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Friday, August 22, 2008


Yesterday’s release of the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) report on the collapse of WTC7 seems to have been carefully coordinated with the mainstream media in an all-out propaganda effort to debunk so-called conspiracy theories that insist that WTC7 collapsed after being rigged with demolition charges which would infer that, due to time constraints, could only have been placed in the building before 9/11.

Few, however, find the new ‘evidence’ proffered by NIST of the building collapsing because of the failure of a beam due to thermal expansion very compelling; indeed, some, if one cares to read through The New York Times comments pages that followed their reporting of the reports release, are now more convinced than ever that the governments version of events are lies.

All of the existing evidence, including the now much seen video footage, shows quite clearly the building collapsing uniformly and spontaneously whereas the NIST report requires us to believe that, rather than there being a simultaneous failure of the structural elements supporting the building which would have resulted in the uniform and spontaneous collapse shown, the building collapsed after the sequential failure of the various structural elements. Had this been the case then the building would not have collapsed uniformly as the various videos clearly show it did.

As an aside, the release of the report has also exposed the mainstream media’s complicity in pushing what will now become the official government line on the collapse of WTC7.

First, let’s have a closer look at how the NYT covered the release of the report. On the surface the NYT take on the reports findings seems quite objective. The author of the NYT article, Eric Lipton, uses subtly negative phraseology to give the impression that the report should finally debunk the alternative explanations as to the buildings collapse. For example, he says in the very first paragraph: “Fires in the 47-story office tower at the edge of the World Trade Center site undermined floor beams and a critical structural column, federal investigators concluded on Thursday, as they attempted to curb still-rampant speculation that explosives caused the building’s collapse on Sept. 11, 2001.” The words: “curb still rampant speculation” are used to reinforce the notion that the NIST report reduces those other explanations to mere speculation when, in reality, the NIST reports findings, in the light of the compelling evidence shown in the videos, is actually even more speculative.

Lipton then immediately goes on to say: “No one died when the tower, 7 World Trade Center, tumbled…” Tumbled? The building didn’t ‘tumble’; it collapsed linearly into it own footprint. Lipton also uses the term ‘conspiracy theorists’, a term which since 9/11, the mainstream media has managed to ensure has morphed into a derogatory label. He writes: “What started as a small number of such conspiracy theorists ballooned into a movement of sorts, largely fed by Internet sites and homemade videos.” This is a very patronising piece of criticism from a mainstream media stalwart, the NYT, to the flourishing blogosphere without which we’d have had even less knowledge about events than if we had to rely on the mainstream media.

Another mainstream media online newspaper, The Age of Melbourne, Australia, was less subtle about its anti-conspiracy theorist propaganda. Its headline blared; “9/11 collapse mystery solved: scientists”. Then, right below the opening paragraph, there is a photograph, not of WTC7, but of the second airliner about to hit the second tower of the main WTC with the caption underneath it reading: “The truth about 'conspiracies'. Millions believe the 9/11 attacks were faked, thousands say they've seen UFOs and an army of hunters are after Bigfoot but professional sceptic Dr Michael Shermer has news for all 'believers'.”

The Age report quite unsubtley links and equates those that enquire about explanations of the events of 9/11 other than those given by the government with UFO and Bigfoot believers with the wording even implying that UFOs were seen in Manhattan on 9/11! This particular mainstream propaganda piece was topped of with this: "Hopefully this thorough report puts to rest the various 9/11 conspiracy theories, which dishonour the men and women who lost their lives on that terrible day," from Larry Silverstein spokeswoman Dara McQuillan.

The problem, at least from the government’s point of view, is that the NIST report, far from debunking the so-called ‘conspiracy theorists’ alternative explanations for the events of 9/11, have actually strengthened peoples view about the government lying about the events of 9/11 and, in the process, by bringing it all out into the mainstream media as they have, will now gain more converts to the idea that the governments version of events is a cover-up.


Unknown said...

"Hopefully this thorough report puts to rest the various 9/11 conspiracy theories, which dishonour the men and women who lost their lives on that terrible day," from Larry Silverstein spokeswoman.."

According to one website, Larry Silverstein (who grabbed a boatload of $$ from the insurance double-payment on the 2 towers) was an 'advisor' to the NIST 'investigation.' Need any more be said?

Unknown said...

"Hopefully this thorough report puts to rest the various 9/11 conspiracy theories ..." from Larry Silverstein spokeswoman.."

According to one website, Larry Silverstein (who grabbed a boatload of $$ from the insurance double-payment on the 2 towers) was an 'advisor' to the NIST 'investigation.' Need any more be said?

SpookyOne said...

The evidence against the official version of the 911 attacks is overwhelming.

