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Friday, May 22, 2009


President Obama and his administration have created an air of intransigence over Israel’s desire to attack Iran. However, one wonders if this is merely a feint to create an impression of intransigence whereby Obama and his administration prefer not to be seen actually advocating or supporting military action against Iran but, rather, be seen to be going down the diplomatic road to peace instead.

Peace is the last thing that Netanyahu and his right-wing Zionist followers want. Peace will deprive them of any reason to remain in the West Bank. It may force them to give up the Golan Heights. The waters of the Litani River will become inaccessible forever. A Palestinian state will ultimately be Hamas dominated and the Gaza will be lost forever. Peace could also be a stepping stone toward a single state which ultimately will be dominated by Palestinians.

Obama has had no choice but to publicly show himself to be diametrically the opposite of everything that George W. Bush was. He was elected to the Presidency on that basis. He must placate both American and world public opinion in order to demonstrate that he is a President of change.

But beneath the bluster of change and peace and diplomacy there remains a President that unswervingly supports Israel before all else. If push comes to shove Obama will not hesitate to support Israel. The Netanyahu knows this intimately. Obama said as much to him last Monday when they met. All that Israel needs now is to be shoved.

Obama has made his position abundantly clear. The onus is now firmly on Israel to make the decision about a strike against Iran but the US cannot be seen to support a unilateral ‘preventative’ or ‘pre-emptive’ strike without good cause. This leaves Israel only two options: One, it can sit and wait for some situation to develop that will provide a casus belli for them to strike, or two, they can create some situation that will provide casus belli to attack.

In the past Israel has always been the aggressor while posing as the victim. In late June 2006 Israel massively attacked the Gaza Strip over the capture of a single Israeli conscript. The capture of Gilad Shalit served as the casus belli for Israeli jets to destroy much of Gaza’s infrastructure in an operation called Summer Rains aimed primarily at provoking Hezbollah and Iran to re-act. The provocation was reinforced when Israeli jets flew over the Syrian Presidential place in Damascus on the same day Israel attacked the Gaza.

A little over two weeks later, on 12 July 2006, Israel found excuse to also attack Hezbollah in south Lebanon. Two Israeli soldiers who had been part of a reconnaissance patrol in south Lebanon had been captured after a small fire-fight. The Israelis claimed that the two soldiers were ‘kidnapped’ from inside Israel close to the border and used this as an excuse to launch a massive aerial bombardment of Lebanon that killed over a thousand civilians and destroyed thousands of homes and Lebanese infrastructure. The bombardment lasted for over four weeks. The US refused to intervene despite the international outcry over its barbarity. Clearly, the Israelis were hoping by attacking Hezbollah to provoke Iran in to some kind of retaliation, perhaps by providing Hezbollah with more sophisticated missiles to launch against Israel; an action which the Israelis and the US could then use as a casus belli to strike Iran. Iran resisted and Israel’s attempt at creating a casus belli to strike Iran failed.

Ever since even before the creation of Israel they have made use of the ‘false flag’ technique of creating and manipulating affairs and events that they have subsequently used as a legitimate excuse to attack their enemies in the quest to expand and create their Greater Israel.

Now Israel needs once again to find casus belli to attack Iran. They have tried the simple propaganda of claiming that Iran has something it hasn’t just as it did with Iraq and its non-existent weapons of mass destruction. Now, even in the absence of any evidence whatsoever, they are trying once again to insist that Iran is intent on creating a nuclear weapon with which, so the Zionists claim, they can specifically destroy Israel.

Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran know exactly what Israel’s game is and are not biting – just as Iran did not bite when Israel attacked Lebanon in 2006. Now Israel must find some other way to provoke Iran but it can be seen as an overt provocation. Instead, Israel must find a way of making it look as though Iran is doing the provocation. It is the only way that Israel will be able to get the US to support an attack against Iran – it would be absolutely impossible for Israel to do it without US support.
Creating a false flag event is now Israel’s only option if it is to strike at Iran. The US will not be interested in any so-called ‘preventative’ or ‘pre-emptive’ strike. However, a major ‘Iranian-sponsored’ Hezbollah ‘attack’ against either Israel or the US or both might just do the trick.

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Anonymous said...

Its amazing that Israel is able to get away with this quite open brazenness against Iran as it did against Lebanon and Gaza...while the media are never called out for their non-reporting...
Now if a few of their journalists were killed by the israelis (accidnally of course) that may change their minds.