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Saturday, December 20, 2008


Hezbollah, a Shia organisation based in Lebanon, organised a massive demonstration in Beirut yesterday in support of Hamas, a Palestinian Sunni organisation, and the people of the Gaza Strip who have been imprisoned in the enclave ever since Hamas regained control of the government from the corrupt Fatah organisation who had seized control after the election of Hamas in January 2006.

The demonstration flies in the face of Right-wing Zionists and their supporter’s propaganda that Sunnis and Shia are enemies of each other, a propaganda designed specifically to foster antipathy between the two Muslim sects. In July, 2006, William Kristol, arch-neocon and editor of the neocon comic ‘Weekly Standard’, wrote:

“It's of course true that Hamas--an arm of the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood--is at odds ideologically with Shia Iran, and that Shia and Sunni seem inclined to dislike, even slaughter, each other elsewhere in the Middle East.”

In fact, it’s not true at all; Hamas receives support from Iran and, as has been recently demonstrated on the streets of Beirut, receives support from Hezbollah which also receives support from Iran. And, of course, Syria, whose population is about two-thirds Sunni, also has very close ties with Hezbollah (Shia) and is also supported by Iran (Shia). About the only place where thee has been any serious conflict between Sunni and Shia is in Iraq – and that’s for local political reasons only that have nothing to do with any religious differences between the two sects.

The old colonial ploy of ‘divide and rule’ by stirring up trouble between various political or religious/tribal groups has failed as far as the Zionists and their propagandists are concerned to the point where it has now actually back-fired them. Instead of succeeding in wedging the two Muslim sects, they’ve actually succeeded in uniting them.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for pointing that out. Keep them coming Damian.

drmnys said...

Hi Damian. Im a regular reader of your blog. Great article. Your the first westerner Ive seen who has viewed the so called Sunni-Shia divide for what it really is... a false divide created by western & zionist manipulators to cause strife within the Muslim community. Historically there has never been animosity between Shias & Sunnis (atleast not on the scale we are witnessing in Iraq today-a by-product of Western manipulation & intrigue), after all they are both Muslims. This is the result of the classic criminal Western-Zionist modus operandi of Divide & Conquer, like u rightly pointed out. This diabolical tactic has been used with great affect throughout history particularly during the colonial period. Its time for the people to wake up & realize these crimes. Thankfully there are enlightened bloggers like yourself who promote the truth. Keep em' comin.