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Friday, July 04, 2008


There should be no misunderstanding here. If there is an attack against Iran, it will be by BOTH Israel and the US. It would be impossible for Israel to attack Iran without the nod from the US. It will be joint effort.

The current rhetoric about US reluctance to attack Iran before giving other options a chance and about the possibility of Israel going it alone is pure propaganda designed to lull the Iranians into a false sense of security because they know that the Israelis can’t do it on their own. The current rhetoric also creates the impression that the US actually wants to give ‘diplomacy a chance’ which, in turn, creates the impression that it is the US holding back the Israelis from attacking Iran.

The reality, however, is this; Israel, at the very least, will need to overfly Iraq in order to get to Iran and will therefore require US permission. Israel will need to acquire the special weapons it needs for such an operation from the US. The US will need to provide airspace control over the entire route from Israel to Iran and back. The US will need to supply Israel with extraordinary amounts of jet fuel. The US will need to pre-plan and provide air support for unexpected contingencies during a strike operation. The US will need to have other preparations in hand ready for any Iranian retaliation. In other words, the idea of Israel simply going after Iran on its own or against the wishes of the US is a complete illusion.

Since the real objective has always been regime change, to be achieved by destroying Iran’s military and political institutions, and not the destruction of Iran’s so-called nuclear facilities, though these no doubt will be hit just to make it seem as though they were the objective, with their real primary targets presented to the media as merely secondary, the Israelis will require a massive air fleet to launch such an attack with their strike aircraft possibly having to do two or even three sorties each throughout the operation. The real challenge for the Israelis, however, lies in their ability to prevent an Iranian counter attack against Israel. This means destroying Iranian missile sites during the initial attack on Iran’s nuclear sites and before they are able to mobilise them into action; a massive undertaking that Israel alone could not undertake.

The threat by the US and Israel to take on Iran has been one of those ‘on-again off-again’ threats that has dominated the entire Bush presidency. Now the Bush presidency is drawing to close and an Obama presidency will not attack Iran. One can reasonably conclude therefore that an attack against Iran is now imminent if for no other reason than the opportunity to do so is rapidly disappearing.

The US by using the propaganda and rhetoric of a ‘diplomatic resolution to solve the Iranian nuclear weapons crisis’ are hoping to avert the public backlash there would be if the US started simply issuing overt threats in a run-up to a war against Iran. A ‘surprise’ attack, on the other hand, would be fait accompli which, as usual, a compliant media and an American public pre-occupied with simply trying to keep a roof over their heads will just accept.


Anonymous said...

Hi Damian,
I wonder if the activity in Turkey has anything t do with plans of attack. You are probably aware that there is a conspiracy there to depose the government in favour of the Attaturk type regime backers, ie a zionist stooge regime again as that was.

Turkey was probably from whence the flights would be best for the northern attack as it borders Iran.The Turkish military have ling had tightlinks with Israel and the latter pilots use their bases.the military hardware deals b/t the two nations are well known such as the tanks deal.

The Islamic government party recently round up about 120 and accused of a conspiracy on the cusp of the court case that the zionist stooge group have set up on the name of protecting secularisation.The Islamic party had developed undestandings with Iraq and Iran regarding the Kurdish issue and was talking with the others of a mutual security pact.

Dimona has been talked of recently and again it may the false flag target to both enable a nuclear response and to cover upthe leakage there.The fifth fleet in Bahrain is so bizarre a stupid action one wonders about traitors in the US leadership. To leave such there as sitting ducks for the High tec missile defence already deployed (obviously despite what Russia said, via Chinese contract probably).

NO doubt the first strike Israel does will be a USS Liberty style against the Fifth Fleet and blame it upon Iran. Who would know until the dust settles , ifit ever does.

USS LIBERTY (ie hit the Fifth fleet and blame it -not on Egypt as last time in 67 but this time upon Iran or even Russia)is probably the false flag and the order to be in Bahrain is the traitorish kind of leadership the US military should be used to when it comes to sacrificing US lives for Israel.


Damian Lataan said...

Hi Anni
I think you’re right about the fleet being provocatively stationed in the Gulf; it’s just begging for something to happen. Sounds familiar? Roosevelt refused to shift the fleet out of Pearl Harbor in 1941 despite being advised to do so on numerous occasions. By August 1941 Roosevelt and Churchill were meeting in the Atlantic discussing war with Japan. We all know what happened just a few months later. And they reckoned it was a ‘surprise attack’! In June 2008, while the fleet was in the Gulf close to Iran, Olmert was in Washington, DC, discussing… well, who knows, but you could take a pretty good guess at it in the light of the rhetoric since and the amount of time left for the Bush Presidency!