The NIST study is a FRAUD based upon HYPOTHETICAL models. It is telling that the report avoids the HARD EVIDENCE of Molten Steel and the Thermate signature- key material evidence that proves WTC 7 experienced the effects of explosive incendiary devices.

Anonymous said...

The government is rogue.

Cherry picking false intelligence to begin illegal aggression and no bid contracts.

Anthrax inside job.

Slam the Patriot Act and appoint the occupation's favorite, Chertoff.

Well orchestrated cover with the neocons all over the mainstream media spewing their garbage.

Neocons providing cover for the 911Commission.

Neocon rogues threatening phone calls, arkincides, and visits from suits showing guns to patriots that will not lie down and play dead.

Pogroms are becoming more fashionable as the truth is revealed to the sheeple.

Allah Akbar, my arse. Everyone knows who did 911, and the Anthrax attacks. Just a matter of time before the public says enough is enough and it's pogrom city for the beautiful people.

Anonymous said...

Very nice commentary from the writer from Australia.

Nicely organized, precise, concise, thoughtful presentation of how this 9/11 event has now unfolded, exposed, clearly and unequivocally, a near full house of cards stacked against the official story of this event of such audacity, the events of September 11th and more importantly what happened immediately after.

Combined with the recent revelations from the FBI apparently "solving" the anthrax incidents, we seem to be seeing the powers behind the last 8 years in America dotting the i's and crossing their t's on the last days of a reign as an organized criminal enterprise disguised as a "Republican" administration.

What they're saying is something like, "Let's give em' a likely patsy for those darn unresolved cases of anthrax poisonings, a Building 7 NIST exoneration, and we're off to the Bahamas for a much needed vacation!"

As with all conscious and alert purveyors of history, like myself, one can see the "sequence" of events, if you are paying attention. The Irvins case seems blatantly contrived and full of holes and obsfucations. And now the NIST. Again, a case that exposes the thin paper this study was printed on. Reading the report today, I was just amazed, as I expected, I admit, to its audacity of simplistic explanation for such a dramatic event!

On a larger scale, another event tied in the long view to 9/11, the Iraq War certainly, and a move for global military dominance for the world's resources is the US's incursion into the Georgia diversion, is evident by its preceding major event.

Humanity will have to deal with the American empire in its worst moments event AFTER the Bush's leave Washington. The mess that they've created was and is continuing to be outright criminal and surely treasonous. Yes. Treason. Historically speaking....there were certain Americans in 1933 who loved Mussolini and were very intrigued in the Hitler form of Socialistic/Fascistic control of the population. Their familes and businesses helped fund Germany before and after and of course, during both wars.

That's what history has been teaching us since the 80s - the post Watergate period, When US political influence shifted to the another to a particularly ominous line of Uber families ...the "schrubs", who signaled for this observer, the beginning of the end, by taking out rooms for two generations at the at the White House.

If certain individuals are finally fingered for this 9/11, they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Unfortunately, for America, the actions of the last 8 years, particularly, will have done the ultimate damage to US credibility, completely degrading this country as a major player of goodwill in the world.

There is much work to be done here in America.

The Justice Department needs to be completely overhauled, because of its lawless, ruthless, disregard for human rights, looking the other way on torture, etc. etc. spying and personal privacy....and all in the name of personal and corporate profit, greed, and most ominiously CONTROL!. But, guess what? Their gig is up. The majority of people know something's up. We are in CONTROL if we choose!

So on the positive side, we are witnessing, here at the end of this Administration the great unfolding, ....the laying out in spades to the American people what lies ahead if they don't complete their "waking up" and taking action, from local to nationwide.


Anonymous said...

Why isn't there at least ONE gd mainstream news organization out there asking the hard questions?
No opinions, just the facts...and questions...ALL of them !!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

QUOTE:Why isn't there at least ONE gd mainstream news organization out there asking the hard questions?
Answer: All Jewish media,a cover to protect Israel and Israel Firster in America,who knownly nuked America on 911. Americans are stupid beasts :^)

Anonymous said...

"Unfortunately, for America, the actions of the last 8 years, particularly, will have done the ultimate damage to US credibility, completely degrading this country as a major player of goodwill in the world.

There is much work to be done here in America."

The last 8 years have unmasked the true nature of what the U.S. is all about and what it has always been about- world domination. The U.S. has never been about "goodwill in the world". The goodwill was always provided only in return for another step towards world domination. Americans (the government, not necessarily the people) are not to be trusted.

Anonymous said...

And now this same israeli run neocon con factory goaded the georgians in to waking the russian bear and they lie and scam and blatantly arm the aggressor and yet pretend that big bad russia is at fault.
Pity for them that the Europeans are getting as fed up with the US and Israels warmongering and are telling them to cool it.

