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Sunday, November 25, 2007


Despite its prosperity, Australians on Saturday finally woke up to the fact that there are many things that are more important for the future of the world and Australia than merely filling up ones wallet with as many credit cards as possible. Australians clearly seem comfortable with the fact that wealth creation and the maintenance of wealth is something that can be achieved without the likes of Howard and his cronies who seemed to think that wealth creation was the be all to end all for those that have the wherewithal to actually achieve success. Little consideration was given to the myriad of Australians that weren’t, many of whom were left behind unable to keep pace with rising interest rates, rising prices and diminishing incomes as their protections were eroded from beneath them.

Prosperity, like familiarity, can often breed contempt; contempt of those others unable to become or have failed to become prosperous. Those that succeed then become totally focussed on maintaining their wealth often to the exclusion of all other considerations. This led to the several successive re-elections of Howard to government. It was based solely on the false fears of loss of wealth. People were prepared to overlook Howard’s lies and arrogance provided he could continue to look after their wealth.

Finally, however, the people of Australia have woken up. They have realised that it was not Howard that created our prosperity, it was the people themselves. Australians were able to create wealth before Howard’s workplace laws came into effect. The workplace laws were seen to be a hindrance to wealth creation for most working people and were seen to only benefit businesses. The drought brought home the importance of considering climate change, water conservation and the urgent need to find new ways of creating energy resources, all of which had been all but ignored by Howard and his fixated corporatist, wealth creating government.

Howard has ignored the indigenous people of Australia, he has ignored those who don’t have the skills and ability to create their own wealth, he has ignored the calls of great swathes of Australian people who do not want to be involved in wars for America and Israel against peoples that are not a threat to us, he has ignored the plight of those that seek refuge in Australia from the wars that Howard has involved Australia in and he has ignored the future of a world that will have to cope with the environmental consequences of the processes that were involved in creating our prosperity.

Now he has paid the ultimate price. The policies of arrogance, greed and short-sightedness in the pursuit of wealth has been rejected by Australians who can at last see that creating vast wealth today does not in any way guarantee the world a prosperous future for the long term. Howard’s attempt to build a self perpetuating pseudo-democratic corporatist fascist state based on financial elitism and regional hegemony has also been rejected. Australia can now become a member of the regional community based on sharing and understanding and not threats of military intervention or being cut off from aid.

Howard’s time is up. The clock is now running in a race against time to get the world fixed up. We’ve got one shot at it before time runs out altogether. It is up to us to ensure that our new government do what is necessary to get it right for everyone – not just in Australia and the region but for the well-being and future of the entire world.


Anonymous said...

Thank God the people of Australia have awakened to the Neocon/Fascist agenda. If only we Americans were that capable. I fear it will be Billary vs. Ghouliani, both acceptable corporate stooges. Good Luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Good on you, ozzies!

Anonymous said...

Howard's legacy to Australia won't be truely appreciated until there is a Royal Commission on the Port Arthur Massacre. Many Aussies are waking up to the false flag operation of 9-11, however they remain ignorant of one in their own country.

If Labor would only release the available evidence that has been secreted away under the guise of National Security, Pandora's box would be opened.

After that, a call for a Royal Commission.

Anonymous said...

It had nothing to do with any "Neocon/Fascist agenda"...and EVERYTHING to do with money.

The sitting gov intorduced contriversial work place reforms which the Labor shaddow gov exploited with a scare mongering campaign.

People were hence worried for their

THe Howard gov didn't do itself any favours by stating that the sitting Prime minister wouldn't see out his full term if relected.

Wake up to yourself. The average Australian couldn't give a rats arse about Iraq, Kyoto, Bush or Polar bears. What we care about is interest rates, fuel prices and the cost of gorceries. All of which have been at record low levels under the Howard gov.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Damian.
The Coalition of the Chilling has suffered another setback.

Anonymous said...

I don't expect many improvements from a Labour government. The media was so strongly behind Rudd that I smell a rat. Labour promised all kinds of things when they last took over from the Libs in 1983 and they jettisoned most of their promises within a few weeks. They then imposed neoliberal reforms on the country, something they had no mandate to do. So we may now be in for more devious moves to the right that weren't mentioned during the campaign.

I second the call for an investigation into the Port Arthur massacre, which happened only a few weeks after Howard took office and for which Martin Bryant couldn't possibly have been responsible.

Anonymous said...

How I wish it were otherwise Damian.. But, I just don't think that Rudd will be much different to Howard.
I truly believe that there will be many disappointed people down the track, who thought Rudd was ..different.
He's as ruthless and ambitious as Howard, ouudgou you wait and see.Just a younger version.. .
Where have all the decent people gone?
Perhaps we are getting the governments we deserve eh?

Anonymous said...

We need to wait and see which of Rudd's promises he keeps. Pull out of Iraq? Kyoto? Nuclear power? I, for one, want to see, at the very least, a coronial inquest into Port Arthur. Bryant simply could not have done what he is alleged to have done. What happened afterwards played right into Howard's agenda. I'm embarrassed I didnt see it earlier. A Royal Commission would be Government controlled: we want impartiality. Start writing those letters people. Get active.

Anonymous said...

The people of Australia woke up to themselves and got rid of a numerously confirmed arrogant lier.

The economy is not everything, Australia now has a lot of work to do to regain once hard won trust with its regional neighbours. No more US Deputy in S.E Asia. Thank goodness one less right wing NeoCon lapdog. How many more to go.

