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Monday, December 01, 2008


The first sentence in Blair’s piece this morning tends to sum up exactly what the extreme right-wing mainstream media propagandists are actually all about. He writes:
‘Confronted by Islamic evil, blame-shy over-educated peaceniks are inclined to shelter behind complexity.’

First off, the use of the phrase ‘Islamic evil’ exposes the typical Blair/Bolt-style right-wing anti-Muslim Islamophobic racism while, secondly, the suggestion that the analysis of geo-political realities could actually cause people to stop and think about what is going on around them threatens the simplistic Blair/Bolt propaganda of the ‘they hate us for our values’ meme that appeals so effortlessly to the their dumb and gullible supporters who seem to hate ‘complexity’ as much as they do Muslims.

Blair reinforces the ‘let’s keep it simple’ approach with this: ‘But terrorism isn’t complex. It’s the simple work of murderous simpletons’. How wrong can he be?

‘Terrorism’ in the Blair/Bolt construct (I use the word ‘construct’ deliberately and provocatively here because it has an intellectual academic ring about it which really gets up the under-educated warmongers noses) is a one-sided affair that ignores entirely the terror that the West unleashes against the peoples of Islam whom they have been murdering for years in vast numbers.

Blair provides an example of ‘terrorism’ to demonstrate how ‘simplistic’ it is:

At 10 pm on Wednesday, an unsuspecting Thakur Budhabhai Waghela, 33, a sweeper employed at GT Hospital, was sitting down for his dinner when there was a knock on the door.
When he opened the door, a stranger asked him for water to drink. After having the glass of water offered to him, the stranger shot Waghela dead at point-blank range in front of his six-year-old son, Yash.

Indeed an act of inexcusable terrorism, but then so is this:

The wedding feast was finished and the women had just led the young bride and groom away to their marriage tent for the night when Haleema Shihab heard the first sounds of the fighter jets screeching through the sky above.
It was 10.30pm in the remote village of Mukaradeeb by the Syrian border and the guests hurried back to their homes as the party ended. As sister-in-law of the groom, Mrs Shihab, 30, was to sleep with her husband and children in the house of the wedding party, the Rakat family villa. She was one of the few in the house who survived the night.
"The bombing started at 3am," she said yesterday from her bed in the emergency ward at Ramadi general hospital, 60 miles west of Baghdad. "We went out of the house and the American soldiers started to shoot us. They were shooting low on the ground and targeting us one by one," she said. She ran with her youngest child in her arms and her two young boys, Ali and Hamza, close behind. As she crossed the fields a shell exploded close to her, fracturing her legs and knocking her to the ground.
She lay there and a second round hit her on the right arm. By then her two boys lay dead. "I left them because they were dead," she said. One, she saw, had been decapitated by a shell.

One wonders how ‘complex’ Blair’s explanation would be he attempted to justify this terrorist attack.

The Blair/Bolt simplistic propaganda technique is designed specifically for consumption by the dumb and gullible and their small minded warmongering flock of equally simplistic followers.


I tried to leave a post at Blair’s blog but Blair’s assistant, the child-like Tran, reckons I’ve been banned for some unknown reason. In stating that, Tran has decided to imitate a sheep by childishly using the letter ‘a’ multiple times. Naturally, like sheep, Blair’s Bloggies, totally incapable of any original thought of their own, let alone argument, have decided to do the same by abusing their right to post comments while I am unable to respond.

It is utterly typical of the cowardly extreme right-wing.


Anonymous said...

What's with the really long titles and headlines? If you read a lot of the stuff coming out of one-party Cuba, or from strongman Chavez, it's a similar theme.

The achingly long single sentence outfitted with as many loaded words as possible.

Is this how Socialists attempt to influence? It reminds one of the olden day reels showing the 'strength' of Socialism in all its wonderful glory. (long bread queues aside)

Welcome to Gen Y, baby. You ain't gonna persuade them like that.

