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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


These last few weeks I’ve been posting some comments over at the Tim Blair and Andrew Bolt blogs. The aim of the exercise was to analyse the rightwing response to those posts knowing that the Blair bloggies, in particular, are prone to home in on anything I have to say. To a lesser extent the same could be said for Andrew Bolt’s blog though some at Bolt’s blog were some of the more avid bloggies from Blair’s blog keen to attack wherever I went. Some, like ‘wronwright’ for example, are so obsessed that they even hunt me down on Google in order to leave their dirty little piles of muck at other blogs.

Yesterday I posted that the exercise was over and that I wouldn’t be bothering them anymore. Blair couldn’t resist having a parting shot and wrote a little piece that invited his bloggies to respond to. His piece was titled ‘Damian Signs Off’. In it, if you visit the blog, you’ll find Blair telling his readers that he doesn’t censor posts.

This is a blatant lie.

While I do censor posts, and, as most know, I will not allow the rightwing to peddle their obnoxious garbage at this blog, Blair says he doesn’t censor. When I write a response to this, Blair doesn’t publish it.

Blair, clearly, is a liar and a fraud. He has no qualms about knowingly publishing posts from other liars and frauds or linking to articles by rightwing liars and frauds.

For those interested, below was my response which Blair did not publish.

The result of the study and the associated article, ‘Australian Mainstream Media Rightwing Bloggers and their fanatical Bloggie followers’, hopefully will be published here at a later date.

‘Damian signs off’? Not quite. I’ve ‘signed off’ on the original purpose for my visits to Blair and Bolts blogs and it was my intention simply to walk away and let you get on with it but, since Blair has opened himself up to ridicule yet again, how could I resist not commenting!

As usual Blair twists the truth somewhat. I had indeed written: “It seems that only the rightwing are now allowed to comment on Tim Blair’s Blog at Rupert Murdoch’s Sydney Daily Telegraph,” but I wrote that very soon after one of Blair’s minions had censored one of my comments and said that he/she would only publish one selected sentence of any comment I made. Later they relented and published all my comments in full (though still didn’t publish the original post).

Blair had clearly painted himself into a corner. For a long time I have rarely published rightwing comments at my blog unless they are so ridiculous that they warrant publishing. I have always made it clear that I would not be a party to peddling neocon or extreme rightwing propaganda at my blog. As a result I have been accused of practicing censorship by the loony rightwing bloggies that gather here. Blair says he doesn’t practice censorship. Perhaps not to the extent I at first suggested, but, nonetheless, he does practice censorship.

I make absolutely no apologies for censoring warmongering and racist garbage from the rightwing – as has been demonstrated by Bush, Howard and Tony Blair’s policies between 2001 and the time these warmongering liars left, or in the case of Bush, about to leave, office, there are a lot of people dumb and gullible enough to actually believe their lies. While most now concede that they were taken in by the lies, others, indeed most of those that gather here, including Tim Blair, still actually believe the lies.

Part of those lies, lies that are still being perpetuated, is the idea that the events of 9/11 happened in accordance with the official government story as endorsed by the ‘9/11 Commission Report’. This is despite the report now having been proven to be full of contradictions relative to other proven and readily available evidence, and omissions; for example, the report fails to mention anywhere the total collapse of WTC7.

The myth of a still active al Qaeda outside of Afghanistan and Pakistan is perpetuated by US neoconservatives and their mainstream media supporters as demonstrated by Rupert Murdoch’s own press empire of which Tim Blair and the likes of lunatic warmonger William Kristol of the ‘Weekly Standard’ is a part of.

Conspiracy theory? Of course there’s a conspiracy theory – it’s the one that Bush was in such a rush to come out with within hours of 9/11 happening. Time has allowed the initial numbing shock of those events to wear off and we are now beginning to see how it simply couldn’t have happened the way Bush and co said it did. That, coupled with what we now know were lies in order to start wars and the knowledge that these wars were planned and even wished for before 9/11, lead us to conclusions that go far beyond the simplistic ‘they hate us for our values’ excuse for invading, occupying, killing and destroying people of other countries and ripping off their resources.

The response to my postings here and at Bolt’s has been entirely predictable. Those of you astute enough to keep their ears to the academic ground will no doubt be keen to read the results of this study exercise at a later date – or not. While the intention was never to ‘convert’ dedicated rightwing loonies, (why bother), it is hoped that other readers, those many, apparently, that pop by and read what Blair’s and Bolt’s bloggies have got to say and have good laugh at them, have learnt a little about what makes this small but dedicated coterie of extremist right-wingers tick.


Anonymous said...

Good on you, Damian, for conducting that exercise. I am indeed looking forward to seeing what you've found to be the reflexive responses of those oafish and infantile subjects. I'm interested to see if your findings reflect the predominance on those blogs of those with the characteristic behavioural patterns of typical punitive types reared under the "Strict Father" model.

Anonymous said...

Damian I too will look forward to your analysis. John Dean wrote a book Conservatives without Conscience , and there is a fair bit on the authoritarian mindset.

People like this can't handle ambiguity hence they can't handle the truth that while the earth is warming, while at the same time some parts of the earth are cooler.