Anonymous said...

howard is damm lucky he lives in australia,if he was an african president he would be spirited to the hague to face war criminal charges,this man went into Iraq knowing the intel was cooked,he and his fellow architects of this human disaster deserve jail time not a pension.

Anonymous said...

The Optimism is misplaced. Rudd has repeated the Neocon "Wipe Israel Off the map lie". Even Downer said that Rudd's plan to try Ahmadinejad for incitement to treason was 'ridiculous'. Rudd is a globalist cut in the same mold as Howard and will happily lead Aussie kids into war with Iran. He was annointed for the role by Murdoch himself.

Anonymous said...


Clever tactic. Our enemies used the perceived 'conservative' politician to be the guy in charge when they launched their
criminal war in Iraq and used that war as a basis for erecting their Soviet-style police states in the respective white majority
nations. Then, when the white people in those nations get sick of the criminality - that our enemies made sure got exposed,
just enough, to tarnish their puppet in the eyes of the people, they toss him out on his hiney, and the real communist pinko waiting
in the wings and carefully groomed to deal the final death blow to white western civilization rises to take the top spot. Same tactic
put Sarkosky in charge of France. Same tactic lead to the firing of the GOP controlled U.S.Congress last November.

Meanwhile, embarrassingly large percentages of white males continue to remain clueless as to what is transpiring all around them.

" Expect a flood of African, Philippine, Mexican and Indonesian settlers, oops, refugees. Expect more Chinese who will snap up every tax dodge small cash business in the nation. More muslims, more Indians and Pakistanis who will gobble up the education and work places of Australian kids. Expect food and health standards to drop as third worlders take up more jobs in our food halls and fast food outlets. Expect more racial tension, drugs, marriage breakdowns, rape and crime. Expect more corruption. Finally expect your Australian rights to be trampled in the dirt."

Aladin13 said...

Things will really change if Rubb will quickly call back australian troops from Iraq. That will be the real criterium. Else, it will be the demonstration that conservatives and labours are the same shit.

more said...

Don't be seduced by words and initial appearances. The opposing parties here in the U.S., and most likely in OZ too, serve the same masters. It's what they do that matters, not what they say. The agenda is one world government and Hegelian wars and tactics are the means use to conquer and confuse. Our citizens don't realize our constitution was already compromised almost as soon as we became a nation.

The Rothschild (Quote: Mayer Amschel Rothschild "Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws.") bankers first got their hooks in America in 1791 and much of our struggle since then has been due to the nefarious activity of those hidden parasites and their cohorts creating and funding perpetual wars for personal gain. To wit: The Allied forces and Third Reich Germany.

Look at your own constitution and its erosion always asking yourself whether the politician in front of you, regardless of ostensible appearances, is yet but another agent for the New World Order.

Anonymous said...

In the US there is only two parties. Aipac with it's 13 candidates against Ron Paul according to Dick Eastman. And Aipac cheats.

dingo said...

Although I live in California, my mom was Australian and I’ve always taken a proprietary interest in the nation and its history. It’s great news that Howard, Bush’s little deputy, has taken a drubbing.

Admittedly, Rudd may be more of the same in far too many respects. However, the mere fact that he concedes that climate change and the war in Iraq are problems to be addressed is a start. You have to admit that there are problems before you can galvanize people and resources to address them.

In the future, wealth will primarily be used to escape the consequences of the creation of that ‘wealth’. We have a hubristic economic ideology that believes that economic forces trump biology and physics.

Growth and economic activity is an end in itself; growth and consumption is defined as an ultimate good no matter what the consequences. This is, of course, the paradigm of the cancer cell, which metastasizes giddily until it kills the host.

A 1997 study argued that the value of all natural ecosystem goods and services stood around 33 trillion per year with, needless to say, immense uncertainties:

Will humans overcome their institutional, religious, and economic bottlenecks to cope successfully with these systemic problems? At a time when we need visionary approaches, the U.S. is in the stranglehold of a terribly corrupt and myopic political class that threatens the entire planet.

At least Australians have flushed one of the most pernicious lackeys for the “business as usual” forces. So a small celebration is in order.

Damian Lataan said...

Dingo, you seem to have summed it up pretty well. Thanks for your comments and support.

Others have suggested that there is little difference between what we have gained and what has been kicked out. True, there is not a lot of light between the policies of Labor and Liberal but there is a world of difference between Rudd and his leadership team and Howard and what was his leadership team. Only time will tell us the extent of that difference. Hopefully arrogance and hypocrisy will have been replaced, at least, by compassion and sincerity.

Daniel said...

God, Damian, is this your blog or does Anonymous run it now?

The world seems full of these strange, shy people who all use the same pseudonym and who can't be traced. What have they got to hide? Certainly can't be their intelligence!

Great news for Australia! We've moved out of the Dark Ages again.

Damian Lataan said...

Yes Daniel, there are a lot of Anonymous's around; it's a big family that seems to be dispersed the world over.

The right-wing of Australia is now in complete disarray. All we need to do now is to keep pushing to get the rest of the world to follow suit.

getinformed said...

So glad Howard is out. War in Iraq was based on lies and the world does not need these neocons or their sidekicks with their own agenda. Ron Paul is the best bet so far for a change in direction and we are all running out of time. We don't want another world war. However, don't get sucked into the global warming hype. That is a scam. Check out this Aussie Professor's lecture for a starting point and do your own thinking and watch all 4 parts. Remember the mainstream media is mainly controlled by governments and they want you to believe what they want, not the truth.