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Tuesday, November 06, 2007


According to a report in the Jerusalem Post “The International Atomic Energy Agency is not only neglecting its duties of preventing nuclear proliferation, but acting as an obstacle to those trying to preserve the status quo, the Foreign Ministry's Director-General Aharon Abramovitch said on Monday.”

By ‘status quo’ Abramovitch means that Israel does have nuclear weapons and that no one else in the region should therefore be allowed to have nuclear weapons. There’s a sort of triple arrogance imbedded in Abramovitch’s remark that belies a very carefully crafted piece of propaganda. The problem is the propaganda has become utterly transparent which is what makes it so desperate.

The main implication is that the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is not being subservient to Israeli and US expectations with regard to Iran’s so-called nuclear weapons ambitions. As part of the rhetoric designed to influence public and political opinion in favour of backing an attack against Iran for the purpose of radical regime change in Iran, both the US and the Israeli governments claim that there is evidence that Iran is enriching uranium to such purity that it can be used to manufacture nuclear weapons.

There are five fundamental flaws to the US/Israeli claims. First, the Iranians deny that they are enriching uranium beyond that which is required for use in an electrical power generating reactor, a quite legal activity. Second, the IAEA have found no evidence whatsoever that would support US/Israeli claims. Third, the US/Israel has produced absolutely no evidence at all that rebuts the IAEAs claim that the Iranians are behaving as they claim, nor any evidence to show otherwise. Fourth, the Russians, who are helping the Iranians build their nuclear reactor, would not be helping the Iranians if they thought that the Iranians were going to enrich uranium beyond that required for electricity generation. Finally, of course, there is the question of US/Israeli credibility regarding the veracity of their claims when one considers that they are the same kind of claims that both the US and Israel laid against Saddam Hussein prior to invading and occupying Iraq.

It is mainly from these factors that Abramovitch’s arrogance is derived. The most obvious is, as I’ve said, Israel’s insistence that it be the only Middle East nation allowed to have nuclear weapons. Then there is the inference that somehow the IAEA is working for or playing into the hands of the Iranians thus denying the US/Israel an opportunity to enhance their propaganda against Iran in a lead-up to an attack, and, finally, there is the arrogance of expectation, the expectation that the peoples of the world are actually going to fall for this obvious deceit again.

The reality is that all of this is totally for the benefit of a dumb and gullible public who the US/Israel need in order to support an attack on Iran for the purpose of regime change. It has nothing to do with Irans ‘nuclear weapons’; it has everything to do with regime change. There will never be any ‘negotiations’ over Irans ‘nuclear weapons’ because there is simply nothing to negotiate over.

One hopes that the world will wake up to this before it is too late – again.


Daniel said...

The world waking up, Damian? Fat chance of that happening I'm afraid!


Damian Lataan said...

What I find distrubing Daniel, is the fact that the world did wake up just prior to the Coalition of the Killing's invasion and devastation of Iraq. Millions around the world took to the streets to implore their respective leaders not to attack. But, as we know, they took no notice whatsoever.

Now we await the pending US attack on Iran, an attack that could well lead to consequences that would make the Iraq disaster look relatively tame, yet, this time, there is nobody taking to the streets. That's what's so disturbing. For some reason people think that the US would simply not be stupid enough to do this and so have not bothered to protest. The US are relying on a slow build up of propaganda that will yet again suck in the dumb and gullible. A recent Zogby poll reckoned some 52% of the US would support an attack against Iran.

The people of the world have given up?!

Daniel said...

I think that the world's people realize that, though they live in democracies, they are largely powerless.

The elected officials, supported by Big Business, Media Barons and Religious Fundamentalists, hold all the power, make all the decisions and are not responsible for anything they do. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps there is a chance even if the "world waking up" doesn't happen?

If the situation in Pakistan goes absolutely critical, then surely even the responsibility dodging powerbrokers have to put other plans on hold and focus on that.