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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


It seems that only the rightwing are now allowed to comment on Tim Blair’s Blog at Rupert Murdoch’s ‘Sydney Daily Telegraph’.

Over the last week or two I have left a number of comments at both Blair’s blog and Andrew Bolt’s blog at the ‘Herald Sun’. Naturally, the tiny numbers of extreme rightwing posters that gather at these blogs, one or two of them blogging at both venues, jumped on my comments but were unable to dislodge any argument I had put up. This they have clearly found frustrating, even embarrassing, to the point where Tim Blair has now decided that only his tiny coterie of posters can comment there through fear, presumably, that his regular posters will be put off from posting due to being continually embarrassed by having their argument, what few they have, being constantly debunked and exposed as either fraudulent or outright lies.

For the benefit of those that are interested, below is the full post that Blair refused to publish. The one sentence that he did publish, together with his dictate note that only one sentence of my posts will be published, can be found here.

The full post went thus:

Roskam’s demise at ‘The Age’ represents the overall decline in influence the rightwing now has in Australia. Australians are starting to wake up and understand that a world dominated by the rightwing was not a peaceful world and that they existed only to further their own greedy, warmongering and self-righteous aims. Their lies and warcrimes against peoples of different cultures are being exposed and their attacks against their own working people have been shunned.

The level of thinking by the extreme rightwing as represented at this and Andrew Bolt’s blog says it all. A tiny but vocal bunch of knee-jerk morons who are incapable of any rational thought tend to dominate Blair and Bolt’s blogs by posting their nonsense all day long attacking anyone slightly to the left of centre than comes along. When that happens they go into something akin to a feeding frenzy and the more to the left a posting is, then the more ridiculous their responses become.

A quick look through any randomly selected thread reveals a short list of names of dedicated bloggies that seem to write massive amounts of words during any one day without actually saying anything of any value. It’s the same old names cropping up over and over again. One begins to wonder if they are not just people employed specifically to bulk out the blogs to make those that run them, Blair and Bolt, look like they have a big following.

Roskam’s sacking and Shaun Carney’s elevation represents a reawakening of the Left. The rightwing are now struggling with the likes of Blair and Bolt having only the support of a diminishing but vocal band of know-nothing knee-jerk full-time bloggies.


Anonymous said...

You must be joking Damian.

This coming from the guy who filters and bans over 75% of Conservative arguments on his own radical-Leftist blog.

And now you're complaining that you don't get a voice at Blair's???

Can't you see the hypocrisy??

Damian, at first I thought you were serious with all the conspiracy stories etc ....

But now I reckon you're probably not that serious about the stuff you write - probably more aiming to get a rise out of your opponents.

P.S. The only reason your conspiracy theories are not "dislodged" is because any evidence to the contrary you simply ignore or never allow to be posted. Your arguments have been made into mincemeat, time and again Damian.

Banning an opposing voice, and then claiming that as victory, is akin to Marxist-Leninist regime media practices.

But the truth still exists, even if it is hidden, you see.


Your claim that when Israeli troops were illegaly kidnapped by Hezbollah they were in Lebanese territory, has been widely discredited.


Details are out:

Al-Akhbar newspaper in Lebanon, thought to be CLOSE TO HEZBOLLAH, have already released details about the raid, .....

In Israeli territory



"According to Al-Akhbar ...The fourth squad had the most important role, penetrating into Israeli territory"

YEDIOTH AHARONTH:,7340,L-3568406,00.html


"According to sources quoted by the paper, the Hizbullah attack force infiltrated Israel"

... and in the LEBANON DAILY STAR:

"two soldiers captured by Hizbullah in a deadly cross-border raid two years ago"

Damian Lataan said...

First off, I never ‘ban’ reasonable argument no matter where it’s from. I enjoy rational argument. I will also publish outrageously ridiculous argument from the right simply to show how ridiculous some of their argument is.

