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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Israel, yet again, has managed to defer any positive resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict despite the propaganda and rhetoric of the pomp and ceremony of Annapolis that was aimed at raising the hopes of peoples around the world yet in reality did nothing to impress the peoples of Israel or Palestine. All that the parties agreed to in the end was to keep discussing the idea of peace and hope that something comes out of it by the end of next year. Both sides, however, know full well that peace will be no closer by the end of next year than it is now.

The talks have effectively doomed the Palestinian people to at least another year of oppression and persecution, particularly in the Gaza Strip where already there are plans afoot for the Israelis to invade and oust the Hamas government there and hand power over to Abbas, a move that is likely to alienate the Gazan and West Bank Palestinians even further from the Abbas Fatah camp.

The fact is there is little left of Palestine out of which a sovereign Palestinian state can be created. The Israelis have succeeded over the years to so fragmentise what little there was of the West Bank portion of Palestine and to isolate the Gaza that there is nothing the Palestinian people can see that a state can be built from. The extreme right-wing Zionists of Israel are not going to budge from their settlements in the West Bank nor will they hand back the Golan Heights to Syria, another bone of contention that prevents peace coming to the region. Nor will the right-wing Zionists of Israel ever allow the Gaza Ghetto to become part of any Palestinian state; a physical impossibility anyway even with the very best of intentions. For the extreme right-wing Zionists of Israel there will be no return to the 1967 borders. For them there will never be a Palestinian state of any kind.

Bush, Olmert and Abbas have condemned both the Israeli and Palestinian people to more of what they have been giving each other for the last sixty years and they have done this under the banner of false hope.

There is now only one way forward – toward the binational one-state solution, a solution that all the peoples of the world should unite for to bring an end to the lunacy of constant war throughout the Middle East and beyond.


Pete North said...

You claim that no state can be made of the PA territories. I beg to differ.

Gaza by all accounts has some excellent beaches and has plenty of land with which to use for agricultural purposes. There's nothing stopping it being a self contained tourist resort.
It could also do well to run a low tax economy to attract businesses.

All it needs is for the amply well paid PLO to flex its muscles and smoke out the extremists and make educational and cultural reforms. Starting with Hamas TV.

What Gaza needs is a well equipped, well trained police force that could and would do the same job as the Israeli occupying forces.

The fence would still be a good idea as a precaution against the nutjobs but there's no reason why the checkpoints couldnt be opened up.

Shortage of money has never been the problem for Palestinians. It's a lack of leadership and political will.

In the mean time I do not see why Israel should make any concessions or do them any special favours above and beyond what they already give them. Until Palestinian leadership makes a convincing gesture that they are even interested in statehood, there is little point to any negotiations.

While the corruption, theft and thuggery of Hamas and Fatah rules there will only ever be a dysfunctional society.

It's a sad case of a affairs when Israel has to threaten to shut off the power to get the Palestinian rulers take their jobs seriously.

As for the west bank, Arabs living inside Israeli authority would much rather be part of Israel that subject to the corruption and indifference of any Palestinian regime. The West Bank is a different kettle of fish anyway. It's hardly poverty stricken and there are some very rich Arabs living there (probably from stealing aid money), but if they were so concerned about their Palestinian brothers they would do something to help. Smuggling more guns into Gaza doesn't help anyone.

Daniel said...

North JNR must win the prize for the most biased comment I've ever read!

According to him or her all fault lies with the Palestinians while their imperialist occupiers and oppressors are without guilt.

Is North JNR a rabbi or a zenophobic zionist?

Pete North said...

Well Daniel, firstly, You got me. Yes, I am biased. I have an opinion. Opinions are a bias and like excuses... everyone's got one.
I would never be so conceited as to suggest that I was not.

Secondly, where in any of that did I assign blame? I offered some pragmatic observations as to what the Palestinians have and what they could do should they choose to. Slightly more helpful than mudslinging terms like "zionist oppressor"

You can either fall for the Hamas excuse of blaming Israel and hate mongering designed to distract the Palestinians from taking matters into their own hands, or you can examine the very real problems in Palestinian society that no amount of external interference or aid money will fix.

And Daniel, if my comment was the most biased you ever read then you demonstrate clearly that your reading on this subject is not vast.

Since you are new to this subject I suggest you take a look at PA corruption and take a look at some audits of their books which have never been signed off.

Thgen examine the motions that brought Israel to independant government, ie using their official army to sink weapons shipments bound for Jewish terrorists and militias. That is how you gain recognition and that is how the world knew they were serious. A similar gesture from Palestinian rulers is long overdue.

You could argue that Hamas has done exactly that. But then one really has to ask, if their chief aim is to destroy Israel then what is there to talk about?

Damian Lataan said...

North Jnr, when the Palestinians have their nation back and are no longer being ethnically cleansed from their lands by extreme right-wing Zionists in the West Bank and Gaza then perhaps they can start thinking about how nice it would be to have tourists sunbaking on Gaza beaches. Until then, however, tourists are the last thing on most Gazans minds. They wouldn’t mind going to the beach themselves to relieve the tedium of their persecuted lives in the Gaza Ghetto if it weren’t for the fact that when, on the odd occasion that they do turn up for a bit of a day out at the beach, whole families get shelled to death by Israeli naval ships that lurk just off shore.

The only ‘nutjobs’ that come into the Gaza are the Israeli terrorists that come in with their tanks, jet attack aircraft and helicopters to murder selected Palestinians and anyone else that happens to be in the way when these criminal extra-judicial executions are being carried out. As for the electricity being cut off from ordinary civilians in the Gaza in retaliation for Palestinian fighters lobbing rockets into Israel in order to get the Israelis to stop persecuting Palestinians and destroying their lands, homes and infrastructure, such power cut- offs are regarded as collective punishment and as such are a war-crime in contravention of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

North Jnr, your propaganda and rhetorical swill is neither constructive nor welcome. Find somewhere else to spew it in future.

Damian Lataan said...

North Jr. I said find somewhere else to spew it.

Damian Lataan said...

I did warn you North Jnr. Islamophobic Ziononazis are not welcome here. Spew your thuggery elsewhere.