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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Tim Blair, a neoconservative Australian ‘journalist’ with Rupert Murdoch’s ‘Sydney Daily Telegraph’ has published photos of this weeks test launch of missiles in Iran and has claimed that they have been ‘faked’. The problem is, while they may have been faked, the chances are they were faked not by Iran but by western propagandists the likes of whom Tim Blair is always keen to accommodate at his blog on Murdoch’s paper.

Little Green Footballs, a neoconservative propaganda website, published the so-called fake missile launch photos claiming that their man Charles Johnson was the first to ‘spot the fake’ after seeing it as supplied by Getty Images. The inference was that the Iranians had doctored the photo before releasing it to Getty Images though this is not made clear.

The photos do indeed seem a little fishy but one wonders what the Iranians would have to gain from such an obvious fraud particularly since – and here’s the rub that exposes it as a neocon fraud rather than an Iranian one – similar film and pictures of the launching of the missiles have also been released by Iran which can easily be compared with the fraudulent ones.

Tim Blair has hosted a number of extreme neocon fraudsters and outright liars at his blog in the past and this incident demonstrates further the extremes to which the Tim Blair and the neocons are prepared to go with their warmongering propaganda and blatant propaganda.


Anonymous said...

Aeronautical Engineer?

Sure hope I don't have to fly on a plane you had anything to do with.

Damian Lataan said...

If you are indeed a 'Frequentflyer' I'd be surprised if you hadn't already done so.

Anonymous said...


The reason Iran fudged the photo.

To cover up this launch failure:

THAT'S their motivation.

Damian Lataan said...

How was one fake photo going to cover up a misfire when many other photos and video of the same launches were also released by the Iranians?

Anonymous said...

Well, it did cover it up.
(or, at least, they tried to. What morons think that clouds form exactly the same. They never do.)

Also, and more to the point, who said those many other launch photos were all of the SAME missile sites. How many did they launch? How many salvos? Were ALL their released images of the SAME salvo? No, of course not.

They fired about 12 missiles. This image deals only with 4.

The other 8 you probably saw with no problems.

This one they thought they'd quickly photoshop and release it too.

Dumb move.

- Separately, being of the conspiracy type, do you recognise that the 'global warming' scaremongering that is thrust onto us by zealots lacking any credibility ... (the earth warmed last year, and temps haven't risen since 1998) ... is a bid to try and change our lifestyle to suit their politics, not to mention a bid to win votes & power in order to then "save" us all?

Damian Lataan said...

I make the point again; why would the Iranians fudge up one photo when there are so many others, plus video, of the same launchings (look at the photos carefully and you will see they are the same launchings and where do you think the other photos came from?) for the west to compare them to. It is far too obvious a fraud. There is no reason for them to cover up a misfire; the misfire salvo has been shown on video that the Iranians released. A misfire is no big deal. It happens all the time. They would have no reason to cover it up and certainly not that blatantly. The whole thing is just a media propaganda beat up. I don’t know photoshopped that one photo but it certainly wasn’t Sepah News where it was claimed by AFP the photo originally came from.

Anonymous said...

It's good that Playful Pete knows that Global Warming/Cooling/whatever they're bloody calling it at the time is a SCAM, pain and simple, but falls for the dumbest False-Flag crap since the Gulf of Tonkin.

Playful Pete - WHO BENEFITS?

Whenever a crime is commited, always ask this - you'd be amazed at how easy the answer becomes apparent.

PP - do you really want our dollar to be equal to the peso?

Do you really wish to not be able to drive a vehicle unless it's a BICYCLE?

Do you REALLY want missiles flying about your head to be COMMONPLACE in the good ol' U.S. of A.?

Turn OFF the dummy box with the thousand channels of NOTHING and join us in the rescue of the Republic.

At any rate, I'd like to hear your take on Peak Oil.