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Sunday, December 21, 2008


It is becoming clear that the rapidly deteriorating relationship between Pakistan and India has been carefully engineered by the US who plan to use the possibility of confrontation between the two nations as an excuse to ‘intervene’ in order to secure Pakistan’s nuclear weapons.

American intelligence agencies and the Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, have all been stirring up trouble for the Pakistani government, by inferring that Pakistan was complicit in the recent Mumbai attacks and also other attacks including the attack last July on the Indian embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The notion of the US taking control of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal is nothing new. Ever since 9/11 the issue of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal has been in the minds of US planners. It came to ahead last year as Musharraf’s grip on power was seen to be slipping. In November 2007 Frederick Kagan, the extremist neocon architect of the Iraqi ‘surge’, and Michael O’Hanlon, wrote up a plan to seize Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. The plan outlined a number of scenarios, including a rapidly deteriorating relationship with India, which would justify pre-emptive action against Pakistan.

The plan has immense consequences on the geo-political landscape throughout the entire region. Just by taking Pakistan’s nuclear capability out of the equation, India will become the closest ally of the US in the region – it will also become the most powerful Western allied nation in the region and right next to China to its north. The new geo-political reality will also give the US a completely free hand to attack Islamic forces in north-west Pakistan and, indeed, anywhere else in Pakistan if the situation deteriorates to the point where there is a massive Pakistani revolt against US intervention in their country. They too will no doubt be targeted as ‘terrorists’.

The problem for the US now is that they simply don’t have the wherewithal to actually take control of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. They have no treasure left with which to launch a full scale invasion against a country of some 173 million people, the vast majority of whom would not tolerate an American occupation, and nor do they have the manpower. The only alternative is for the US to attempt to get a compliant Pakistani government and its military to acquiesce to US demands that it hands over its arsenal for ‘safe keeping’, or lose it by having it destroyed by US missiles. Either way, there are likely to 173 million very angry Pakistanis for the government to contend with not to mention the possibility of several thousands of new recruits willing to fight with the Taliban against the US and their allies.

Once again the world is being pushed to the brink in order satisfy the warmongering lunatics of the Bush administration. How many more people have to die before this lunacy is stopped by the rest of the peoples of the world?
The world must say ‘No!’ to ‘intervention’ in Pakistan – and say it now before it’s too late.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully, Jan 21 will come quickly before Bush and his Cowboys do more damage.

I don't see the U.S. attempting to grab the nukes. It never fights anyone that has any power as we all know!


Anonymous said...

David G: Yes. Unfortunately the Bush Admin has set the course of the US for years to come and they will do as much damage as they can before the exit date.

View this inline with the recent announcement of increase troops numbers in Afghanistan and you see the US stirring the pot.

I see a day the US running out of cards for intervening in other countries. May that day come soon for the sake of millions of lives.

Anonymous said...

Pakistan's nukes are quite safe. America doesn't attack countries which can retaliate rapidly and destructively.

It is stated Pakistani policy to retaliate with nukes if it is attacked by Uncle Sam or its agent, Zion. The targets for retaliation in such a circumstance are also a matter of record. They are the US, Israel and India. India is included as part of the 'dynamics of deterrence' because Pakistan correctly assumes that India would be consulted about, and have foreknowledge of, such an attack.

Nukes are really only useful as a deterrent. And a deterrent is useful only if one has drawn a line in the sand. Pakistan has drawn several and a US invasion will produce a multitude of toasted Americans.
Oh, almost forgot... Ballistic Missile Defense doesn't and can't work. It's a profitable joke played on a gullible US public to enrich favoured US military contractors at taxpayer expense. One serious provocation of a nuclear power by Uncle Sam will expose the sham, and derail the BMD gravy train.