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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The Zionists of Israel are deeply concerned. For every day that goes by, Israel loses hope of ever realizing its dream of any form of a Greater Israel. Even the likelihood of hanging on to the settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem looks set to vanish if the Palestinian people get the support of the world community via the United Nations next September.

Netanyahu is no longer in a position to make any demands about the nature of a future Palestinian sovereign state. The true face of Zionism has been exposed. The world no longer supports an expansionist and racist Israel that dominates and dictates the form a future Palestinian state should take.

The internet has exposed Zionist Israel’s true face. The world has seen how Israel really behaves as it commits crimes against the Palestinian people and then blames them for having brought it upon themselves. They have behaved like the bullying husband who beats his wife because she stands up for herself and whose husband then says; ‘now see what you’ve made do!’ There was a time when the world accepted it and supported Israel on the basis that the Palestinians deserved what the Israelis meted out to them because the world could only see the story from Israel’s point of view. But after the attacks against the Gaza in 2006 and then against Lebanon when the world witnessed the indiscriminate bombing of thousands of civilians by Israel aircraft and artillery, the world became stunned at the reality of Israel’s brutality. Then there was Operation Cast Lead in 2008/2009 when, again, Israel indiscriminately bombed the Gaza Strip killing more than a thousand civilians and wounding thousands more as well as destroying much of the Gaza’s infrastructure. Then in May 2010 Israel really showed the world what criminals they were when their armed commandos boarded a civilian ship in international waters and murdered nine people who were defending their ship against the boarders. And now their latest crime has been exposed as they attempt to stop a demonstration from spilling across borders by opening fire with deadly weapons directly into the demonstrators killing some twenty unarmed civilians who could easily have been contained using non-lethal methods.

Zionism’s credibility, if ever it really had any, is fast disappearing and along with it goes any chance of the international community having any likelihood of not supporting the Palestinians request for it to be recognised in its own right and in its entirety to the 1967 borders and including all of the Israeli settlement, including the Jordan Valley and including the right to militarise to defend itself against future Israel aggression. Why should Palestinians ‘negotiate’ with Israel when the world can see that all that Israel has left to ‘negotiate’ with is brute force; a brute force that will no longer be acceptable to the international community. It is no longer in a position to dictate terms to the Palestinians.

It is getting to the stage where the US, a vetoing power in the UN Security Council (UNSC), that in the past has always supported Israel, may in the present circumstances be obliged to at least abstain or possibly vote for the recognition of a unilaterally declared Palestinian state. Even in the event of the US vetoing such a move at the Security Council, there are still mechanisms within the UN system that can bypass a vetoed resolution. With enough support in the UN General Assembly (UNGA), Palestine could get its way by invoking UN Resolution 377(v), the “Uniting for Peace” resolution, which empowers the UNGA under special circumstances to over-ride a UNSC vetoed resolution.

An internationally recognised unilaterally declared Palestinian state will ultimately spell the end of Israel as a state as we know it today. It could well be the first step towards what is ultimately the only viable solution to the crisis and that is to create a single state where Jews and Arabs live together as equals in freedom.

Netanyahu is getting desperate. He needs a way out – and therein lies the real danger for the world!

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