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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Has anyone stopped to think about what Israel’s ultimate intentions are for the Gaza Strip?

The Israeli settlers left it, or rather were removed reluctantly from it, in September 2005 when Ariel Sharon decided that the cost to Israel of maintaining the settlers in the Gaza Strip was far too high. In January 2006 Hamas won the Palestinian legislative elections but the West decided that democracy had come up with the wrong answer so did not recognise their win and failed to support the new government preferring instead to support the corrupt Fatah faction in the Gaza which tried to wrest full control of the Gaza from the elected Hamas. They failed and, after a short battle for control, the Fatah faction leaders were kicked out. Hamas has remained in control of the Gaza ever since much to the chagrin of the Israelis who have laid siege to the Strip.

In response to the slowly strangulating siege and the ghettoising of Gaza, Hamas have kept up a mainly harmless barrage of rockets and mortar fire against Israel in an effort to get them to release their grip on the siege. In response Israel has let loose with helicopter gunships and attack aircraft against infrastructure targets that effect the entire population of the Strip as well as launching assassination attacks against Hamas leaders and operatives and other Palestinian fighters resisting the siege.

For nearly three years now the Gazan people have had to endure a steadily worsening siege that has deprived them of the very basics of living including health, fuel and food.

Yet, after all this, we have not seen in the West any comment about what the Israeli endgame is.

Let me enlighten you.

Their endgame is not getting Hamas to stop uselessly firing rockets into southern Israel. Nor is it to rid the Gaza of Hamas so that the Fatah faction can take control. To the extreme right-wing Zionists that are likely to become the next government of Israel after the elections next February, Fatah are as big an enemy as Hamas.

No mistakes should be made about what the Israelis want: They ultimately want nothing less than the entire Gaza Strip emptied of all Palestinians who will be transferred to the Sinai in Egypt, or Jordan, or the West Bank, or Lebanon. The Gaza will then be again occupied, this time solely and permanently, by Israeli settlers who will then annex the Gaza into Israel. That is the Israeli endgame. There is no other endgame with regard to the Gaza.

For months now there has been a propaganda build up toward a full-scale invasion of the Gaza by Israel. Over the past two years the Israelis have been manipulating and massaging the rhetoric about the Gaza to suit their own timetable. In the lead-up to the US presidential elections Israel held back on action to see how the political landscape would shape itself after the presidential elections. At the same time internal Israeli politics also kept major decisions on the back burner. However, now that President-elect Obama has revealed himself to be a strong supporter of Israel and the forthcoming elections in February in Israel are expected to produce a right-wing Zionist government that has no interest in a Palestinian sovereign state, the plans to move against the Gaza has been put back on the front burner.

There is now no doubt left about Israel’s intentions to invade the Gaza. Two days ago the Tzipi Livni announced that there will be a major ‘public relations’ effort to get the West on side for an invasion. The propaganda has already started with the Israeli press highlighting results of a poll that indicated that some 40% of Gazan Palestinians wished to leave the Gaza thus paving the way for future propaganda as the world watches the Israelis empty the Gaza of its Palestinians after they’ve occupied it. There will, no doubt, be many more Gazans who will also want to leave after the Israelis have devastated it during their invasion.

Plans to make war against Hamas will be accompanied by the possibility of a simultaneous assault against Hezbollah and possibly even Syria. And, if that is the case, there must also be plans afoot to attack Iran.

A Middle East with President Obama in the US and Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel can look forward to bleak 2009 while the peoples of the rest of the world struggles to fight off the ravages of the next Great Depression.
Happy New Year?


Anonymous said...

G'Day Damian,

You write that:

"now that President-elect Obama has revealed himself to be a strong supporter of Israel and ..."

Does that constitute recognition of your inaccurate forecast not long ago that:

"The extreme right wing Zionists – and make no mistake here, despite being leader of what is supposed to be a ‘leftish’ party, Barak is an extreme right-wing Zionist – need to form a government before the Bush presidency ends. An Obama presidency will be of no use to a right-wing Zionist government." ?

Damian Lataan said...

There was nothing inaccurate at all about my 'forecast'.

Obama being a strong supporter of Israel does not mean that he is going to be of use to extreme right-wing Zionists. Israel is a nation made up of many peoples of all political shades, not just extreme right-wing Zionists. It merely means that extreme right-wing Zionists will have more confidence about pushing their barrow to the edge knowing that, whatever they do, the US will likely come to their aid as against actually being complicit in taking action against Israels enemies.

Anonymous said...

You paint a bleak yet entirely possible scenario, Damian. The fanatics who run Israel are capable of anything in common with fanatics anywhere.

What amazes me is that normally sane and intelligent people don't see the danger that Israel and America pose to the whole world.


Damian Lataan said...

