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Wednesday, July 02, 2008


My accusation at the beginning of the week that the debunking9/ website was a neoconservative-inspired site dedicated to preventing the revelation of evidence showing that the events of 9/11 were not as the US government had said has provoked a flurry of mostly fringe lunatic comments supporting the now increasingly discredited government story. In doing so, however, the neoconservatives and their supporters have revealed that, indeed, the site is nothing more than a neoconservative propaganda site designed specifically to feed the paranoia of those that fear the truth of what their government and allies are able to do in the pursuit of power, greed and hegemony.

Of those that rushed to support the government’s version of events and the so-called ‘debunking’ website, none were able to offer any objective argument that supported their view that the government’s version of events is correct. All were only able to offer the insults and abuse that one has come to expect from frothing-at-the-mouth Bush and neocon supporters when discussing these issues. A person calling himself James B and who has his own blog that is dedicated to simply belittling and demeaning those who offer alternative scenarios as to what happened on 9/11 and who is associated with the debunking9/ website posted in response to my article but, as could be expected, was only able to offer further insults which he then proceeded to elaborate on at his own blog thus confirming the desperation paranoia of the situation they now find themselves in.

There is also one B.J. Edwards who runs yet another what can truly only be described as a lunatic fringe blog dedicated to preventing evidence of 9/11 collusion being revealed. This site is unable to hide its neoconservative links as it praises the works of David Frum, one of neoconservatism’s most outrageous warmongers, dedicated Zionist extremist and Islamophobe.

What gives these and other so-called ‘debunkers’ away is their extreme paranoia over the truth of the events of 9/11 being revealed. In the classical tradition of the paranoid they betray themselves by attempting to ferociously belittle and demean the ideas and notions that they fear most in their lives. This is done without any consideration to rational or objective argument. Only the neoconservative political agenda serves what little rationale they have.

Those that provide the funds that support the neoconservative cause have found a way of providing fodder for these paranoid extremist’s by providing a website that makes futile attempts to make pseudo-technical and pseudo-academic argument against what is increasingly being exposed as a lie.
The response to my piece that accused the ‘debunking9/’ website of being just another neoconservative-backed propaganda website serves only to validate that accusation.


b. j. edwards said...

"At its heart, 9/11 Truth is a conceit, a narcissistic pipe dream for a dingbat, sheeplike population that is pleased to imagine itself dangerous and ungovernable."

- Matt Taibbi, "The Great Derangement"

Damian Lataan said...

B.J. Edwards, I’m not sure how a philosophical quote from a fellow head-in-the-sand ‘debunker’ bolsters your argument regarding the veracity and validity of the US governments claims and explanations (or lack of them) regarding the events of 9/11. Furthermore, it doesn’t explain yours or others like you, obsessive need to avoid discussion of alternative and far more likely scenarios to those events. Mocking and insulting doesn’t detract in the slightest from the reality of what actually happened – regardless of how unpalatable that may be to anyone; it merely demonstrates paranoia of the truth being revealed.

All I did was make very valid criticism of a certain so-called ‘debunking’ website based on reasonable circumstantial evidence and observations. You and your friends have merely confirmed what I have said, i.e., that you are right-wing, neoconservatives or neoconservative supporters that supports the governments position regarding the events of 9/11 not so much because you have proof that it actually did happen that way, but because you are following a political agenda. Why else would you be so passionate and determined to devote all your waking moments to a cause that can, in the end, only be determined by open and thorough investigation, something that you and your friends, so it seems, would not want to happen.

b. j. edwards said...

Let me introduce to what you have been actively evading, Damian.

Anyone with a rational brain who has been dealing with 9/11 Deniers like you for the last 6 1/2 years always points out the house of cards that is the foundation of your 9/11 Denial Movement.

That "foundation" is the canard that the evidence of what happened on 9/11 originated with, and was controlled by, the government.

That canard was developed from the beginning so that 9/11 Deniers could foist on people that, magically and mystically, there was no such thing as the massive independent evidence that actually is the basis for what we know happened on 9/11. It allowed 9/11 Deniers to delude themselves and gullible nobodies like you to believe they could avoid actually having to deal with the massive evidence they could not, and have never been able to refute.

"Oh, it's all controlled by the government. We don't know what the evidence is," you and your fellow 9/11 Denies trot out as Holy Gospel, believing in it and proclaiming it in such a fashion that would make a real religious fundamentalist from Texas blush.

Let me remind you, Damian, that you are just a clone of every 9/11 Denier out there that ever was, happy to repeat debunked nonsense, inventing the next paranoid "observation", never once questioning what you believe, or backing up your religious beliefs, a robot with no desire to actually think critically for yourself. You have not a clue that what you write has been written by 90% of the 9/11 Denial Movement since 9/11, long ago flushed down the toilet and dispensed into the sewer of history.

