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Friday, August 08, 2008


US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice yesterday said that the US would not say ‘no’ to an Israeli plan to attack Iran adding that Israel is a sovereign state inferring that the US would not interfere with Israeli plans.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that the aircraft carriers, USS Theodore Roosevelt and USS Ronald Reagan are now steaming to the Gulf where they will join the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln and the aircraft maintenance group headed by the USS Peleliu.

Closer to Israel, Hezbollah in Lebanon continue to be criticised for building its air defences using a sophisticated anti-aircraft missile system. In an act of almost unprecedented chutzpah, the Israelis are actually complaining that the new defence system will now stop them from making illegal flights over Lebanon. Israel is even touting the installation of the new anti-craft system as a direct provocation that Israel may have no choice but to respond to.

As the window of opportunity inches ever closer to closing on an Israeli and US opportunity to attack its enemies, the people of the world must surely now realise that Israeli and US intent toward Iran is rapidly becoming more apparent and that the people of the world should be out on the streets now to protest the prospect of a war that has the potential to devastate our world.


Anonymous said...

Well I seriously doubt that we are going to war considering the financial implications, as well as potential responses by Russia and China. But you never know what these corrupt and greedy politicians, as well as the wealthy elitist, can do to continue to devastate this country.

If an attack is planned, it might occur on 8-16-08 which is also highlighted to be a date for the stock market crash. Has something to do with the lunar eclipse, the alignment of pluto and the mania displayed by our inbred wealth leaders in the world.

When will the world realize there is a lot more of us than them. At least for now. Ya never know what population control measures are kicking in as we speak.

Anonymous said...

Zionist-controlled Craigslist is immediately flagging any and all Rants and Raves posts concerning impending war with Iran.

I've learned that even Internet media has become nearly as shackled as mainstream media.

We're fucked.

Anonymous said...

With the breaking news of the Georgia crisis escalating rapidly, I wold not be entirely surprised if Russia takes this opportunity to get very very heavy-handed, as a shot over the bow
of the Amero-Europa 'missile-defense'

With Russia concentrating on a
highly fluid situation on its own borders, I think it could balk at immediate intervention of an Israeli attack on the Iranians.

Israel might very well take advantage of this situation.

Anonymous said...

Since these ships are for the open sea, they will be sitting ducks. All Iran has to do is bomb the straights and they will be boxed in. This is either for show or they want them to be sunk, because all this stuff is obsolete with Tesla Technology. Russia and IsisRaEl have about the same amount of this technology, so they we only go to war when they have got the masses where they want them. Thesis/antithesis/synthesis.

Anonymous said...

The plan for the New World Order is to totally destroy the USA! It will eventually be rewilded for the exclusive use of the 'elite.' When we know what they are doing and wherethey live, why are we just sitting around waiting for the axe to fall?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if the American battlegroups were suddenly vaporized along with the state of Israel.

Anonymous said...

catch 22 no matter which way we go.this bullshit needs to stop,we all know the jew is responsible for what is about to happen and i bet that it's not their kids getting shot.fuck the jew let them see if they can do iran on their own.only one soulotion for the chosen people and they do have 200-400 nukes.welcome to the real world.

Anonymous said...

I dont believe Russia showed up to the big game ill prepared nor do I think china is in the mood for the zionist push either. I believe these are times for great preparedness on the local front. Prepare your family, your neighbors or at last a network of communication, food and HELP! Its just about time for a show down and NO russia isnt coming to our rescue nor the isrealies or iraqis etc NO ONE. prepare for the coming winter and economic hardship, defeat will be evident on the faces, in the stomachs and the bed we lay sleep in. Prepare

Anonymous said...

the grand war theater just disclose the opening curtain.
With world attention to Beijing Olympic,
the war games is initiated.
US/UK/French Armada heading Iran,
Russian bomber in the air, China Tsun-Tzu at play, Israel hawks.
The game is on.
Neocons/Zionist are trumping war drums.
insanity at works????
Wake up Wake up !!!

News from Mad Plato said...

The two carriers don't bode well. Cheney/Bush might bomb Iran just to elect McCain.

Anonymous said...

Escalation on a Global level with Olympic distraction.

Well Condi left Georgia, with memories of Lebanon, adn now invasion of south Ossetia is on. Along with Abkhazia.Which side if any is behind it or is there a third interest stiring? Seems that July Russian arrest of the Sabateur(apparently Chechen linked, ahuh,usual group backing such) in SO failed to stop it.

Putin now weighed in with significant comment. "russians will flood in to suppport" ie not official Russian gov but cannot stop Russians from proxy support.....chessmaster.

Perhaps all due to the imminent NATO issue coming up. Has Russia escalated this to force the issue? Has the MCCAin group Georgia plotters stepped up the Angst for their own and Global reasons?Have the usual Chechen covert supporters been at it again like Dagestan etc?

Scurrying world leader meetings .....while the plebs watch a pretend show in Beijing.

