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Wednesday, August 06, 2008


It is becoming increasingly obvious that Israel is attempting to manipulate affairs via the use of propaganda whereby it will not only find casus belli to attack Hezbollah in Lebanon, but also its other enemies including Hamas in the Gaza, possibly Syria, and, of course, Iran.

Various news stories in the Israeli press over the past few months seem to indicate that there is an attempt to ‘converge’ perceived threats against Israel to the extent that Israel may tell the world that its only course of action is to make pre-emptive strikes against all 'threats' even if only one of them provides a casus belli to attack.

Over the last week Israel’s propaganda campaign seems to be directed toward Hezbollah in Lebanon who, the Israelis claim, are being ‘provocative’ because they have installed an anti-aircraft missile system which the Israelis say is a threat to Israeli air force incursions into Lebanese sovereign airspace.

However, this also comes at the same time as recent statements by Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak who has said: “Those who miss the operations in the Gaza Strip, don't worry, they will come,” alluding to the fact that the present ceasefire is unlikely to last.

And, on top of that, of course, is Israel’s ongoing and relentless propaganda campaign against Iran’s so-called ‘nuclear weapons’ ambitions.

As time goes on, the stage management of this propaganda campaign against all of its perceived enemies has become transparent. Desperation seems to be creeping in as the window of opportunity for US participation in a strike against Iran closes. The stand-off in the Gaza between Hamas and Israel and Fatah in the West Bank can’t last forever and Olmert would be getting desperate to go out on a high note of what he hopes will be a victory that will overshadow the allegations against him of criminal fraud.

The window is rapidly closing. The world needs to wake up to what is about to happen. All the signs are there; it is only a matter of time. Israel is manipulating its enemies; all they are looking for now is an excuse.

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