We make fun of you because you are happy to display your ignorance in the arrogant fashion of those who know nothing about the subject matter. Rather than actually address the evidence, you have to invent scenarios to fit what you desperately want to believe but can never support with actual evidence.

Now you have reached the ultimate nonsense that your desperation takes you - a claim that "neo-conservatives" control everything, including the look and feel of websites that debunk your claims WITH evidence, claims and nonsense that have been repeatedly shown to be asinine for the last 6 1/2 years. Not only that, you are given to deleting comments that call you on the carpet.

You are clueless and deserve every bit of derision you get. You earned it, buster. The real world despises your claims and cowardly hiding behind boisterous buffoonery, just as they despise Holocaust Deniers for doing the exact same thing with the Holocaust. The pathology of "denial" is exactly the same for Holocaust Denial and 9/11 Denial - only the subject matter differs.

You wrote a post that would have you kicked out of critical thinking class, now trying to define it as "valid" based on "circumstantial" evidence, and then pout like a spoiled brat claiming that when called on it, that means it "proves" you are right.

I look forward to the day when - and if - you finally come to your senses and have the decency to apologize to the families of the victims of 9/11.

YOU owe them that apology big time, Damian. If you have any speck of human decency in you, you will apologize to those families, every last one of them. Now.

Damian Lataan said...

Edwards, despite your somewhat longwinded attempt to explain the inexplicable, you still haven’t provided any evidence whatsoever that supports any of the claims you make. All you have done is simply launch into some classically neocon propaganda and rhetoric that attempts to demonise those that seek answers to unresolved questions about the events of 9/11.

If there are any apologies to be made it should be made by those that are responsible for 9/11 – regardless of who they are. What’s truly sad is the way you and your kind abuse the grief of the relatives and friends of the victims for political ends.

b. j. edwards said...

What's taking you so long to support your claims, Damian?

Two posts, classic attempts at evasion, and cowardly running away form your own claims, and your readers have yet to see one single piece of evidence from you supporting that is A SOPHISTICATED NEOCON PROPAGANDA SITE.

Not to speak of your evasion of the fact that you cannot show in any way whatsoever anything to back up your classic Truther canard that that all of the evidence of what happened on 9/11 is nothing more than "US government claims and explanations."

I always have fun educating 9/11 Truthers like you that in the real world you are obligated to support your own claims. You can't get away with shifting the burden of proof, Damian, because we'll call you on it.

You avoid the idea of actually having to discuss anything that provides objective argument to back up your very own claims.

So, how long shall we wait, Damian, until you accept your obligation? Did you really think your readers were so dumb that you could get away with it?

Apparently so. Now that you have been cornered you're fighting like a cornered rat to get out of the stew you placed yourself in.

So, Damian, are you finally going to support your claim with evidence, or will you continue to evade your responsibility knowing you have not iota of evidence to back your claims up.

We are waiting.

Damian Lataan said...

Edwards, if go to your own site,, the first thing that comes up is your fawning adoration of arch neocon and warmonger David Frum. And you’re trying to tell me that isn’t a neocon site?

I have no need to prove anything; all I need to do is point readers in the right direction and they can then can make their own judgements about you and the site.

You are a lying fraud Edwards.

hANOVER fIST said...

B.J. Edwards...I guess your parents named you for what you would be doing in the future...inhaling load after load...but let's get to the topic at hand. a 9/11 Truther Debunker, you would say that:

An open-air fire can melt steel;

There was NOTHING STRANGE about buildings falling contrary to the concept of CONSERVATION OF MOMENTUM;

Condoleezza Rice DID NOT LIE when she exclaimed, "Oh...there's NO WAY we could have foreseen planes crashing into buildings", even though the August 2001 PDB had that EXACT IMAGE on its cover!;

Mayor Willie Brown and author Salman Rushdie were warned not to fly on the day in question;

There was NO EVIDENCE of thermite or thermate at the scene of the event in question;

There were NO MOLTEN POOLS OF METAL for weeks after the event in question;

There was NOTHING SUSPICIOUS about the FBI obtaining EVERY VIDEOTAPE of the impact at the Pentagon, while leaving alone the WTC impacts to show ad nauseum;

There was NOTHING SUSPICIOUS about not one, but TWO PASSPORTS that survived conflagurations that black boxes DIDN'T;

There was NOTHING SUSPICIOUS about the Monkey King sitting in a classroom claiming to have seen the NON-TELEVISED FIRST IMPACT;

Do I really need to continue?

The ball is in your court...let's see how forthcoming YOU are with some answers, pal.

P.S. Who cares what a "presstitute" has to say?