Bleak indeed David; but I can’t see what else the Israeli right-wing wants as far as the Gaza is concerned. They certainly won’t let Hamas stay in power and Hamas will not give up without a horrendous fight. As I mentioned, the extreme right-wing hate Fatah as much as they hate Hamas so they are not likely to allow Fatah to take control even if the Israelis did oust Hamas. That only leaves Israeli occupation – again. And while there are any Palestinians left in the Gaza, the Israeli occupiers will never know peace. Looking at it from the extreme right-wing Zionists point of view, they really have no choice but to invade, occupy and then transfer.

Anonymous said...

It's all so confusing Damian, with Obama and "right-wing Zionist" governments as opposed to "extreme right-wing Zionist" governments, which of course to someone so dogmatic also includes a Left Labour party as "extreme Right-wi......"

The problem Damian is that anyone to the Left of Karl Marx in your view is Attila the Hun.

You've thrown the terms around so much as meaningless labels, you've devalued their meaning.

Anonymous said...

Cheer up, Damian, and indulge your capacity to love with some of your well known tolerance:

Damian Lataan said...

Anonymous 1...that's because that's all they are; meaningless labels. I'm not in the slightest bit interested in Left/Right politics per se. There is only Right and Wrong. Simple really. Labels mean nothing.

Anonymous 2, it's not me that needs cheering up, it's the people of the Gaza.

Anonymous said...

Left and right labels are meaningless now. They only serve to illustrate a particular point, but which also can be useful.

Look, Obama has been around a little. He knows as well we do that if he wasn't a supporter of Israel he wouldn't be President, it's that simple. I have a hunch that Obama does sincerely want to address the situation in the Middle East in ways that break with the past. But really, what can he do? The President is not going to put himself, his family or his collegues at risk. At this time, there is no way peace in the Middle East is going to come from any US President. I wish it was not like this.

Keep them coming Damian for the New Year.

Anonymous said...

When I see the horror that Gaza has become and the deafening silence of the ruling elites about this crime I am glad of the economic disaster in store for the world.
I am fearful of how the economic crisis is going to affect my plans to retire and so on, BUT I find some solace in the thought that the masses in the capitalist world are going to suffer even more than me. I know they will never wake up and challenge their masters but at least they will have a taste of what their stupidity, servility and selfishness has allowed their rules to inflict on the poor of the world for centuries.

Anonymous said...

Damian, in another place I described the Palestinians as: Dead Men Walking.

Israel will never give up its deranged ambition to create an elitist, racist, Jews-only theocracy.

That's why all fanatics are sodangerous!

Anonymous said...

I think your guess is as good as, if not better than, anyone else's on Zion's plans for Gaza. The Sharon Shuffle was too good to be true, let's face it. It was just an excuse to annexe more of West Bank and consolidate its ethnic cleansing of the Jordan Valley before returning to ethnically cleanse Gaza.

If you look at the shape of Gaza on a map you'll see that it's narrow - perfect for splitting into bite-size pieces (remember Israel's 'piece process'?). If your prediction is correct then the current bout of insane Zionist mass-murder will come to an end when it has split Gaza into 2 or more pieces.

On a brighter note, it's all going to come to nought. Israel's confused self-deceivers made a monumental blunder in August when they engineered the Georgia debacle and, having been dragged into the limelight, Putin is going to stay and expose NATO, the US and Israel as the strategic dolts they are. He's far from pro-Islamic but he will use Israel as a convenient football with which to expose the lazy and inane pro-Israel 'politics of fear' currently infecting Western political leadership and agendas (in blatant defiance of the electorate, I might add).
Putin is going to redefine the meaning of the word Irony and we're all going to enjoy it.
Israel, of course, isn't going to enjoy anything for the foreseeable future, apart from a great deal of self-inflicted misery and humiliation.

My jury is still out on Obama. There are some ominous indicators but, as has already been mentioned, he had to be seen with his tongue in contact with Zionist boots in order to get a clear run at the top job. And the idea that ANYONE would feel obliged to apologise to the pro-Israel Lobby for deceiving it is hilarious, to put it mildly.

Anonymous said...

Great article by another Australian .

Clueless in Gaza: The Australian Greens
By Syd Walker on Wednesday, December 31st 2008

I’ve just about had it with the Australian Greens.

Tasmania's Green Senators: Bob Brown and Christine Milne
It’s not that I don’t like their environmental policies. I do. It’s not that I don’t think they have better policies and do a better job in the Australian Parliament than the major parties. They do, although that’s not hard.

My problem, with the Greens in Australia is that they behave like poodles on foreign affairs - and on most matters relating to the creeping police state.

They provide no voice for the millions of Australians disgusted at the Zionist bias in Australian mainstream politics. They have, it seems to me, chosen to be ‘electable’ in terms defined by the mainstream media. That means they shut up when they’re told – and placate Zionists both within the party and outside. As a consequence, they are like quislings and useful idiots. It’s sad.

