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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


A bill passed a preliminary reading through the Knesset on Wednesday ‘that would mandate the imprisonment of anyone who calls for the end of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state’ according to a report in the ‘Jerusalem Post’.

If the bill goes through it could mean that Israelis that are interested in the one-state bi-national solution will be silenced or face imprisonment. Since much of the push for a one-state solution must come as much from the Israeli people as it does from the Palestinian people and the rest of the world including Jews throughout the Diaspora, the bill could become a major stumbling block for all those that seek peace there.

The right-wing Zionists that are pushing this bill are doing so to ensure that a one-state solution can never be openly supported in Israel because to do so would require calling for Israel to become a non-Jewish state. Since a two-state solution, despite Obama’s insistence, is never going to happen, the bill clearly is a blatant attempt to stifle all calls for a Palestinian state of any kind.

Furthermore, if the bill is successful, it may have severe repercussions on Diaspora Jews who support a one-state solution and occasionally travel to Israel. It is not clear yet if in these circumstances if a Diaspora Jew could face arrest when touching Israeli soil. Nor is it clear if an Israeli citizen calling for a one-state solution outside of Israel could also be arrested upon returning to Israel.

The proposal demonstrates the extent to which Israel has lurched to the right and how much closer to becoming a fascist state Israel under Netanyahu has become. It is time the true voice of Diaspora Jews who would like to see real peace prevail in the region to make their voices heard over and above those of the tiny but vocal right-wing Zionist lobby groups that tend to dominate Jewish opinion in the Western world.

Rally against this bill and rally for a one-state solution which is fast becoming the only solution. The Zionists are pushing this bill for one reason and one reason only – fear.



a little bit of everything said...

"The nature of the State of Israel as Jewish and democratic must be preserved and not denied by any individual."

I guess they don't realize the paradox of this statement.

Damian Lataan said...

Indeed Owl!!

Anonymous said...

Recently the Rudd govt walked out of the Durban anti-racism conference in solidarity with Israel... asifd to say: israel is not racist!
This latest story needs to be brought to the attention of the Rudd govt in a public shame both parties.


traducteur said...

They're playing King Canute:

Nil desperandum!

IDHolm said...

I'm supposing that a recent 'revelation' of mine is neither new nor unique, namely that any 'two state' solution carries with it the (should never happen) recognition of the murdering, thieving rogue I/J/Z-plex state. As such, no-one in their right mind should ever even consider anything *but* a one-state solution: i.e. give it *all* back to the *legal* owners, aka the Palestinians! There will never be peace without justice; justice *demands* the right of return be not just accepted, but actually implemented. The only 'otherwise' would be to legitimise armed and actual murdering theft. Why is this (a) not accepted by the wider world and (b) not implemented ASAP? In other words, (c) how can anyone live in such an obviously, criminally unjust world?