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Friday, December 12, 2008


Tzipi Livni, Israel’s Foreign Minister and leader of the Kadima Party, has told students at a Tel Aviv high school that, once a Palestinian state has been created, Israeli Arabs should leave Israel to go and live in the new Palestinian state.

Confirming her racist credentials, she also told the students that: “The idea is to maintain two states for two peoples…”

Her expectation is that, after centuries of living in their homelands in what is now Israel, what few Palestinians still remain there will be expected to join those that were made refugees back in 1948 in what little there is left of the West Bank and the Gaza Ghetto.

These are also the policies of the extreme right-wing Zionist parties led by Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party that are vying for government at the upcoming Israeli elections to be held next February. The only difference between the Kadima party and the Likud is that Likud, despite their current electioneering propaganda, will never allow a Palestinian state to exist but want to push the Israeli Arabs out from Israel anyway through fear of being overwhelmed demographically at some time in the future, while Kadima actually talk of creating some kind of Palestinian state out of what’s left of the West Bank and the Gaza.

The reality is that there will never be a Palestinian state if Likud has anything to do with it and there will never be a Palestinian state acceptable to Palestinians that does not involve right of return of the refugees to their homelands, much of which is in what is now Israel, and without a totally settler-free West Bank based on borders being at the 1967 Green Line. In other words, while the Israeli Zionists have any say in it, there will never be a Palestinian state.

The only alternative is the binational secular one-state solution.


Netanyahu has been telling foreign visitors that, if there ever is a Palestinian state, Israel would have to have control of its airspace and that such a state would have to be demilitarised.

Hardly an 'independent soverign state', is it? Palestinians are never likely to accept such demands and conditions, which, of course, Netanyahu is quite aware of.

The world should know that Israeli Zionists will NEVER accept ANY kind of Palestinian sovereign state and that the various Israeli political parties’ talk of ‘peace’ is just pure propaganda designed solely for the dumb and gullible masses and to extract every last dollar they can from the US government.


Anonymous said...

As an Orthodox anti-Zionist Jew I can only hope and pray that the dirty Zionist regime is dismantled sooner rather than later. Who the hell needs a "Jewish" national state anyway? We all live just fine with everyone else in London, Toronto and NY. How long will the Palestinians within the 1948 lines sit back and take this garbage?

Anonymous said...

I loved all the great information on politics and all the other great things i have read and thought it was very interesting along with all the great information inside the news articles. Thank you very much great job!

Anonymous said...

outside of society, where i wish to be, fuck the zionist bullshit spilled out of of the israeli right, jewish nationalism is doomed to failure due to it's racist construct, and it's directly correlated doom, goodbye to collective punishment, hello to your directly deserved punishment. to hell with your "defensive shields." you deserve no other than utter and destructive reappointment.

Unknown said...

Jews in America are as nasty as Jews in Israel. We are all Gazans now...

Witness the new indictments of Wall Street Jews who cheated all their clients. I suspect they will walk, because, like in Israel, Jews control the courts [as judges, defense and prosecuting attorneys]

If these Wall Street monsters had the name Mohammad, the newsies would be apoplectic - screaming that we have an enemy within.

We do... but it's not Islamic.

Anonymous said...

Amazing Damien. For someone who claims to be a "general carer of what goes on in the world", you've done extremely well at avoiding any mention of cholera in Zimbabwe, or the suspected terrorists arrested in Belgium.

Guess there's just no way for you to rant against Israel and/or the US in those situations is there?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps people should read The Merchant of Venice again.

Old Will certainly had an insightful eye for races and cultures didn't he?

Wonder what he'd make of the State of Israel were he to make a quick visit to earth today.

He'd probably feel vindicated in creating the character of Shylock!

Damian Lataan said...

…nor have I mentioned the riots in Greece or the bailout of banks and Big Business by the taxpayers of the world or the state of the American economy or the state of the world economy or the political situation in Papua New Guinea or climate change or the appalling conditions the people have to suffer throughout the entire African continent or throughout much of the South American continent and now, due to the recession, throughout much of the North American continent as well. I haven’t mentioned at all the plight of the worlds refugees who struggle to survive in foreign places where racism makes them unwelcome nor have I said much about the corruption of modern so-called democratic societies or the ulterior motives behind the ‘interventions’ into Aboriginal communities… meanwhile, I’ll stick with territory that I’m familiar with; I don’t want to spread myself too thinly because that will achieve nothing at all. On the other hand, by concentrating on a limited number of issues at a time, one can do far more toward change.

Tell you what Wes, why don’t you start a blog and concentrate on the Zimbabwe problem and the so-called ‘terrorists’ that have been arrested in Belgium, and I’ll carry on with what I’m doing.

An interesting thought David. I’d forgotten about the Merchant of Venice.

Anonymous said...

G'day Damian,

I'm supposing that Wes is one of those trolls we hear about; a filthy status quo apologist.

Tell us, Wes, what's in it for you? With both the US and Israel murdering for spoil; namely, that the US and Israel are a) disgustingly immoral, b) actually criminal, and c) most likely the biggest problem the world has ever had to face. Note: *had* (we're not given a functional choice); the US and Israel are operating *with intent* to cause problems, as they rip the world off - how do you justify that, eh Wes?

Further, if the US and Israel are not stopped, if it is to be 'business as usual,' then we'll get the threatening climate catastrophe, fur shure. Down the gurgler goes our once jewel-like planet.

Q: Where will we be then, eh Wes?

A: Up shit-creek, that's where, matey.

In simple, plain text, Wes, why'n'cha just piz-off?

Anonymous said...

Damian , how dangerous and brain-washed are the Christian zionists in our country Australia? - do you think they are on a mission to create a socialist state here and bring in a whole lot more zionists from Israel or is that a bit far-fetched?

Damian Lataan said...

Anonymous, I think talking about Christian Zionism and Socialism in the same sentence doesn't make any sense whatsoever. As for Australia being the promised land...