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Friday, May 06, 2011


Further to my post last Wednesday about targeted assassinations, it seems that the neoconservatives make no bones about the Americans appointing themselves to, as Victor Davis Hanson says, “routinely act as judge, jury and executioner of suspected terrorists”. Extra-judicially murdering people doesn’t seem to be a problem for people like Hanson and other neoconservatives like Charles Krauthammer.

These people have no qualms about killing their enemies in this way. Justice is not a consideration for them; it’s merely an excuse to justify continued unfettered killing of their enemies. As one reads their nonsense as they attempt to convince everyone else that targeted killings are an acceptable practice, what emerges from their words is an overwhelming sense of their absolute self-righteousness. To kill their enemy is, to them, a god-given right that can’t be given to anyone else. If their enemies started to assassinate American or Israeli senior political and military leaders off the battlefield we would never hear the end of it; but, apparently, it’s OK for them to do it their enemies.

The world should show nothing but contempt for those that have only contempt for the rule of law and the concepts of justice.

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