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Sunday, July 13, 2008


Knowing that the American people would be highly unlikely to support Bush attacking Iran, the President has, instead, told Israel that, if it comes up with a plan that the Bush administration thinks is viable then it would support an Israeli attack on Iran.

The reality, of course, is that if Israel attacks Iran then the US would immediately join in. All Bush is saying is; ‘You start it and we’ll be right with you once you’ve got it going’. For all intents and purposes Bush has effectively told the world that Israel and the US will attack Iran.

The Bush proviso is that Israel should first try the diplomatic route to getting Iran to halt its enrichment program but the world knows that, one, Iran is unlikely to stop what it is legally entitled to do under the terms of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and, two, Israel is only using the nuclear enrichment issue as part of its propaganda rhetoric to cover up its real aim of effecting regime change in Iran.

The window of opportunity is now rapidly closing for the Israelis and the Bush administration as the Final Confrontation draws ever closer. While some in the US military may not be in favour of a strike against Iran, they will obey their commander-in-chief in the event that Israel attacks Iran and then orders the US military to support and protect Israel. As I have written previously, it would be impossible for Israel to strike Iran without US support and active participation.

However, what is most troubling, especially now that Bush has as good as come out and said that Iran will be attacked, is the almost total lack of public protest. The massive spontaneous rallies all over the world that we witnessed during the run-up to the Iraq war are non-existent as Bush prepares for another onslaught against an Islamic nation.

This coming war has been waiting to happen for years but, now it seems that it is finally almost upon us, no one seems to care.

Protest against the Final Confrontation now!


Anonymous said...

How the Hell do you know what Bush is "thinking?"

Anonymous said...

That fact now that the ordinary peoples rights are being taken away then are rewritten and handed over to the powerful gay communities within the media / Hollywood and government, is enough to make people feel It's Sodom and Gammorah all over again, so what to look forward to anyway?

You can paint it however you like, it hasn't made the world a better place, only for those who partake in the debauchery that goes along with it, all our joining in one last big orgy before the end.

Whats worse is the Christian church (as predicted) has become a two faced blasphemer, that say's one thing then lives it up like the wealthy elite in the corpo-political circles.

My guess is satan is ready to reap his harvest. It will be a very large crop this time around.

And as the prophets stated on what we now see before us, If Jesus doesn't return soon, nobody will make it.

Anonymous said...

The neoZionkss, control the American media, the Republican and Democratic parties, (not forgetting many fringe parties such as the Green party), Congress, the Pentagon, the Office of Homeland Security, the CIA, the Defence Intelligence Agency, the State Department, the National Security Council, and the Presidency. "The Congress, the Executive branch, state and local governments, and national and local media have all come under the influence of the Jewish "lobby’s" pro-Israel agenda to the point that none or few dare to criticize Israel or its US representatives." (James Petras ‘The meaning of war: A heterodox perspective’).

Anonymous said...

Maybe we've lost interest in protesting since Bush doesn't care about "focus groups" as he called the millions who protested the Iraq war prior to that invasion. Could we feel any more helpless?

Visible said...

I've been speculating about these things myself. It's almost as if half the world is watching because they expect something is coming but it's not what the warmeisters intend... or is it? Perplexing. the other half is in the feedbag... drunk, stupid and incoherent.

Anonymous said...

I heard Bill Kristol on the subject of US attacking Iran that perhaps it may not happen during Bush and the Iran problem will be left to the next president...
Kristol also said that Israel is worried about Iran nuclear issue.
I was struck by the last sentence,
If Israel is worried SO WHAT.
Egypt is worried about Israel's nuclear arsenal as well as the rest of the middle east. Mexico is perhaps worried about Brazil nuclear capability Russia is worried about India nuclear advances SO WHAT.
HOw did Israel's worries became US top priority they will endanger all US installation and personal not just in the middle east but all over the world
Imagine US embassy and personel upgrading their security in over 150 countries does Israel worries about the safety of US citizens across the globe. I doubt it. The cost of upgrading the security is astronomic in the long run if USA attacks Iran.

Anonymous said...

ANY person in the military who would follow any orders from that fascist punk to pre-emptively attack another country in the Middle East is a traitor, and is entitled to be treated worse than of the people who came back from Viet Nam.

Germans were hanged at Nuremberg for shit like this!

Dr. John Maszka said...

Experts have been predicting that Bush would authorize a strike on Iran for years:

“I believe President Bush is going to order air strikes (on Iran) before he leaves office”
-Norman Podhoretz (Lyons, 2007).

Bush and his cronies say they want peace and diplomacy, but the problem with the members of Bush administration is that you can't trust them. You can't take what they at face value.

As former Nixon aide John W. Dean wrote, “George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney have created the most secretive presidency of my lifetime. Their secrecy is far worse than during Watergate.”

The administration secretly planned and prepared for war with Iraq without disclosing it to the general public. Planning began in November of 2001 and included upgrading airfields in various Gulf countries, moving supplies to the region and the construction of necessary facilities.

By April 2002, the planning and preparation for war was also being hidden from Congress. Bush had instructed General Tommy Franks not to make financial requests through Washington. “Anything you need, you’ll have.”

The money would no longer be appropriated through congress. By the end of July 2002, Bush had approved more than thirty projects totaling over $700 million. Congress had no knowledge or involvement.

In December of 2002, Bush and Rumsfeld agreed to start secretly deploying troops into the theatre so as not to attract the attention of the press or the rest of the world.

The first deployment order went out on December 6, 2002 and deployments continued every two weeks or so thereafter. Troops were given less than a week’s notice at times.

In January 2003, the Bush administration arranged for much of its humanitarian relief to be disguised as general contributions to conceal its war planning from the NGO recipients.

Yet, when asked about Iraq, Bush’s favorite response was “I have no war plans on my desk.” At one point or another after the planning began, nearly every member of the administration publicly denied any plans to go to war with Iraq.

The question remains: Why would we expect the Bush administration to start being honest and up front about its intentions now?

A better approach to Iran would be negotiations. We need to give Iran an honorable path of retreat. While Fareed Zakaria agrees that there is no reason not to use sanctions and embargoes against states such as Iran, he suggests that we also need to “allow a viable way out.” That is to say, we need to negotiate and not merely mandate.

I think we should more concerned about acquainting ourselves with the realities of Iran's foreign policy initiatives, and intelligently determining our most reasonable course of action.

Anonymous said...

Israel needs to learn how to play nice with their neighbors.

I, for one, refuse to be cannon fodder for someone who won't even recognize me as an equal with them.

To the first anonymous can always tell when the Monkey King is thinking...because HIS LIPS MOVE.

But seriously...have you signed up to serve for Israel...because if you haven't, you should shut your stupid face.

To Ehud barak, William Kristol, Binyamin Netanyahu and any others of your ilk...go ahead and start your stupid war...I guarantee that all REAL AMERICANS will stand down and watch as Israel is turned into a parking lot by the Russians, as the United States wisely bows out of this needless conflict.

benveziabarbara said...

It is greed and ignorance that has
corrupted all our institutions for a long time. The banks may close, but they never loose. We have been down before. But The Bush-Cheney Regime is the most dangerous one.I live in S.E. Tennessee and everyone has called me crazy for questioning the criminals who brought us to this terrible situation. Some still don't understand how screwed we are, but they are understanding as the economy tanks. Very few people think it through when war is executed. Genocide and torture are
accepted by too many Americans. I am deeply saddened by it. America needs a new revolution. I think it's too late, but I also think with a little creativeness, common
sense and some leadership without greed, America could change without
violence. I have a blog too but I
have neglected it mostly because I have a medical problem. I would like for others to "Convince me Otherwise", or to enlighten me.
Peace, Barbara

Anonymous said...

Israelis complete test runs for its plans to bomb Iran and ... no-one in the MSM condemns it.

Iranians test fire a few missles (and then talk it up) to make sure we all know they'll defend themselves if they are attacked and ... the MSM feeds us propaganda such as:

"... the Pentagon said it was taking the tests seriously, viewing them as an attempt to destabilise the region."

We are meant to believe US and Israeli policy these past few years has done nothing to "destabilise the region."

We are meant to forget that the Bush administration's "shock treatment" on Iraq was designed to "destabilise the region."

Damian Lataan said...

What 'they' really hate about 'us' Craig, is not our freedom or democracy; it's the self-righteous hypocrisy and arrogance that goes with the propaganda and rhetoric that barely disguises their Islamophobic racism.

Anonymous said...

"What happens, happens, there is no wrong or right, it just is."

Damian Lataan said...

Are you quoting somebody or do you enjoy quoting yourself?

Anonymous said...

G'day Damian and Craig, "destabilise the region", another in the series of of a lack of a sense of irony. And the ABC tv news referred to the Iranian tests as Iran's latest provocation. The latter explains why they US can get away with the former.

A concern - consider the following statement from the article:

The official added that Israel had not so far presented Bush with a convincing military proposal.

