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Friday, May 15, 2009


There’s been an interesting change in article headline in Ha’aretz today. The original headline for an article dealing with the story of President Obama’s demand that Israel not launch a surprise attack on Iran read thus:

“Israel vows not to surprise U.S. with strike on Iran”.

Later, however, the headline for the same word for word article ominously read:

“Israel: U.S. will know before any Iran strike”.

The not too subtle change in wording is ominous because it simply means that Netanyahu wants to keep his own options open about attacking Iran. While it may seem as though Obama has asked Netanyahu not launch a surprise attack against Iran, the reality is that what Obama was actually saying was ‘don’t do it without telling us first’. By asking Netanyahu not to ‘surprise the US with an attack on Iran’, he wasn’t actually saying ‘don’t attack Iran’.

The fact is Israel couldn’t possibly attack Iran without the US knowing all about it well in advance. Just about all the munitions and military jet fuel needed for the operation would be supplied by the US. Even if the Israelis initiated an attack on Iran via Tomahawk cruise missiles launched from their Dolphin class submarines, the Israelis would need to have prepared their air force with huge amounts of fuel and ordnance to counter the Iranian retaliatory strikes against Israel not to mention to counter the probable rocket attacks from Hezbollah in south Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza.

Obama’s ‘let’s talk to the Iranians about their nuclear weapons program’ rhetoric is just that – rhetoric. Obama knows full well that Iran is no threat to Israel or anyone else. He knows full well that Iran has no ‘nuclear weapons program’.

Obama is playing the world for suckers. He’s trying to present himself as ‘Mister Nice Guy’ for the Western World saying ‘look at me, I’m trying to get the Middle East to talk about peace’ while he knows full well that he and his administration are looking for regime change in Iran – and he knows just the guys to instigate it because, after all his talk of ‘talk’, the US now can’t actually instigate an attack itself.

All Israel needs to do now is create a casus belli.

And the Israelis are expert at that.



Anonymous said...

How much better off the world would be if the murderous Jews were just 'disappeared' by a well placed Paki-nuke.

The January/2009 massacres in Gaza have shown us one thing about Israel and that is that a Judenrein Middle East will be good for the US taxpayer, the Holocaust Industries 'victims' and the people of Palestine.

Tombstone, AZ.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, it's a pity your wilfully murderous black heart harbors so much hatred.

What would you say to somebody who wished for a nuke to land amongst the 300 million Arabs of the region?

Damian Lataan said...

Anonymous above... since it is Israel that has the nukes, its far more likely that that will happen than Israel getting nuked by Iran's non-existent nukes.

Do pay attention. Israel has nukes; Iran doesn't.

You're not a racist Zionist by any chance, are you? You're not one of these fascist loony Zionists that hopes Iran gets cleaned up so you and your Ziononazi mates can take over the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Lebanon are you?

You're not one of those Ziononazis that cry 'we're the victims' all the time are you?

I thought as much!

Tom said...


You'll feel much more at home at the jpost website, where you will see, multiple times per day, people advocating the nuking of Iran and turning into glass.

Black and murderous hearts indeed

Anonymous said...

Hi Damian,

I am a person who thought it inhumane to say "How much better off the world would be" for an entire people to be "disappeared".

I thought it noble to stand against those who wish for genocide.

I don't wish for the killing of anyone.

Noticeably, you condemned not the would-be Hitler above, but those who condemn this.


Damian Lataan said...

Indeed, anonymous above; I too wish for no one to die. You're right, I should have condemned both comments but the reality is that there are no nukes with which to 'disappear' Israel but there are nukes that Israel has that can 'disappear' a lot of Iranians.

Anonymous said...

Hi Damian,

The original condemnable comments above were in relaton to Pakistani nukes 'disappearing' Israel, not Iranian nukes.

Damian Lataan said...

What makes you think Pakistani nukes will be used against Israel? It won't happen. Nukes against Israel would destroy much more than just Israel. If nukes get used at all, it is far more likely that Israeli nukes will be used against Iran.

The world would be a far better place if everyone just got rid of all of their nukes.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. And I don't think Pakistani nukes will be used either, despite the original poster's ghoulish wish that Pakistani nukes were deployed to wipe out millions.

If there was some way to guarantee that EVERYONE could NEVER have nukes, it'd be a windfall for humanity.

Easier said than done, mind you.