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Sunday, July 20, 2008


The Israeli media loudly and stridently tells the world that their two soldiers recently returned in coffins by the Hezbollah in Lebanon had been ‘kidnapped’ or ‘abducted’ by Hezbollah and spare no imagery in their propaganda when reporting Hezbollah’s successes in capturing these enemy soldiers. And in their latest propaganda they proclaim that Hezbollah “…won’t rule out more abductions”. And, of course, a compliant western mainstream media are more than happy to accommodate this rather puerile propaganda.

But contrast this with the reality of Israeli crimes and one is quickly able to see the hypocrisy that this propaganda is.

For years Israeli snatch squads have literally been hopping in and out of territory that isn’t theirs attempting to abduct and kidnap both Hezbollah, as in this kidnap attempt in 1997, and Palestinian activists. (And, as these two stories show, their attempts occasionally end in disaster.) Furthermore, beside kidnappings and abductions of Palestinian and Hezbollah activists, the Israelis have no compunction about murdering their enemies and labelling it ‘targeted killings’ which, again, a compliant mainstream western media has no problems in supporting by reporting such events as simply a reluctant necessity which Israel needs to undertake in order to ‘defend itself’. Naturally, if Palestinians or Hezbollah were to take similar actions against the Israelis the world would be told to be horrified at this kind of outrageous terrorism.

Very rarely are Hezbollah or Palestinian fighters able to capture Israelis but on the odd occasion that they do the Israeli press is quick to hop on to the propaganda bandwagon and the western media are quick to follow. But when the Israelis take Hezbollah prisoners after abducting them from Lebanon, or when the Israelis take Palestinian prisoners after abducting them from Palestinian territories the world rarely seems to hear about it from the mainstream press in the west.

Even as the Israelis were harping on about Hezbollah having ‘kidnapped’ and ‘abducted’ the two Israeli army reservists in July of 2006, they were doing exactly the same thing themselves when on 2 August 2006 Israeli commandos abducted five Hezbollah activists from inside Lebanon. Very little was heard about that abduction in the west.

The capture of Gilad Shalit by Gazan Palestinian fighters on 26 June 2006 made headlines in the Israeli and western press and was the casus belli for the massive attacks on the Gaza Strip by Israeli forces which killed scores of innocent Palestinians and destroyed much of Gaza’s utilities and infrastructure. What went entirely unmentioned in the Israeli and western press was that two days prior to the capture of Gilad Shalit, Israeli forces had entered the Gaza and abducted two Palestinians.

Barely mentioned in the western press, and then only because of the high-profile nature of the person abducted, was the abduction and incarceration in Israel of a legitimately elected Hamas representative of the Palestinian people from the West Bank when Hamas in the Gaza were wresting control of the Strip from corrupt Fatah elements.
While the mainstream western media one-sidedly highlights only the shortcomings of a people desperate to be free, it fraudulently covers up the multitude of crimes that have been committed by those that have so often cried ‘Wolf’ the loudest when the tables are turned on them. Western media deceit it seems has become an integral part of Israeli Zionist propaganda.


Yesterday some thirty West Bank Palestinians, mostly business people and shop owners, were abducted by Israeli terrorists raiding Nablus.


michael said...

It was suggested at the time of Gilad Shalit's alleged capture that the Palestinians had tunneled 200mtrs to get to the armoured vehicle which was on sentry duty beyond the Gaza perimeter.

This was offered as the explanation for no one having seen the Palestinians traverse the open ground to the APC nor make their way back with their hostage.

Small problem with the tunnel story; to make a man sized tunnel is a long, arduous and dangerous business due to cave ins if there is an absence of ceiling supports, and the Israelis would have sensors deep in the ground to detect sounds of digging implements in use. I don't actually know that but since such instrumentation has long been in existence it would be in use there.

Another problem is that there would be an enormous amount of removed soil, rock and sand to hide from the Israelis, and with Gaza under constant aerial surveillance this would have been noticed early on. Its a prison after all.

I would say that the capture of Gilad Shalit did not happen - it didn't have to for us to fall for it, and we have no independent news sources from within Israel as they are indeed a closed society, a hive, really.

The Israelis needed to create a heightened atmosphere of tension arising from military noise of clanks and explosions elsewhere - like Gaza, to help them launch the assault on Lebanon, and so they invented the Gilad Shalit kidnapping to pretext the assault on Gaza so this military activity then seguays seamlessly to the convenient capture of two IDF on the Lebanon/Israel border soon after. Using this now generalized uproar as a cover and justification to do what they had been planning months before the Gilad Shalit ruse kick started it - the 34 day assault on Lebanon.

Yes, some Gazans were captured immediately before Gilad Shalit allegedly was - but this was done with the Gilad Shalit media event in mind for later.

So, where has Gilad Shalit been these last two yrs ? He has been going about in public in Israel, but with a beard, so that no foreigners could by chance spot him, though the locals know and say nothing.

Just what i think is going on.

Damian Lataan said...

Michael, you may be interested in this article I wrote some time ago regarding the tunnel that was alleged to have been used.

michael said...

Thanks Damian, i had a read and one person there thought that Gilad Shalit could actually be a computer creation, which is also quite plausible, for when earlier this year the Israelis murdered through the use of heavy ordinance something like 120 Gaza Palestinians, how did they know where not to bomb, supposedly not knowing where Gilad Shalit was located ?

It would be very embarassing were he to have become `collateral damage`, their number one poster boy.

So, yeah, the kidnapping did not happen and he is either living normally in Israel or a computer creation.

And thanks for putting the numbers to the formidable engineering needed to be undertaken, which proves that the tunneling could not have been done under the noses of the Israelis.

Damian Lataan said...

Exactly Michael; this could be a classic case of the Israelis having created a monster through their lies that they now have to continually feed.

One wonders how they'll get out of this one. Of course, Hamas will milk it for all its worth; who can blame them? The Israelis have handed it to them on a plate.

On the other hand, if he really does exist, then the Israeli government no doubt are hoping that he is not returned alive through fear of revealing what really happened. They must have heaved an immense sigh of relief when the two Israeli conscripts were returned from Lebanon the other day in coffins. How would they have explained that they actually were caught while on the Lebanese side of the border? All those people dead, both Lebanese and Israeli, because of a lie!

michael said...

The Israeli govt's likely preference, for the reasons you indicate Damian, for the hostages to be returned dead prompts me to think that as i've seen no suggestion that the two IDF were executed by Hezbollah, it would mean that they were amongst the several KIA of two years ago on that day in that incident, whose bodies, except those two, had to be left behind under the pressure of knowing that the IDF would send in a rescue force, and soon.

It was these two who were taken away for storage/burial to be used as bargaining chips two years on.