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Thursday, May 05, 2011


Despite the picture that was widely circulated throughout the mainstream media purportedly of Obama and his security cabinet intently watching events live as the SEAL team supposedly executed Osama bin Laden, CIA director Leon Panetta is now saying that they actually didn’t see anything on account of a 25 minute blackout of the live feed to the cabinet room.

This means, of course, that, if the security cabinet didn’t see it, then nor will the rest of the world ever get to see it.

How convenient.

Despite all the hype from the President down, there is actually not one single shred of any independently verifiable evidence that proves that Osama bin Laden was killed on Sunday, 1 May 2011 as claimed by the President. Not one single shred. None.

This is turning out to be one of the biggest propaganda stunts of all time – apart, that is, from 9/11.


Anonymous said...

There are some good questions being posed here as well as highlighting the ongoing discrepancies in the 'story' as the days go by.

I listened to the lunchtime news today as I ate my sandwich at my desk.
I find by not following matters too closely, then the changes in the story seen in brief segments become more apparent.
Obama now has 'decided' (said with irony) that no-one will see the photo's of bin laden because he's decided it will inflame 'anti american tensions' (same excuse given to suppress more torture photo's by the yanks) and it will look like gloating over a trophy (why take the photo's in the first place then if not to gain some vicarious pleasure or smug validation of one's actions, same for the torture photo's, its done for a reason you know), but then he claims that's not what the USA is about!. (Really, then I again ask, why take the photo's in the first place?).

This is the third revision they've now done (as Damian rightly observes with the transmission matter, along with Bin laden being unarmed and no human shields, which suggests they can't get their story right and confirms the yanks to be all over the shop and like the 'keystone cops'.

I heard one twit (their terrorism spokesman) that bin laden was hiding far away from the front line, suggesting he was a coward.
This demonstrates either propaganda gone mad or he simply doesn't understand the tactics of resistance cells, distributed networks and the psychological merit of survival by the little man against a bigger bully is itself a victory as the underdog in most societies is backed by the masses (as it used to be here in Aust).

Finally, what I find odd as well is that Obama said he ordered the raid to bring bin laden to 'justice', but instead the yank 'death squad' showed up in wonky helicopters, ransacked the place, lied to their masters about the circumstances, then when meeting bin laden these so called 'best of the best' commando's (by U.S 'standards'), simply shot bin laden and couldn't manage to overcome an unarmed middle aged man with poor health and mediocre physical fitness compared to these 'big burly commando's'!.

Our SAS would do this quickly and effectively as would the British (the SBS for example) and many others too.
Instead I suggest this was a U.S death squad with no intention of capturing bin laden and taking a legal path to exact justice which explains why they simply shot him and didn't/couldn't overcome a man like Bin laden with all the 'advantages' the yank commando's would have had!.
A death squad or they panicked and botched the operation completely and now the lies come out and are revealed as we're seeing now.
Which is it I wonder?.

I'm in two minds, but a death squad seems more in line with sanctimonious puffed up American sensibilities (they are inadequate self worshipping narcissists by nature), but I also think it possible that like everything American, they simply stuffed up as somoe much of that raid was (like the helicopter) and now the mitigation propaganda campaign is coming out.

Perhaps military experts can tell us more about how commando's overpower middle aged unarmed men in poor health and limited fitness and unarmed combat skills !....

Should be a fun exercise eh!.

Thats as I see it anyway!.

All the best,

Nylon Shirt

Damian Lataan said...

Thanks for that, NS; I'm sure we haven't heard the last of this yet!

Anonymous said...

Indeed Damian indeed....

Today (friday 6th), I hear now that apart from one bloke firing on the yanks from the guesthouse as they helicoptered in, the 'commandos' proceeded to shoot every person they encountered and revealingly they were all unarmed.
One bloke 'lunged' at the yanks and he was shot dead because they 'perceived him to be a threat to themselves' (Comment- what a bunch of big sooks the yank 'commando's' are, getting their knickers in a twist whenever someone practically says 'ooga booga' to them).

I'm admittedly thinking more that this was a simply a bloody yank death squad, with no morality, no sense of justice (contrary to Obama's publically stated claim) and simple vengeful bloodlust.

I note that reading today's 'Australian' newspaper too that one 'insider' said that bin laden would have to have been naked in order to not be perceived as a threat and thus summarily executed.
Thats something I suspect the whole world will see this 'circus' now and in perpetutity.
What an utter fiasco and one wonders what new admission will emerge tomorrow now we know they exterminated every unarmed person they encountered as well as bin laden.

It would interesting to hear how far more professional commando's penetrate a building, overcome unarmed people and then whisk them away....
No chance with these bungling, utter useless U.S Navy Seals- an internation laughing stock and completely discredited for all the world to see, now and how the history books will describe!.

Thanks for your time and interest,
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Anonymous said...

Al-Qaeda acknowledges the death of Osama Bin Laden on 1st May, 2011:

Vows revenge:

Anonymous said...

Recent videotapes of Bin Laden practising his speeches and watching himself, taken from his compound when he was killed on 1st May, 2011: