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Friday, May 01, 2009


The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), America’s pro-Zionist Israeli lobby group, will meet from Sunday 3 May through to 5 May to determine the Obama administration’s foreign policy for the coming year. America’s foreign policy chief for the Middle East, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, will be speaking to the conference via satellite. Netanyahu will be flying in to Washington to meet with Obama on 18 May to discuss the outcome of the AIPAC conference .

While Netanyahu has made it quite clear that there will never be a sovereign Palestinian state, he and President Obama are likely to be at loggerheads over Obama’s demand that Netanyahu at least keep up an appearance that Israel is willing to talk about peace – even if it doesn’t involve actually talking about statehood for the Palestinians.

Besides the Palestinian question, heading up discussions is likely to be Israel’s perennial Iran ‘problem’. Israel, who like to tell the world that Iran is a problem because it is seeking nuclear weapons for the sole purpose of bombing Israel out of existence, actually has a problem with Iran only inasmuch that Iran is now the only country of any influence that stands between Israel and its realisation of their expansionist dreams of a Greater Israel that includes the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights and south Lebanon up to the Litani River.

While discussions that are in full view of the world between Obama and his Middle East policy chief Netanyahu, are likely to be cordial and result in outcomes that are likely to seem mutually agreeable, behind the scenes Netanyahu will be sounding out Obama on the likelihood of US support if Israel made a preemptive unilateral strike against Iran and or Iran’s allies, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas.

President Obama needs to tread a careful path. On the one hand he needs to show both his fellow Americans and the peoples of the world that he is a President that can bring America back from the dark inglorious days of the George W. Bush administration and he can only do this by seemingly being tough with Israeli demands and giving the appearance of not being so hardline on Iran. On the other hand, however, Obama cannot upset the Israeli lobby too much and has already demonstrated his support for Israel when he did nothing to stop the Israeli carnage in the Gaza in December and January using President-elect protocols as an excuse for saying nothing while hundreds died.

In public, Obama is unlikely to give any succour to the Israelis with regard to attacking Iran with a view to regime change. Netanyahu’s only option therefore, will be to manipulate a casus belli which will result in Israel appearing to have no option other than to attack Iran and then having done so, hope that Obama will see as fait accompli the necessity to support Israel against Iran albeit with the appearance of such support being given reluctantly.

The future of America’s Middle East foreign policy is likely to be determined at this upcoming AIPAC conference.

Frightening, isn’t it.



Anonymous said...

sad, but true! unfortunately the Obombaton just is so in love with Israel, he's willing to send american boyz n gurlz to DIE FOR ISRAEL any moment now.

the drone strikes are working, Obombaton! you've destabilized Pakistan so badly with them, the shit is now hitting the fan there!

how many american's will you ship to Pakistan to die for Israel, Obombaton? How many??

oooh....the blood feels so good squishing thru your death dealing fingers, doesn't it???

I thought so, bloodthursty cocksucker!

Alan Cabal said...

Maybe some horrible disease will kill them all. Maybe some Arab terrorists will hijack airliners using boxcutters as weapons and pilot the planes DIRECTLY INTO THE CONFERENCE! Maybe NAZIS will blow them up using Ryder trucks. Maybe a hobbit will sneak in and try to toss the Ring into Mount Doom...

Anonymous said...

yep obombthem needs to show his fealty to his masters or they'll jfk his ass (just like the mossad was involved in jfk's assassination) i have a rehashed theory that after every election each president is dragged into the "room" by his israel-firsting treasonous useless excuse for human beings, shown a tape from the grassy noel and thats that. israel sucks another host dry and jumps to its next one to try and fulfill herzl's zionist-nazi dream of ersatz israel while executing their own holocaust on the only real semites left. fuck bibi and his new slave obombthem right in the israel loving ass

Anonymous said...

sorry meant "knoll" better fix any spelling mistakes before the megaphonies come in with their "balance" to the discussion with abe fucksmen leading the "anti-semite" mccarthyite brigade of butthurt brainwashed zionists.

Anonymous said...

Somebody, anybody, PLEASE set the meeting hall on fire and shoot those traitorous swine as they attempt to flee the burning building.

traducteur said...

A unilateral Zionazi strike on Iran? Easier said than done, Iran is a long way from OP, and I've read that the Z don't have in-flight refuelling capacity. Also, Iran is not helpless and would intercept the attacking aircraft; it would also retaliate afterward. I think we can take it that Bibi will make threatening noises in the hope of enlisting US support, but failing to get it, will back off.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to see WHAT really controls America. The American people are so damned foolish, ignorant, lazy, complacent that they'll refuse to see this until it's too late.

When the parasite is done with the US, they will dump it into third-world-dom and walk away.

They are already making nice with Russia - setting up their next victim.

TJ said...

The most horrible thing is that to those of us with an open mind, this is common knowledge... but there are so many Bible-Thumping Christians who believe the Jews are the chosen people, and that Jesus won't come back until the Jews have the Temple Mount, that the Zionist-Lobby is basically asked to destroy our country for the good of Israel. Makes me sick. Besides, these modern "Jews" are from EASTERN EUROPE!!! In fact, "JEW" wasn't even a recognized term until the 1700's. God's chosen were "HEBREWS", the descendants of which are being bombed out of existence by the "Jews". America, wake up! You are killing the very people you believe the Bible tells you to protect!

Rowan Berkeley said...

I don't agree that "Russia is their next victim." Russia pretty much belongs to them, and has done since the oligarchs picked up the pieces of the desovietised economy, and they watch it with care to prevent it slipping away; but their next victim is surely China, which has retained enough marxian common sense to realise that the key to global economic success is to be both the financial center of the world and also its major industrial manufacturing base. I think that this explains why even Tim Giertner at the head of the US Treasury is in favor of creating a new international reserve currency, less based on the US dollar.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

"We should prepare to go over to the offensive. Our aim is to smash Lebanon, Trans-Jordan, and Syria. The weak point is Lebanon, for the Moslem regime is artificial and easy for us to undermine. We shall establish a Christian state there, and then we will smash the Arab Legion, eliminate Trans-Jordan; Syria will fall to us. We then bomb and move on and take Port Said, Alexandria and Sinai." ~ David Ben-Gurion

OK boys and girls... time to learn about the Chabad Lubovitch. Look em up. Bush was one of them, still is, a Talmud studying fanatical Zionist, as are many of our leaders. They have already made their TERRIFYING AND FILTHY Noahide Laws part of the American Constitution.

These nasty little men in the hats are just bad news. They are responsible for the noticable Talmudization of Amerikkka, Canada and the UK. Ever wonder who was behind the push for atheism, or all things Christian becoming criminal (ie saying Merry Christmas instead of something generic, or a crime to have a Bible in the classroom)?

The ADL work for the Bnai Brith who are not Jewish but actually Illuminati Agents for the Scottish Rite folks, who follow the deepest Cabala which is also a basic part of Chabad beliefs. This is how you are becoming Talmudized, in otherwords your country's original values becoming thwarted.

This is why AIPAC runs the nation. These folks all are Jewish and have dual citizenship. And Obummer, protege of Zbig and Kissinger, was the perfect tool to advance things. Of course he will do whatever NetanYAHOOOO decides to do. Alas so will Hapless Harper up here in the GWN. Much to the mortification of most Canadians.

What sickens me is things like, pix of Michelle on a woman's mag with the headline, "the First Lady you have all been waiting for" as her hand in the shadow is in a delicate Satanic handsign. Scummy member of the CFR she is. They tell us right into our faces what they are!

If any of you read the speech given at Durban last week by the Iranian PM, you know he spoke well and truthfully. He is no fool. No saint, but no fool. I have seen him waving the Satanic sign also.

The people of Iran do not deserve this. Nor do most Americans. I have long since come to the conclusion most, not all, Israelis approve and deserve.