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Monday, August 11, 2008


In a blatant demonstration of US arrogance and hypocrisy the US Ambassador to the UN, neocon and PNAC signatory Zalmay Khalilzad, yesterday actually accused the Russians of seeking ‘regime change’ in Georgia. He went on to tell the UN Security Council that Russia was waging a ‘campaign of terror’ in Georgia.

Khalilzad’s remarks follow earlier comments made on Saturday by an un-named ‘senior US official’ that “…Russia has used ‘disproportionate’ force in the South Ossetia conflict with Georgia”, adding that: “The response has been far disproportionate from whatever threat Russia was citing."

This simply further demonstrates the utter hypocrisy of the Bush administration. The word ‘disproportionate’, one might recall, was not a word that the US used when just about everyone else was as the Israelis launched their murderous and criminal bombing campaign against the people of Lebanon killing over a thousand people and causing many thousands more to flee their homes after they had been destroyed. And, while the changing of a regime of any sovereign nation is one that should be affected only by the citizens of that nation, since when has the Bush administered US government been in a position to moralise about the ‘regime change’ ambitions of other powers considering how they are still seeking, with Israel, to change the regime of Iran and not to mention the ‘campaign of terror’ that the US and their allies inflicted on Iraq as they went about ‘regime change’ in that devastated country?

The values that ‘they’ hate about ‘us’ are not our so-called ‘freedoms’ and ‘democracy’ but our arrogance and hypocrisy.

The very same people that have brought death and destruction to Afghanistan, Iraq, the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, Iran, Pakistan and elsewhere this century are the same the same people that are bringing death and destruction to the innocent civilians who have been caught up in the conflict in Georgia.

The peoples of the world demand regime change in the US. We trust the American people to see to it!


Anonymous said...

And, unsurprisingly, no comment from you on the conflict until there's a chance to sink the boots into the US and Israel and cast the blame on them.

I guess that's why you haven't mentioned the ongoing tragedy in Zimbabwe at all - no opportunity blame the Americans, so not worth mentioning.

Maybe you should change your profile line from "general carer of what goes on in the world" and add "as long as there's a chance to rant against the US and Israel. Otherwise not interested".

Presumably though you'd be happier if the US made no comment, and just let the Russians go about their carpet bombing in peace?

Funny that you're also not complaining about Russian hypocrisy in previously refusing to back military action elsewhere because it would violate sovereignity, but then going ahead and attacking in Georgia. Again, I guess if it's not the US, it's not worth whining about.

Damian Lataan said...

My ‘interests’ are in the innocent people of this world who suffer as a result of conflicts regardless of who started it or for what reason. I do not ‘support’ either side in this or any other conflict whatsoever. I put the ‘boot in’ on the US government and the Israeli government because they always seem to be behind these sorts of conflicts.

I have very little time for the methods used by Mugabe and his henchmen in Zimbabwe but I have even less time for the self-righteous arrogance and hypocrisy of those that support war and suffering in other peoples country’s while claiming to have the interests of the civilian population of that country in mind as they invade and occupy in order to plunder their resources or dominate their lives.

I have no problem at all in putting the boot in where it’s needed – regardless of who they are.

You say: “Presumably though you'd be happier if the US made no comment, and just let the Russians go about their carpet bombing in peace?” This is exactly the sort of hypocrisy that I’m talking about. You couldn’t care less about the people of Georgia, Ossetia or Russia; all you’re interested in is the fact that I’m having a go at the US about it. Where were you when the Israelis were doing the same thing to the Lebanese people in July and August of 2006? Why weren’t the US government jumping up and down then? They were quite happy to just let the Israelis bomb the Lebanese people in ‘peace’.

The questions were rhetorical – don’t bother responding.

American Hill BIlly said...

I just saw a very informative video on you tube about the history of South Ossetia, and their fight for independence from Georgia; since 1992. Here's the link; I got it from bit

Peace and Freedom

michael said...

I'll give Wes the benefit of the doubt - he should read more.
May i help him by bringing him up to speed in a hurry ?
USrael isn't thinking this one through very well, as there's tensions within that hydrid, US and Israel. The hybrid is wanting to both tie up Russia in the Caucasus so that they feel unable to give the Iranian people assistance during the moves against them, but at the same time the Israeli component of the USrael hybrid wants direct Russian confrontational-with-the-US assistance given to Iran so that the situation degenerates quickly to a nuclear exchange between these superpowers leaving by default grinning Israel as the only superpower on the globe.
I hope that there are determined quiet moves within the US to extricate themselves from the USrael hybrid death grip leaving the Israeli component to huff and puff on its own account against Iran and Russia.
Were that to happen Israel would realise the jig is up and that the next move would be for the American people to demand from Israel reparations for Israel's crimes against the American people this past century, even before 1948, but space does not permit the long listing.

Anonymous said...

'I guess that's why you haven't mentioned the ongoing tragedy in Zimbabwe at all - no opportunity blame the Americans, so not worth mentioning. '

interesting Wes should mention president Mugabe. Because not long ago the media howled when chinese shipped weapons to Zimbabwe, which has no history of waging wars against its neigbors or repressing its people (media lies not withstanding), while Georgia gets to be armed by US, France and Israel, adn uses these against civilians in Ossetia....
and NO MEDIA criticism.

Damian is also dead wrong on 'Mugabe and his henchmen',but thats because his info is sourced from the MSM.

You might like to read Stephen Gowans on Zimbabwe:
to understand the issues a little better.