Turkey needs the military coup to be useful for the war wanters. It all seems a bit like a tinderbox with complete morons in charge who care not if it all goes boom as long as their own neighbourhood is ok.

Will Israel take the bait as Saddam did ?

The Afghanistan/India alliance is also worrying as encircles Pakistan, already facing a coup and impeachment of the pet stooge.(note Bhutto killed after calling for 911 investigtaion into the finances and saying Osama bin Ladin dead etcand David Frost didn't bat an eyelid in that deadly interview, what a stooge!).
It seems India (RAW well and truly allied now with ?Mossad variant apparently)has rejected the peace pipeline(secure supply gas via Iran-Pakistan-India) (in hope of baluchstan insecure supply where Aussi troops die now and mass aerial bombings in final attempt to secure, as if!) thinking instead to solve all with military , hence the uranium supply carrot and kashmiri bombings pay back. Fools.

Things are rapidly escalating. One hopes the brakes will be put on and the real warcrimes trial begin adn empire dreams put aside. The only way to true world peace in the near future.Buttoo much at stake to settle I think.

good blog Damian as usual.Have you been threatened as the others have been? Like Clearing House? Take care .

Notice Iraq-war site is down /hit again.

Anonymous said...

You know, its a strange turn of events that (non-Bolshevik) Russia might be a hope for mankind in these days.
US missle defense is an obvious BS response to their own aggression.
USA (along with Israel and England) have caused more havok in this world than another nations could ever do. When USA began fighting for Israel, the world would suffer for it.
Today is 8-8-8. What new beginning will occur?
One thing is for sure, Israel fears those it has been aggressive towards, and it wants more toys from USA and more support...and it will always get just that. Whatsoever it asks (demands) from USA, it obtains. The zio-pigs control your media, finances, justice system, education system, government, publishing co's and any other arena of critical influence.
"Zionism hates me, this I know; for the Talmud tells me so..."

Anonymous said...

What BALLS! And the dumbdownded Americans want to know how Bret Favre is going to do with the Jets. We will get exactly what we deserve.

Anonymous said...

All of the beating of war drums to date has come from the non-politically minded people - those more militarily inclined. That tells me that the war-talk has been of serious intent, not just political positioning and negotiation tactics. It does seem like the people in question are in the minority and the overt attempts by Cheney and crew to launch an attack, have been blocked by rational human beings in the pentagon. Provocation has not worked and even Israel's previous attempts to fly into Iranian airspace over Iraq were stopped by the commanders. There is a covert war already going on between logical and intelligent human beings and the zionist freakshow and logic has been triumphant to date. As the gloves come off and the covert hidden agendas become more apparent, more people will join the logical crew. But, the real question lies in the following: when it comes down to it and the two sides are revealed, which will be the victor - humanity, in it's numbers or the money-barons who represent a few thousand people who control nearly all of the world's wealth?

Anonymous said...

I would love to be wrong but the following is my own big picture conclusion to our impossible present position.

I have been chatting with three people in Iran for many years. For the last five years I have been begging them to get out of Iran because they will surely be nuked.

In spite of what all the conspiracy theorists say it is less about oil and control of the middle east than starting a nuclear WW3 ending in Armageddon. Google Albert Pike and his predictions if you think the Illuminati have not been working on a multi-generational game plan.

Putin is Illuminati. Depending on the puppet show they have planned for us he could easily betray the Iranians as perhaps the Iranian leaders have also done.

China is also part of this Illuminati game. Thinking of the big picture is not possible for people that think that world politics are countries reacting against each other.

This is about a war between the Illuminati with their useful idiots and us. I will even go one step further and say this: "The Georgia Stones" (Google it if you don't know about them, please) say they want a world with 500 million people (90+% reduction).

Considering their complete disregard for the probable results of this scenario I think (and so far I am the only one to say this) that they are planning the complete annihilation of the human race. After all even the super rich Illuminati elite are not immune to the effects that this would have on our world.

As I said before I do so hope I am completely wrong.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1:

Actually, Bush's purpose IS to bankrupt the U.S., as planned by the Council of Foreign Relations, of which a plethora of U.S. Politicians, CEO'S, High level Media personnel,etc. are members of.

The plan is to eliminate the ability of the United States of America to be able to defend itself. To stand By Itself, so that the people of the U.S. can then request of their 'leaders' - "What is the solution to our economic woes?". The leaders will respond: "World Government", as in One World Government.


1) American Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, being experimented on with unidentified vaccines and not recorded on their medical records, exposed to depleted Uranium, ignored by Walter Reed Hospital, suffering extensions to active duty deployments;

2) A new war with Iran, creating a war with an enemy far more powerful then Iraq or Afghanistan. Iran has just signed Gas and Oil Deals with both China and Russia. However, China is now busy with the Olympics while Russia is occupied with Ossetia. Will they rush to defend Iran?

No - then the U.S. is bankrupted by Bush with the added debt created by financing yet another war.

Yes - then we have a 3-way potentially Nuclear War involving the 3 Superpowers.

A war to be fought in, of all places, the region of the world containing the primary source of the Worlds Oil Supply,

3) Our major economic problems at home, the economy, were engineered to bankrupt the U.S.

3.1 - Oil Prices through the roof, yet no new refineries, and existing Oil Refineries being closed down.

3.2 - Easy Credit (the housing boom) followed by Difficult Credit, (the current problem)

4) Cheney having Haliburton move itself the Middle East. If not already, it will be a foreign firm within months.

5) Cheney's Blind Trust is now worth 1.5 billion dollars.

And all of this according to plan.

Please read "The Creature From Jekyll Island", for some true enlightenment.

Anonymous said...

FYI to anonymous poster - 8-16-08 is a Saturday - markets closed. Crash averted!

Anonymous said...

And so it begins.

Anonymous said...

Congoleeza Rice is a high-paid whore. Israelie is a seedbed of demons and vipers, and they have the US by the balls, since most of the rep's are bought and paid for shabez goy. This is truly Amerika. Putin is looking the way our leaders should, but instead we now have the Jew-Zionist cabal here. obadiah assures us what will happen in the end to these vile bastards!

Anonymous said...

Thats the same thing Ambassador April Gillespie told Saddam when he wanted to invade Kuwait.

American Hill BIlly said...

I found you through I am going to link you. I don't know what it will do to my readership, but Truth is Truth

Peace and Freedom

Anonymous said...

You put Israel, the US, and the UK in check; or remove the above mentioned from the world stage intirely? What a wonderful world it could be!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey 612am , that is what I am wondering too. Gets rid of the "we control america" cabal and allows a freer hand there as well as crushing iran and allowing the US to come in as "helper". Is this a likely double deal? well, does the Bush regime owe any native loyalty to the Likuds? Probably the opposite due to both the threat against Daddy bush (Bibi's Operation Bramble bush) and the turning of 911 into their own show.Mega ouch and how tough not to be able boast about it.

anyway, suspect the usual reasons for action ( gain, power etc) adn other reasons more of a smokescreen for those with passion to use.

The BTC pipeline is now at risk of Russian control ( Israels oil from the planned underwater pipes off Ceyhan)and that route out to India out as well as the Baluchistan route uncontrollable. India would have been smarter to turn to the peace pipeline rather than combine with a dying puppet regime in Afghanistan.
Debka claim Israel prepped the georgian invasion so the Lebanon metaphor may be accurate.It shows what a stooge Saash is and a traitor to his own people. SO propably this is a distraction of monumental size(adn gamble of benenfit to Isreali oil supply etc at expense and risk to Georgians) to the imminent attack on iran.
NAsty bunch those war makers.
Watcha think Damian??

Annie souris

Damian Lataan said...

Hi Annie and everyone, thanks for your comments. Sorry I’ve taken a bit of time to respond but I decided to get away for the weekend.

And what a weekend – and I don’t mean the one I enjoyed!

Once again, as seems to be the case so often during modern warfare these days, it looks as though you’re better off in the armed forces than being a civilian caught up in the kind of war that the pursuit of political power and hegemony brings when powers that have no concerns for their respective innocent civilian populations decide to slug it out with each other.

Oil, once again, is part of the complex international set of strategies being played out on the field that is Georgia. Remember though, that it’s not about the oil in terms of getting ones hands on it; its more about who controls it rather than who has actually got it and the entire region south of Georgia is resources rich.

Within the big picture there are also a lot of smaller ones that go to make up the bigger one.

Russia, of course, is taking advantage of its position relative to the Americans and Israelis position on Iran. The US cannot afford to upset Russia which as a permanent member of the UN Security Council has full veto powers. The US and Israel need Russia to continue supporting UN sanctions against Iran. The Israelis, despite their well known propensity to attack without actual provocation, always prefer to appear self-righteous about things when they do and always provide some excuse or another for having done so by usually blaming those they hit for having started it. If they attacked Iran after the UN had failed to provide for further sanctions because the Russians had vetoed them then Israel would open themselves up to massive condemnation from the rest of the world. On the other hand, if Israel attacked Iran after sanctions had been given support from the UN then it could simply say the sanctions weren’t working and that Iran is defying the demands of the UN. (I know, I know – never mind that Israel has defied the UN more times than any other nation.)

Russia is also showing that it too has the ability to deal those that get out of line. In doing so it sends the message to the US that it is still a power to be reckoned with and that it won’t necessarily let Israel and the US have it all its own way with Iran.

This could all go very bad for everyone but we should remember that it has already gone very bad for tens of thousands of innocent civilians in Georgia, both in Georgia itself and in south Ossetia. Already there are hundreds if not thousands dead and many thousands more have lost their homes or been displaced. Most of us on these blogs as we chat with each other around the world are also civilians. Imagine how it would be if this were to happen to us. We must demand that it stops. Right now!