Anonymous said...

I live in southern Q'ld , my husband and I are just surviving farmers, I listen to the BBC at night and the hit job they are doing on Pakistan is unbelievable - they are practically saying Pakistan must be attacked and invaded. It is despicable and our ABC and commercial channels are very similar.
I detest Bolt but why do you think he is not into global warming - is he just playing the devil's advocate.
He is GROSS - I don't know much about Blair as we don't get newspapers often . He sounds a creep like Bolt.

Damian Lataan said...

Long sentences too complex for you?

I rest my case!

Damian Lataan said...

Von Curtis, you'll find Bolt and Blair are cast from the same mold.
The US are trying to put Pakistan into the same propganda spotlight as they did Iraq and are trying to do with Iran. The only problem, of course, is that Pakistan actually does have nuclear weapons - which is why the US is keen to get in.

Best of luck with the farming. I hope things improve for you soon.

Anonymous said...

Yes thanks, we'll hang in there , even though the Federal government has got a file 'How to get Rid of Australian Farmers' we won't let the b##tards beat us !! At least it is loverly and green.

I know its away from topic but I would like to ask your opinion of weather manipulation in Australia.
The only reason that makes me think there could be something in it is - a few weeks ago before a rain band came over south-east Q'ld I looked out the window and saw this huge trail across the sky and it didn't look like a water vapour contrail. It looked like it was much more that that. A lot of people saw it. Some people believe they put barium or silver nitrate in the atmosphere to make the storms more intense.
They do terrorism by piggy backing on smaller events so could they be doing something nasty on top of ordinary contrails ????

Damian Lataan said...

Cloud seeding is a common occurance these days but I'm not sure how it can be manipulated by those that could be up to no good.

Anonymous said...

Yes I don't know but quite a few people think the electromagnetic radiation Bechtel power station and power lines break up cloud bands - it may be extreme - I don't know .
The website seems to think there is something to it - I'll keep an open mind on the subject.
I often read your site - it is very good.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that both mumbling Blair and pontificating Bolt appear on The Insiders along with our Barry, a man for all seasons!

The ABC must find it difficult sitting on the fence these days. At least it stood for something once.

Minicapt said...

"One wonders how ‘complex’ Blair’s explanation would be he attempted to justify this terrorist attack."

Because it didn't happen in accordance with the Guardian story. Which a historian would have checked on.


Damian Lataan said...

Indeed, Minicapt; it was actually a lot worse than the Guardian story depicted. 42 men, women and children were killed. Furthermore, video footage obtained by AP confirmed the survivor’s claims.

Back to the drawing board of history sunshine and try again.


Damian Lataan said...

David, I wonder if the fact that SS-Rantenfuehrer Albrechtsen is on the ABC board has anything to do with the likes of fascist propaganda loons like Bolt and Blair appearing so regularly on 'The Insiders'.

Anonymous said...

SS-Rantenfuehrer Albrechtsen - funny you should call her that - I have often thought the same thing about her.

AM is doing an excellent job this morning nailing Pakistan to the Mumbai terrorists because they were so well trained and the only one they captured is Pakastani. It is so obvious and stupid I hope the Indians don't fall for it .

Anonymous said...

"right-wing anti-Muslim Islamophobic racism"

Tell me, just out of curiosity, can you describe the racial characteristics of Islam? I thought it was a belief system unrelated to race at all.

I will be very interested to hear your explanation.

Damian Lataan said...

Cat Counter, try this:

Anonymous said...

Our zionist ABC is still beating up a war between India and Pakistan - they had that dark princess Rice revving it up on The World Today at lunch time . They are dreadful.
Interesting article The Mossad Strikes In Mumbai

It is lucky we have the internet - I hope those censorship laws don't go through.

Anonymous said...

Damian, why you bother to try to contribute to Blair's Bog is beyond me.

He uses people like you to entertain his audience of morons. You must rise above such provocations, deal with genuine folk that have a brain, that have some morals!

