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Sunday, May 15, 2011


The short answer, of course, is they didn’t.

The main drawback to spinning an intricate yarn designed to be presented to the entire world as fact is that sooner or later the story will unravel, and the more intricate the yarn then the more likely it is to come apart sooner rather than later.

The biggest problem with the story the US has told the world about the ‘death’ of Osama bin Laden two weeks ago is that it is totally devoid of any evidence whatsoever that supports any of their claims. This is compounded by the very confusing and often contradicting details that surround the story.

In the latest embellishments to the story we are told by some anonymous ‘US official’ that a stash of pornography was found at the location of bin Laden’s ‘death’. Nothing at all was presented to support the allegation; we are simply told that it was so and are therefore expected to believe it. No sooner was this allegation made when it was quickly followed by a series of others. It was ‘revealed’ that Osama bin Laden was obsessed with hatred for President Obama because, so we are led to believe, bin Laden thought that Obama had betrayed Islam and that he should be assassinated. It didn’t occur to the purveyor of these allegations, the ever-present but anonymous ‘official spokesperson’, that a person so religiously imbued that he is driven to such hatred is unlikely to be the same person to have horded a stash of pornography.

The very latest allegation, that, according to ‘documents’ found at bin Laden’s lair, the UK was to be targeted for terrorist attacks, comes hot on the heels of UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s announcement of his determination to begin British troop withdrawals telling his defence people he wants to start withdrawals as soon as this summer.

My earlier posts document many of the other inconsistencies in the story of the ‘death’ of bin Laden but the common denominator to all of what we have been told is that there is not one single shred of any independently verifiable evidence to support any aspect of the entire story from beginning to end. But the biggest flaw in the entire story is why they failed to bring in alive and instead destroyed the biggest haul of human intelligence they could ever possibly have hoped to imagine in their so-called war against terrorism and al Qaeda – unless, of course, they knew that he was already long dead and that this ‘death’ had some other more useful purpose.

As the yarn unravels, so all will eventually be revealed.

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Anonymous said...

Agree with all of this. Bin Laden died a long time ago.

Don't know who they killed in that compound, if anyone.

Independently verified evidence is the way to go.