Second, I do not allow the rightwing to peddle their warmongering crap at this blog. If they want to do that, they can go to their own blog or set one up for themselves or got to the rightwing loony blogs that cater for that kind of garbage.

Third, if Blair and Bolt, etc., are dumb enough to allow me to comment at their blogs then more fool them. They are the ones that have painted themselves into a corner with their so-called ‘free speech liberalism’. The right to free speech is one thing but the abuse of it by advocating hate and war is something else. Others may tolerate it, I don’t. As I said, they can go elsewhere.

As for the argument over where the two Israeli soldiers were captured, you cite a number of sources supporting Israel’s claim that they were captured after Hezbollah forces infiltrated into Israel.

All of the reports you cite are based solely on a report originating from the ‘Al-Akhbar’ Lebanese daily newspaper which, it is claimed, has links to Hezbollah. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Occasionally Hezbollah use ‘Al-Akhbar’ for propaganda purposes but in reality ‘Al-Akhbar’ are notoriously unreliable. Indeed, if you go to the report in the ‘Jerusalem Post’ that you cite, you will see there a link to another report, a video report, which also cite ‘Al-Akhbar’, which also says is close to Hezbollah, saying that one of the soldiers may well be alive. Turns out they were wrong.

The reality is this: First, Hezbollah have never denied or confirmed how the two soldiers were captured regardless of what the notoriously unreliable ‘Al-Akhbar’ said. Second, regardless of where they were captured, their capture was not the real reason for the onslaught against the Lebanese people since this was planned well before the two soldiers went missing. The resultant killing of thousands of civilians and the massive destruction of Lebanese infrastructure are further proof of Israeli intentions and pre-planning.

The capture of the two Israeli soldiers was just an excuse for another attempt by the Israelis to capture south Lebanon up to the Litani River and, at the same time, try to drag Iran and the US into a confrontation with each other via Syria. It didn’t work.

Incidentally, who’s to judge if the capture of the Israeli soldiers on Israeli soil was legal or not given that only the other day Israeli terrorists were on Palestinian soil capturing 30 Palestinian businessmen.

Now that really is hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Following your link, I notice that my old WD pseudonym 'Daniel Smythe' is being used by some malicious cretin in the Blair column.

Damian, your response to the nonsense written by this deranged person was unexpected to say the least!

I've never visited Blair or Bolt's sites. Engaging with such mindless entities don't interest me. Why does it interest you?

And engaging in blog wars doesn't interest me either. There are more important issues that need attention.

Damian Lataan said...

In that case David, I most humbly apologise. I shall also leave an apology at Blairs blog (assuming he'll publish it).

Do you have any idea who this wedger might be? Mind you, now that this fraud has been exposed I can take a few reasonable guesses!

I must say I wasn't sure what was going on. I simply thought that I had said something that had upset you for some reason though I couldn't what it could have been.

Anonymous said...

Damian, I've crossed swords with many idiots over the last two and a half years not only on my blogs but on many other Australian blogs. Could be anyone.

It just proves that small things amuse small minds and that some blogs deliberately set out to attract all manner of dangerous bacteria.


Damian Lataan said...

Indeed, it could be anyone David, but clearly someone who has crossed swords with both of us.
Keep in touch,

Anonymous said...

"The right to free speech is one thing but the abuse of it by advocating hate and war is something else. Others may tolerate it, I don’t. As I said, they can go elsewhere."

Just wondering how you get to keep those 'rights' you so blithely assume are yours. I'm guessing you wouldn't be the type to fight for them.

Damian Lataan said...

They're not just my rights Anonymous, they're everybody's. But the right to free speech is not the only rights humans have; there are also many other rights that the extreme right try to deny of others. Freedom to live in a country which is not occupied by a foreign troop is one of those rights. Freedom to practice a religion and/or culture that may be alien to others is another. There are many asoects of various religions and cultures that are not for me but it is up to them to sort out for themselves.

I don't deny the rightwing the freedom of speech, but I do deny them the facility to peddle their hate-filled garbage here.