Bugger Blair, I reckon. He's a waste of space!

Damian Lataan said...

Of course he's a waste of space David. However, I have a small ongoing study on right-wing MSM blogs that is ongoing at the moment.

All will be explained once the study is complete next year.

Anonymous said...

G'day Damian, David G, Von Curtis & Bob(if you're 'around'),

Partly agree with Von Curtis' "Our zionist ABC," except that a) it's not 'ours,' and b) the disgrace is far wider than 'Zionist.' It is 'put about' that the AusBC is 'left-biased,' that's a farrago-furphy of the first water; the AusBC is of course (in the main) exactly the opposite of 'left-biased.'

I had to laugh yesterday over a slightly related article:

  «AUSTRALIAN universities are not controlled by left-wing academics hell bent on brainwashing students, a Senate inquiry has found.»
  «"The committee's finding is that in view of the relatively tiny number of submissions received, from the hundreds of thousands of students who are said to be affected, there can be no basis for arguing that universities are under the control of the Left," committee chair Gavin Marshall wrote in the report.»
[Unis not a lefty conspiracy]

The above from our Aus Senate; they also said their time had been wasted - by an enquiry initiated by the then Howard/Libs-dominated Senate.


We can see that the condition of our world has vastly deteriorated over the last 'little while;' I mark the downward spiral as having begun with the US A-bombings war crime in '45 and the beginning of the Zionist occupation of now sadly mostly ex-Palestine in '47/'48, but the US has been consistently rogue far longer than that, see William Blum and his documentation of US atrocities; here's a roughly equivalent online list and Chomsky, say.

That I didn't notice how bad things were (excepting episodes like the attacks on Vietnam & the now former Yugo bits; hard to ignore) - I put my 'ignorance' down to the AusBC, since that was for a long time my 'prime' source of 'news.' That I 'fell' for the Zionist 'David vs. ugly-Arab Goliath' meme is my proof that the AusBC is crooked. (How dare they take our dough, then lie to us? Grrr!!)

Then we got Iraq (illegal invasion morphed to brutal occupation; murder for oil) - and thankfully, the internet. Those who wish can now fish for the truth - as I do.


To the point, actually two:

1. My 1st notice of a 'worm in the apple' was on hearing about "Students for Reagan." In the Vietnam years, most(?) students were anti-war; how did enough get turned around so quickly, so as to get so eff'n infamous?

2. How does the AusBC get their 'marching orders?' I mean, they are deliberately lying, pushing the r-wing psychologically slanted propaganda (see RN/b'fast say, the program I just love to hate). They are supposed professionals, they must know what they're doing - which is corrupting the poor, pig-higorant sheople® - I know this for a fact, as I was such a poor, ignorant person - until Iraq and the internet, when the scales fell from my eyes.

We see in the blogosphere lots'a r-wing trolls, all arguing from the same basic song-sheet. How do they all coordinate; the trolls, the AusBC and the corrupt and venal MSM? How can they all be so utterly, criminally bad?

Anonymous said...

The achingly long titles and headlines are more comical than intellectual. They're found almost nowhere in contemporary news headlines in such form. It's a sign of a past era. Again, if one is familiar with reading the blatantly loaded propaganda emanating from failed Socialist states, it oozes out in similar comically angry format.

It's just a funny way to engage in the media. And it doesn't much attract a sophisticated audience that is today's young Gen Y crowd. And they are the future to influence.

Hilarious! Damian censoring comments at his blog, and then crying to mummy about not being published at Blair's.

Boo, hooo, Damey wamey.

Damian, you're one of the biggest censors around. If you dish it out, you should be able to cop it.

And when the comparison is made that Blair does sometimes publish Damian's Marxist-Leninist desires, well, Damian says Blair is 'more the fool'.

Damian, in not publishing you, I guess he ain't that much of a fool after all.

Or take it as kudos to you - he just took your publishing advice.