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Saturday, May 28, 2011


Just as Hitler absorbed Austria into the Third Reich in March 1938 as part of his quest to create a Greater Germany, so Israel absorbed the Golan Heights into Greater Israel in 1981, a move condemned by the United Nations Security Council (Resolution 497).

After Austria, Hitler turned his attention to the Sudetenland, a region of Czechoslovakia where a large pocket of ethnic Germans lived. Hitler threatened to march into the Sudetenland and then threatened to go to war with Czechoslovakia if they resisted his move into the Sudetenland. A crisis loomed between Germany and Britain and France but, realising they were in no position to go to war, Britain’s Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain flew to Germany for face to face talks with Hitler to defuse the situation. The result of these talks and with others and after much resistance from France and even his own cabinet, was that Chamberlain agreed to Hitler annexing the Sudetenland on the condition that Hitler provided assurances that there would be no further territorial claims. Neville Chamberlain was forever after accused of ‘appeasing’ Hitler.

In 2011 President Obama said that peace talks between the Palestinians and the Israelis should be based on borders between Israel and the Palestinian territories that existed before the 1967 war. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was outraged and refused point blank to have any discussions with anyone that revolved around the pre-1967 borders. Obama backed off saying his suggestion about the 1967 borders was meant really only as a starting point for discussions and qualified himself by saying there would be territorial trade-offs to finalise borders. Then the question of Israeli settlements inside the West Bank came up. Netanyahu cleverly hinted that there was a possibility that some settlements could be discussed knowing full well, however, that there would be no discussions anyway because of Hamas’s involvement with Fatah and the Palestinians insistence on a right of return of the refugees to Israel and East Jerusalem becoming the Palestinian capital. Obama has conceded to Netanyahu’s demands that the 1967 borders are effectively not included in any discussions – if, indeed, there are ever likely to be any – nor any of the other Palestinian demands.

Netanyahu has made it quite clear with the assertions he has made about ‘talks’ that there will never ever be a Palestinian state while he has anything to do with it and that, therefore, the Israeli settlements are there to stay and so will likely become annexed to become part of a Greater Israel.

Obama has shown his true colours. He will appease the Zionists of Israel in the face of a world that will ultimately condemn Israel and the US for appeasing them.

The US and its hanger-on allies are rapidly becoming irrelevant states as most of the world goes ahead and supports the creation of a Palestinian state – with or without UN support and with or without the support of the US who have become the true appeasers of the twenty-first century.


Anonymous said...

A rather nasty attempt to vomit bigotry by equating Jews to Nazis.

And a bit rich, coming from a neo-Marxist, in light of the Nazi-Soviet Pact that saw you lot sign an agreement with the Nazis.

On another point, this is great work. A brilliant way to fight back against the rejectionists:

Damian Lataan said...

The word 'Jews' wasn't mentioned once in the article. 'Zionists'? Yes! But not 'Jews'. Not all Jews are Zionists. And nor are all Zionists Jews; many are Christians and gentiles. I'm quite happy to equate Zionism with Nazism. Many Jews in Israel and most throughout the diaspora are not Zionists just as most Germans of the era were not actually Nazis. But todays Zionists have exactly the same policies as the Nazis: expansionism and racism.

The only 'attempt to vomit bigotry' here, Anonymous, comes from you as you use deceit to pedal your 'anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism' nonsense.

As for the Soviet-Nazi Pact, the Israel-US Pact is the modern day equiv.