Anonymous said...

One more thing for Anonymous at 4:05 - I agree that the push is on to resolve in the minds of an anxious public both WTC7 and anthrax - obviously both fell somewhat outside the grand theory of 9/11, as the "hijackers" were not implicated in either. With two new "Just So" stories, of how the camel got his hump or why the elephant has a trunk, conformists of all walks of American life will be able to have answers for those who rely upon them to explain complicated things. Parents can tell their children comforting bedtime stories without having to include the theory of evolution in the mix, and criminals can walk free with this final summation to the jury. "We now know," say the newscasters, and the evening is wrapped up in soft cotton wool blankets.

But one little shadow persists. The BBC announced the collapse of WTC just before it happened. When it began to fall, they went off the air for no special reason except to cover the fall. Even though all of this could be wrapped up in some further explanation, a picture is, as they say, worth a thousand words. It is just one more tantalizing piece of evidence to make up the stuff of our nightmares.

Ride the nightmare, children. Master the fear. And don't go gently into that good night.

Anonymous said...

The sense one might make of this if one extended the trend of broader and broader hate speech laws, this new official NIST report may be a devilish setup in the making for anyone calling 9/11 an inside job, or that the buildings were controlled demolitions, as hate speech. This means possibly jail time, fines, and even the charge of "terrorism"! It is almost moving towards the equivalent of revisionism in Europe vis a vis the holocaust question. As most know, questioning the official version of "events" is putting people behind bars or fined on the grounds of "hate speech"! EU nations already have such laws on the books!

It is especially a crime in Germany, the perpetrators of primal-crimes, to now question the official story as set by the victors regarding it. This has enabled a lifetimes of mileage extraction from it. Can one not see the parallels in the United States for 911 - its primal-crime and the lifetime of mileage extraction that is planned from it?

Instead of dismissing the NIST report and its coverage in the media as fraudulent, it might be prudent to attempt to preempt this by not attributing "stupidity" to official stupid looking things but treating them as possibly nefarious for some other more subtle agenda.

Everyday tyranny is coming to the USA and its enablment is piece-wise, piece-meal, baby-steps at a time, each step a setup for the next one, and once taken, become pretty much irreversible!

While I haven't read the NIST report, one ought to take any output of an offical organization like NIST seriously in the afore-stated context. I can't imagine a normally stellar organization with a great reputation for science publishing obvious nonsense to begin with, if they feared they might someday (within their own lifetimes) have to retract it! This is here to stay, and therefore, it is important to ponder why would they publish such an obviously flawed report if their leadership didn't forsee it being shored up in the foreseable future with other external "forces" - in this case hate-speech laws that would prevent anyone questioning it!

Be forewarned - the enemy is far more devious than most give them credit for.

Or maybe I give them too much credit - but it is better to over-estimate their ingenious depravity then to be surprised by it!

Zahir Ebrahim

Anonymous said...

"Why isn't there at least ONE gd mainstream news organization out there asking the hard questions?

The only explanation is that all mass media, without exceptions, is controlled from one center.

Where might that center be, I wonder? I guess everybody knows the answer.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows who did 911, and the Anthrax attacks. Just a matter of time before the public says enough is enough

99.9% of the public do believe the MSM and do think that anyone who does not is conspiracy theorist and undermines their safety and protection from the terrorists. They may be critical of the current government, that's another thing, but they can't take seriously the thought that 9/11 might be organized by anybody but Al-Qaeda. That, and all that followed, including 2 wars, deaths, enormous spending, and general decline of the country, is just too much to take. They are not ready for that, and there's no serious organization, party or other, that would organize them - while the opposing side is very well organized and funded, as evidenced by this perfectly coordinated effort of debunking Anthrax and WTC7 - note that from the post, it looks like it's coordinated worldwide, in Australian press as well as in US press.

911 Treason Was Terrorism said...

CNN reported the collapse of WTC7 an hour early. The BBC reported it 25 minutes early. Fox reported it just before it happened, and then it actually fell behind the newscasters.

I have seen all 3 videos of this on youtube.

The concrete pulverizes before it hits the ground. The buildings free fall. The molten iron months afterwards.

Just the physical evidence.

The physical evidence.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog. I have no useful comment, other than to say it strengthens my belief in the essential evil, deceptive nature of our government.

What is to be done? If people aren't skeptical, there can be no democracy. Most people aren't skeptical, so democracy as we have imagined it is impossible.


Anonymous said...

