yet Kagan, in his relentless hatred of all things Russian, is quite content to place the Baltic States into the line fire yet again by abusing the Baltic States well-known resentment of the Russians to bolster the neocons anti-Russian rhetoric. Kagan knows that the Baltic States are unlikely to refuse Western help but would be far better off simply proclaiming neutrality or simply be non-aligned like Sweden and Finland.

Kagan’s stirring up of old Baltic-Russian antagonisms is transparent and belies the neocons trues objectives of reviving the old Cold War animosities that were the bread and butter of the US military-industrial complex which in turn ensured US predominance as a so-called superpower.


American Hill BIlly said...

I know more people will die due to these NEO CON, and their comrades in hate/treason. I am laughing, however, in the global arena the different player's have their strategies. The US/Israeli/British idiots play Monopoly=children's game. The Russians/Iranians play chess=intelligent thinking game. The Chinese are aligned with the Russians/Iranians, but aren't playing Monopoly, or Chess, but Poker.
These damn NEO CON traitors to humanity, and to all of Earth will loose, and face judgement by MAN at the Hague....That's why I can laugh!

United In Peace And Freedom

Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention Sweden , I just read this about Sweden this morning on Information Clearing House.

Sweden: not only Sex, Sin & Smörgåsbord

Quote from Whitney's article: "But especially by one of Harvard's premier warmongers in chief, Thomas Schelling - winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics granted by the Bank of Sweden."

Mike Whitney hardly knows this, but the so called 'small' Nobel Prize is awarded by the banks in Sweden, which are in the hands of the Wallenberg family, some kind of dynasty, representing the multinational financial cartel in London. The Wallenbergs 'handle' swedish industry, paper and weapons production (Bofors for instance) the industries like SAAB, VOLVO, Alfa-Laval etc., and for instance fighter planes like the Viggen or JAS/Gripen for the so called 'neutral' air force. The swedish armed forces have in general been a part of NATO etc. even if they officially deny this. The swedish 'secret service' SÄPO (Säkerhetspolisen - Security police) always has cooperated with the CIA/MOSSAD.

To give an example of the swedish collaboration with the 'dark forces': 'The Boston Globe' - decades too late - published Walter V. Robinson's article ''Sweden probes a dark secret'' on July 6, 1997: "But a darker chapter is being written now about the Wallenberg family and its extensive business empire, as Sweden confronts dismaying new evidence that the country's wartime collaboration was more extensive than is widely known, and that the Wallenberg family profited from secret dealings with the Nazis. For instance, documents from World War II contain evidence that Jacob and Marcus Wallenberg, Raoul's cousins* - used their Enskilda Bank to help the Nazis dispose of assets seized from Dutch Jews who died in the Holocaust." (* via link) As you can see: Sweden is not only Sex, Sin & Smörgåsbord - Url.:

Further info and a picture on a smörgåsbord. - Url.:

The Bonniers family - also one of the 'brethren in the zionist faith representing the London banking group - since a century takes care of the brainwashing of the close to 9 million population, doing nearly all publicity. The big information papers, like the pro-israeli 'Dagens Nyheter', the Daily News, school- and university books etc. Radio and TV are in so called 'state hands'. with five percent soft criticism and 95% the usual lies and propaganda. What's called 'Swedish socialism'...

Sweden is just a part of the global factory, a profitable Scandinavian 'division' of the 'Animal Farm, the sphere of interests, meaning profit and power for the multinationals in London, one might say, where some decades ago many still tried to walk some kind of 'Middle Way'. Now the enforced style is more: you're either for us or against us. But, many people still want to choose themselves what course to take. Like many do in the world. And they are more than 6.5 billion. With a 'B'.

For those who don't know it yet: also the Nobel Prizes - like Pulitzer Prizes etc. - are part of the Hydra in London and this Nobel Prize has a backside, and it's not only lobotomy... 'Nobel's Explosive Peace Prize' - Url.:

Earlier Sweden was a nice country where 'the carrot was bigger than the stick'.

Now the stick is bigger.
Henk Ruyssenaars | Homepage | 08.23.08 - 11:08 pm | #

Very best wishes, Von