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Sunday, December 07, 2008


John McCain on a visit to Pakistan together with Joe Lieberman seems determined to talk India into attacking targets in Pakistan if Pakistan continues to refuse to hand over the ‘terrorists’ that India demands.

McCain and Lieberman both know very well that the Pakistan government is no position to do any such thing since to do so would be an admission that their own intelligence service, the ISI, was complicit in the Mumbai attacks.

McCain has told the Pakistani Prime Minister, Yousuf Raza Gilani, that the Mumbai attacks are seen by the Indians as ‘their 9/11’ and, just as the US did after 9/11, has the right to ‘take whatever measures it deems necessary to prevent further attacks’. McCain further suggested that Pakistan should respond quickly to India’s demands because India may feel compelled to respond within ‘a matter of days’ if it does not.

Both India and Pakistan are nuclear armed nations and McCain’s barely veiled indirect prodding of India to attack is extremely dangerous. His actions are clearly designed to provoke Pakistan to the point that the US will need to intervene immediately after any Indian strike against Pakistan to prevent a Pakistani retaliation. The ultimate object of the exercise is for such a US intervention to secure Pakistan’s nuclear weapons which warhawks and neocons in the Bush administration have for years feared will fall into the hands of a radical Islamic Pakistani government at some time in the future if America’s puppet Musharraf were to lose power. Musharraf has now gone and the current government is far from stable. The threat of war between Pakistan and India over the Mumbai attacks could well be the catalyst the US need for intervention in Pakistan but they are treading a dangerous path in a place where escalation could explode long before any so-called ‘intervention’ can get off the ground.

Clearly, the entire scenario of the attack on Mumbai and the resultant tensions between India and Pakistan have been deliberately orchestrated by the US and other allies in order to preclude any of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons falling into the hands of anti-American Islamic forces or a future radical Pakistan government.


Anonymous said...

Right you are. America is still controlled and will be for the foreseeable future by right wing freaks, whether they be in government,corporate or finance areas. There are many countries in the world that want the US out, what they do, kill the locals. They need some kind of coherent and effective plan that rids them of US interference. I am sure they can come up with something better.

Anonymous said...

Just what the @#$%& are two warmongering US Senators doing in Pakistan anyway? Is the State Department dipping into the Senate these days? And guess who is paying for these two rabble-rousers to be there stirring up problems? WE THE PEOPLE did not authorize this, I'm caertain.

Anonymous said...

Right wing? Seems like two repulocrats to me. One demo and one republo. One might want to consider Bernanke's remark. It took a war to get out of the last depression.

Berzenski is already pointing to Pakistan, and Africa for war. His design for world power.

America and Russia might consider some missile testing of their new armament they designed also.

During the Viet Nam war the Democrats were accused of waring to move the economy forward. They talked of inflation in those days.

No one talks of inflation anymore. Just war.

Anonymous said...

It is disgusting how Pakistan is being accused - our stupid zionist ABC and SBS make sure they villify Pakistan. But then the media villify farmers, moslems, aboriginals , young people and lately Barnaby Joyce etc
Do you think they are getting closer to setting up their world government or do you think they are speeding it up as parts of the plan arn't working too well such as the 'war on terror' and the global warming ETS nonsense.