The NIST has done a nice job proving that it might be possible large steel reinforced structures can be brought down in a controlled, symetrical fashion with small localized fires. I don't know what it costs to employ controlled demolition companies to bring down structures, but the opportunity to clearly under bid those companies has to be huge now. Would the NIST be willing to comment on the feasibility of setting and controlling localized fires as a viable alternative to the time-consuming, labor-intensive, specialized process of bringing down buildings? Can the NIST report be classified as a new discovery in structural mechanics? Are any NIST engineers considering entering the controlled demolition business with these new insights? Are any aspiring entrepreneurs interested in acquiring this no-tech/low-tech approach to building demolition? Is controlled demolition using explosives now a thing of the past? It is incredible how the explosives experts could have missed the hidden power locked away within small fires. Or, has this information been classified so as not to have it fall into the hands of terrorists?

Anonymous said...

The cover-up is usually worse than the original crime. The cover-up might not be as evil as the original crime but it draws much more attention. It is a well-known fact of criminal trials that defendants who lie about even one inconsequential detail are often convicted for that reason alone. By this standard our government is guilty a thousand times over.
The mainstream media companies are in an untenable position. Their customers are NOT their readers or viewers, but their advertisers. By satisfying their advertisers in the short term, as they must, they lose their viewers and readers to the internet. It used to be said "Never fight someone who buys ink by the barrel." Well, now you don't need ink, you don't need paper, and above all, you don't need a government license to fight them.
-Richard G

Ennealogic said...

Silverstein Properties (along with Larry himself, Kent Anker, Dara McQuillan, Steven Nathan, and Walter Weems) is listed as a NIST contractor for the report that tells us fire has never before (and never since) brought down a building but gee whiz, that's what done it here!

Read NIST's report to get a blueprint for where to rig WTC7 and how to time the charges if you want to implode the building. Start at column 79, then work up from there and once you reach the top, move laterally to the east on all core columns. Finally, take out the perimeter columns without removing their floor connectors so all the debris falls towards the middle into a neat pile. ;)

"Due to the effectiveness of the [fireproofing], the highest column temperatures in WTC7 only reached an estimated 300 degrees C (570F), and only on the east side of the guilding did the floor beams reach or exceed about 600 degrees C." But that was enough, apparently, to create a phenomenon called "fire-induced thermal expansion" which hasn't been a consideration for building engineers.

The report continues, "The initiating local failure that began the probable WTC7 collapse sequence was the buckling of Column 79. This buckling arose from a process that occurred at temperatures at or below approximately 400 degrees C (750F) which are well below the temperatures considered in current practice for determining fire resistance ratings associated with significant loss of steel strength."

So if the steel didn't get hot enough to weaken, what then? "This study has identified thermal expansion as a new phenomenon that can cause structural collapse," says NIST. Apparently, WTC7 expanded 'til it popped.

Looking at the animated sequences of the collapse derived from NIST's computer modeling (found at NIST's site), WTC7 looks like it was built of pickup sticks.

trojan said...

Also note how Times article starts: “Fires in the 47-story office tower at the edge of the World Trade Center site undermined floor beams and a critical structural column, federal investigators concluded on Thursday..." First they state the conclusion, then who concluded it, instead of starting their piece "Federal investigators concluded on Thursday..." It would be the same as saying "Twenty pounds of marajuana were found in the trunk of Jackson's car, police said, instead of, "Police said Twenty pounds of marajuana were found in the trunk of Jackson's car"; in other words, first put into the reader's mind what you wish to. This is not surprising for the Times. Their first piece on the 911 Commission Report, regarding the two towers, filled with words and phrases such as "meticulous" and "frame by frame analysis" contained this doozy (paraphrasing): "Burning office furniture caught fire causing causing the exterior columns to weaken and collapse." Now I'm no structural engineer, I can hardly hang a bookshelf, but I'd dtake my life on the fact that if burning office furniture could cause a skyscraper to collapse, they wouldn't be building skyscrapers 100 stories tall. Also: how much office furniture today is burnt of wood, or any flammable oject? Aren't most office desks and chairs metal?
Finally, the same Times article said the plane smashed into the building, "pushing" office furniture against the wall, as if you were stacking furniture to roll up the rug to have a party. Wouldn't a airliner hitting a building SCATTER furniture, thereby making it less likely to catch fire? But the Times wanted to created the impression that all this furniture was together, thus easy to catch fire, so they used the word "pushed." Same old, same old NY Times.

Anonymous said...


WTC1 110 stories fell in 10.5 seconds

WTC2 110 stories fell in 11 seconds

WTC7 47 stories fell in 6.6 seconds

Over small temperature ranges, the linear nature of thermal expansion leads to expansion relationships for length, area, and volume in terms of the linear expansion coefficient .

The explanation given by NIST that the collapse of WTC7 was due to 'thermal expansion' is delusional. It only illustrates that people will do and say anything for the right amount of cash.

Anonymous said...

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