Cynthia McKinney
This week, the wonderful Cynthia McKinney, leader of the American Greens in the 2008 election, joined the good ship Dignity, rammed by Israeli navy-pirates as it tried to reach Gaza to deliver emergency medical supplies.

The Dignity, a relief boat rammed by the Israeli navy and prevented from entering Gaza
McKinney, a former Democratic Senator from Georgia, used her time in Congress to ask tough questions. Almost alone among the hundreds of congressional members, she openly queried the Government’s official line on 9-11. She stood up courageously for Palestinian interests. Toppled from Congress after a sustained campaign by the Israel Lobby, she returned to lead the American Greens in this year’s Presidential campaign. She didn’t win, but her integrity is undiminished.

To me, you’re an inspiration, Cynthia! The kind of Green I respect.

What about the leaders of the Australian Greens? What are they doing about the looming war in Palestine – which at minimum looks like it may result in many thousands of deaths in Gaza?

Judging by their websites, nothing. That’s right! I took a look at all the Green Senators websites just now. I didn’t see a single item about Gaza. Nor can I find a single media release from the Australian Greens about this latest crisis in Palestine.

Australian Greens: Silent on Israeli War Crimes in Gaza
Leader Bob Brown apparently gives higher priority to an appeal to the Pope to change his approach to homosexuality (talk about tilting at windmills!). His webpage lists Bob’s ‘issues’. They include Tibet, a worthy cause for sure. But where is Palestine? Not on the Greens map, it would appear. Has it been wiped off? Yesterday, the new Senator Scott Ludlum, a promising young politician, issued a press release relaying a Message to (Prime Minister) Rudd from 100 A-Bomb Survivors – Take Leadership to End Nuclear Age. A good idea, for sure. But does this largely symbolic gesture have greater immediate priority than Palestine under assault from F-16s? It seems the Australian Greens leadership think it does.

I’m disappointed, but not surprised.

BBC Reporter Jane Standley reports on Collapse of WTC-7 before it happens! Australian Greens snooze on...
Since 2001, I’ve written several emails to Greens politicians and prominent party members. I try not to ‘do’ ignorant rants. My emails were reasonably well argued and typically well referenced. I raised issues such as obvious flaws in the official version of the 9-11 mass murders (in which many Australians, among others, met their death). I made the case for demanding an inquiry into the 1978 Hilton Bombings to stave off pressure to cede yet more power to our unaccountable, misleadingly named ‘Intelligence’ Services. I raised serious questions about the Port Arthur massacre - another probable miscarriage of justice (no inquest or inquiry once again). I pointed out – as the Parliament was stampeded into passing yet more ‘anti-Terrorist’ laws following the London Bombings of July 7th 2005 - that the culprits for those bombings were unknown because the British Government refused to hold an inquiry (it still does). I wrote of the need for a strong voice in Parliament against an essentially bogus ‘War on Terror’. I discussed the blatant injustice of Israel’s polices and of Australia’s moronic, unquestioning support for Zionist policies.

To my knowledge, I received not a single reply.

A couple of years ago, a senior Greens Senator visited Cairns along with a small entourage. I was able to join the local Greens for dinner with the visitors. Finding myself next to a pleasant and obviously intelligent political assistant, I raised the issue of 9-11. Were people in Canberra completely unaware that 9-11 was a false flag operation, I asked? Don’t they use the Internet? Don’t they ask questions? Don’t they use their own brains?

Actually, I asked these questions in rather a more subtle and less offensive way than that. We had a lengthy, pleasant and interesting chat. The staffer expressed interest and asked me to send material. I did. Again, no reply.

Voltaire. Refused to Believe in Absurdities
It’s as though the Australian Greens let George Soros determine their agenda (I’m not saying this is the case, but it might as well be). Sure, they support many good causes. But on issues which might cause old George to raise an eyebrow, they won’t say boo to a goose. The Greens in Australia would rather disconnect from reality than make an utterance that might be lampooned in the Murdoch press.

Voltaire famously remarked: “people will continue to commit atrocities as long as they believe in absurdities”.

In Australia, The Greens seem utterly determined to believe in absurdities. If there’s evidence to the contrary, they prefer not to look. If they do look, they keep their mouths shut. They’d rather make sniveling quips about ‘conspiracy theories’ and get straight back to ABC-defined reality. Consequently they are pathetically ineffective in preventing atrocities.

I hope they wise up and fast. If not, at the next Federal election, I’d like to see challenges in every State by environmentally-conscious candidates for the Senate who aren’t afraid to think outside the (TV) box and ask the hard questions.

We need Greens in Australia like Cynthia McKinney. Senators who don’t just go along to get along.

Greens with guts!