How would the Crawford Caligula recognise a convincing military argument? His track record isn't all that good. Some would say it is disastrous. It's a worry.

Damian Lataan said...

Hi Bob, Craig; I guess when Gabi Ashkenazi and Ehud Barak meets with Bush during this week and next week they'll present him with a 'convincing military proposal'.

Damian Lataan said...

I can't think why else the Israeli Offence Force Chief of Staff and the Israeli Offence Minister would want to meet with Bush.

Anonymous said...

More than a coincidence, Damian. Adm Mullen says no and then the sudden urge for Israeli discussions with the Bush administration. As to a "convincing military proposal", they could just say "we'll head 'em off at the pass". That would be about Bush's level. Perhaps if he needs help in analyzing the Israeli proposal he could call Doug Feith to get his opinion.

Anonymous said...

I quit protesting bc it doesn't work.
That doesn't mean that I don't care.
It means that I am beat down to the point where I can't really figure out what to do.

You can say that people don't even protest, but what did protesting get us? We never did get any MSM coverage, so now we don't watch MSM.

So, if you come up with an idea, that actually has a snowball's shot at a chance of working, please let me know. I can't think of anything.

michael said...

One thing is a puzzle to me and it is that the Iranians could have incessantly demanded that Israel do two things, disarm its nukes and send its own nuclear physicists to Iran rather than those of Mohammed el Baradei's IAEA.

Not that Israel would do either.

In defense of themselves the Iranians could have said,"Look, we have to build a few nukes because we know what happened to Iraq since they didn't have any". So, why haven't they said this ? Or, when Pres Ahmadinejad was speaking at the UN he could have said all those things as part of a rolling pattern of like talking points other spokesmen of their administration would have kept to had they been instructed.

Was it a fatal mistake they had made to play nice and reasonable, not appreciating that they were dealing with a nest of vipers such as the world has never known, who kill because they can - thrill killers ? Probably i am maligning vipers as i expect they attack only when threatened.

They would have thought through all of this and likely decided that it wouldn't have made any difference as killer US of Israel is just that, a killer.

They would thus judge an assault as inevitable, and so they have made all possible preparations as they would know that because US ground troops would have largely been used up in Iraq and Afghanistan the assault against them would be aerial and nuclear from the start using thousands of small nukes, each of 100 ton TNT equivalent, and with these all critical infrastructure and troop concentrations would cease to exist by the end of a week with less human casualties than using 20kiloton or 13kiloton TNT equivalent bombs as were used over Japan.

Paralysis and chaos would ensue very quickly and the population would be deemed powerless to deter the landing of American assault troops for largely peacekeeping purposes as it would be hoped that remnant Iranian forces would be unable to operate in a totally and methodically levelled country.

The reason for the coming sudden attempted obliteration of Iran is because Israel needs - it has hegemonic ambitions - to keep Iran as a totally failed state indefinitely, and not just for 5 yrs, because in 2013 do the US of Israel do another limited assault just on the nuclear plants ?

That's why the assault will attempt to total all the infrastructure rather than confine itself to surgical strikes against the nuclear facilities.

The Iranians, of course, had long worked out the same scenario ahead of them and would have long prepared for this worst possible of assaults.

With what outcome ? I don't know, does anyone ?

Anonymous said...

How does one know what Bush is thinking?


Here's a sample:

"Gotta bomb Iran, dammit, gotta bomb Iran"

"sigh, sure do miss Jeff Gannon"

"Bomb Iraq, i mean Iran, bomb Iran now"

"Hmm, abs getting flabby. Better do some more sit ups"

"Gotta bomb Iran, dammit. Israel told me they were some bad hombres"

"Laura, where's my comic books, you know, the ones the Israeli embassy sent me about those nasty Iranians?"

"Bomb, bomb bomb, bomb Iran" Dammit, it is catchy!!"

"Jesus, I hear you. So i should bomb Iran now?"

Anonymous said...

Hey at least we can put "Global Warming" on the back burner (so to speak) for awhile. How long will the Nuke-u-lar Winter last anyway?

Anonymous said...

Our way to show our governments what we as the voting public want, is to take away there process to gain ... lets encourage a period of time in which we stop watching TV ... stop buying luxury goods, stop taking holidays ... all the things we want put to one side and just rely on what we need ... surprisingly the effect would be terminal for those using there position for gan .. simple often works ... marching is easy to cover-up, don't show on TV or in papers ... but stop our spending and these guys will come tumbling down!!!
Power comes from the mind, lets mind whats happening and show them they need to focus on the real power ... u and me ... US!