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Thursday, September 24, 2009


One wonders how long it will be before the world wakes up and realises that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is taking the world for a ride over peace talks with the Palestinians.

There was a time, only a little over a year ago when George W. Bush was still President, that there was a demand for settlements in the West Bank to be dismantled and withdrawn before there was any peace deal or serious talk of a Palestinian state. Then Benjamin Netanyahu became Prime Minister of Israel and Obama became President of the US. Netanyahu drew the line; in line with Likud party policy, there would be no withdrawals from the West Bank. So Obama then insisted on a freeze of settlement expansion and new settlements before talks could get underway. Netanyahu, just to show his utter contempt for the whole notion of peace talks and negotiations for a Palestinian state, announces that it will approve more houses in settlements in the West Bank. And now, in the latest twist on talks and settlements in the West Bank, President Obama, desperate to make it at least seem as though some headway is being made, has conceded that talks should go ahead ‘without preconditions’, that is; without any settlement freeze. Now, in the latest effort to squeeze as much mileage out of Obama’s weakness in the face of the Israel lobby, Netanyahu is now only suggesting that Israel might restrain from building more or expanding existing settlements in exchange for talks about peace talks.

Let’s be perfectly clear about what is actually gong on here.

There will never ever be a Palestinian state while the US and the Zionists of Israel have anything to do with it. This latest move is as much a waste of time as all the other talks have ever been.

Apart from anything else, Abbas is not the representative voice of the Palestinian people and has no mandate whatsoever to negotiate on behalf of the Palestinian people. Furthermore, it is Likud party policy to create a Greater Israel that includes the West Bank and to never allow any kind of Palestinian state to exist.

In the latest moves, Netanyahu has successfully played Obama as a Zionist puppet on the world stage of the UN General Assembly. There’ll be no peace and there’ll be no Palestinian state while Netanyahu is pulling the strings. All Netanyahu wants is time while he finds a casus belli to attack Iran thus leaving him free to do as he wishes with West Bank, the Gaza Strip and south Lebanon up to the Latani River.


Now that he has President Obama dancing to his tune over the settlements issue in the West Bank, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is now consolidating support among Western and Arab allies for moves to push for sanctions against Iran over Iran’s non-existent nuclear weapons program.

Netanyahu clearly feels that he is on a roll after his series of meetings with Obama and other Western leaders, including Canadian, Australian and New Zealand, at the UN General Assembly this week. Netanyahu is fully aware that sanctions are unlikely to deter Iran from continuing its nuclear power generation program so is hoping to push through with the formalities of sanctions so that the next phase of attacking Iran can be implemented after it has been shown that ‘sanctions’ aren’t working. Reports as to whether or not Russia and/or China will support sanctions are mixed today with the ‘Washington Post’ saying that ‘Russia and China appeared to rule out sanctions or military action’ while Israeli ultra right-wing newsagency ‘Arutz Sheva’ reports that ‘Russia and China will likely not oppose new tougher sanctions on Iran’.

Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

If they want to create a Greater Israel, why did they withdraw from Sinai, Gaza and South Lebanon?

Damian Lataan said...

Three steps forward, two steps back. It's the classic Zionist way of accumulating territory. Never any great rush. Always allow your enemy to provide you with an excuse. Nibble at the edges. A couple of hundred meters here; a couple of hundred meters there. Five miles in; four and a half back.

Anonymous said...

is Obama a fool to be manipulated ? or is he controlled by those he appointed? All thoes zionists in office, was a bad move on his part.

In comparison, Ahmadinejad is a free and independent man!


traducteur said...

why did they withdraw from Sinai, Gaza and South Lebanon?

As Orwell notes in his celebrated novel 1984, "Exterminating the inhabitants [would have been] a task of great physical difficulty." It's a perennial problem for the would-be builders of Greater Israel.

Anonymous said...

Reports today stress not only that Russia and China are onboard for harsher sanctions against Iran, but also that it's the Sunni Arab states who are applying the pressure:

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the Gulf States, all terrified of an Iranian bomb, have very interestingly taken up the challenge and offered inducements to both Russia and China to get them to support tougher sanctions.

Damian Lataan said...

First, the report does not say 'Russia and China are on board for harsher sanctions', it merely says they MAY back tougher sanctions. It's called diplomacy. It's exactly what they said last time.

Second, the Gulf states you refer to are all US trading allies. Their totalitarian governments do not represent the people, most of whom support the Palestinian people and are aware that the 'Iran has a nuclear weapons program' meme is merely unsubstantiated rhetoric and propganada.

Anonymous said...

The first time I saw Netanyahu on television he was bragging about having been a Mossad agent and assassinating people. It's pretty clear that the executive branch is bending an ear because many of the appointees are Jews. It is this duplicity, or dual citizenship, that concerns me. I sincerely believe that most Jews would betray America for the sake of Israel. This begs the question: If your heart is in Israel, why is your ass not there also?

I don't accept these people as American citizens. For the record, Rahm Emanuel served in the Israeli Defense Forces rather than the United States Armed Forces. Many say that his father was a Mossad agent and that he is a well planted Spy. How can we honor a man with employment who opted to fight for another country instead of ours? I can not. I reject this illegitimate government of foreigners. Besides, they've robbed us blind. (Madoff amongst others) Need I say more?

David G said...

Netanyahu, in N.Y., made a fool of Obama in front of the whole world.

Netanyahu, given the Jewish influence in the media, in money circles, and in every level of U.S. government (as well as in many think-tanks), knows he has Obama by the balls.

That Iran will be bombed by Israel is certain. That Obama can't stop it happening is certain.

The only question is: will America help?

james said...

Anon said, "If they want to create a Greater Israel, why did they withdraw from Sinai, Gaza and South Lebanon?"

The israelis gave Sinai back to the Egyptians in return for them coming over to the israeli side.

Hizbollah forced the israelis out of South Lebanon.

When Sharon withdrew the jewish settlers from Gaza, I thought at the time that they would launch a war against the Gazans. It made sense to get the settlers out before bombing the Palestinians. If I thought of that at the time, you can be certain Sharon and the rest of them did, too. In other words, it was all premeditated, a tactical retreat, as they say.

Anonymous said...

A phrophecy come true:

' The best lack all conviction,
while the worst are full of pasioante intensity'

(WB Yeats: 2nd Coming)

Anonymous said...

also pulling PA strings:

'The other report, from Shahab news agency, concerned a different, even more insidious form of Israeli blackmail.

Shahab reported that PA/PLO representatives here in Washington were persuaded to drop their support for speedy action on Goldstone after they were played a videotape and an audiotape, reportedly recorded during last winter's war, in which Abbas and a key security aide, Tayyib Abdul-Rahim, both urged Israel's leaders to continue and even escalate their attack on Gaza.

Those allegations struck a chord with many Palestinians who, during the war, had noted the refusal of most members of the PLO's far-flung diplomatic corps to say or do anything to oppose Israel's lengthy and very harmful pounding of Gaza's overwhelmingly civilian population.

Inside the West Bank, meanwhile, the PA's security forces (commanded in part by Abdul-Rahim) suppressed many of the demonstrations that erupted against the war, and arrested scores of Gaza solidarity activists.'