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Tuesday, May 03, 2011


It’s becoming increasingly obvious that every single official word uttered and written about the so-called ‘death’ of Osama bin Laden reeks of lies and total fabrication.

The most significant factor in this very high-powered propaganda puff piece is the fact that the entire story is totally bereft of any evidence whatsoever. The fact that President Obama had been in on this blatantly obvious and transparent piece of propaganda has destroyed what little credibility he and the institution of America had left.

In a world where the internet and computer power reign supreme, lies and fabrications are quickly exposed. A photograph purporting to be the dead bin Laden quickly circulated the mainstream media shortly after the announcement of his ‘death’ only to be proven within less than an hour of it first appearing that it was fake and that it had appeared on the internet at least twice before; once on 29 April 2009 and then again on 8 December 2010.

Next the world was told that DNA testing had proved beyond doubt that it was indeed Osama bin Laden that had been killed. No evidence supporting the statement was given; not even a piece of paper testifying to the test was offered; there were no details on who conducted the test, nor were there any details on how the test was conducted, and nor was there any opportunity or facility offered for an independent test to be carried out to verify the claim.

The ‘DNA proves it’ claim was then quickly followed by news that bin Laden’s body had already very conveniently been disposed of at sea.

The entire sorry saga has been a strictly a ‘made in America’ affair. Not one of any of America’s allies has had any part whatsoever to do with Osama bin Laden’s so-called death.

All that President Obama has achieved, especially by being a part of this blatant attempt to deceive enemies and allies alike, is to demonstrate to the entire world that America has completely lost its way. The perpetration of this fraud shows that America has become a desperate and paranoid nation obsessed with the need to impress the world as America’s influence and power withers away.

Next comes the repercussions.

More on that later.

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