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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I’m not sure that I’ve read a more sickening document than the one that was released by the White House yesterday entitled ‘Declaration of Principles for a Long-Term Relationship of Cooperation and Friendship Between the Republic of Iraq and the United States of America’. Encapsulated in this document is the geo-political reality of what the Bush/Cheney administration and their neoconservative and Likudnik supporters had set out to achieve since the day George W. Bush became President of the US.

Far from ‘liberating’ the Iraqi people from the ‘yoke of tyranny’ for them to become a ‘free and democratic’ model to which all other Middle Eastern states could aspire, which was the propaganda and rhetoric used by the neoconservatives that convinced the Coalition of the Willing that Iraq was a ‘noble and righteous cause’, the declaration instead condemns Iraq to an endless occupation designed to enhance the power of the elite puppets of Iraq, and to ensure that Iraq’s resources remain firmly under American control and enriching American controlled oil companies. In short, the document is the instrument by which Iraq has effectively become a colony of the US.

There are several iniquitous points made in the document that betray the real intent of the administration but, in particular, point five of the second principle relating to ‘the economic sphere’ which says: “Facilitating and encouraging the flow of foreign investments to Iraq, especially American investments, to contribute to the reconstruction and rebuilding of Iraq,” and point eight which says: “Supporting the Republic of Iraq to obtain positive and preferential trading conditions for Iraq within the global marketplace including accession to the World Trade Organization and most favored nation status with the United States,” says it all.

Iraq’s puppet leaders have signed over Iraq to the US.


Anonymous said...

..and the US is controlled by zionists. Only Israel benefits from these endless Middle East wars. Iraq is the beginning. As we commit war-crimes in Baghdad, the US gov't commits treason at home by opening mail, eliminating habeas corpus, using the judiciary to steal private lands, banning books like America Deceived (book) from Amazon and Wikipedia, conducting warrantless wiretaps and engaging in illegal wars on behalf of AIPAC's 'money-men'. Soon, another US false-flag operation will occur (sinking of an Aircraft Carrier by Mossad) and the US will invade Iran.. Then we'll invade Syria, then Saudi Arabia, then Lebanon (again) then ....

Anonymous said...

... yes, but all of this is possible, thanks the the countless dumb american idiots paying illegal taxes .... to an illegal government.

you can make a monkey play a note on a piano, but you'll never make him play bach.

this is the analogy that best fits the level of stupidity of the american people.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the real people of Iraq, who have lost family members, land and their health. They will appreciate a proxy government {America}, finally coming clean and telling them to just forget about all that torture, death mercenary group slaughter fests, all that pain they caused Iraq's peoples, and start anew. Forget the lies that Iraq was part responsible for 911 and the false reports of WMD's. Those lies will be repaid in full, with a kind and helpfull American+Israeli touch. America, having to cut-off the process of installing middle-man puppet dictators, will simply stay. America is the land that doesn't instigate revenge when one is attacked, and the underlying message is, neither should Muslims. Forgive and forget.

And Israel's friends and lovers and agents of goodwill will now give all Iraqi and it's neighbors reason to praise the Holy Land

Anonymous said...

The oppressors of the Muslims will soon be vanquished, InshaAllah. The US made a grave mistake by invading a sovereign nation. The US hides the fact that many of her soldiers have been killed (estimated at more than 10000). The official figure is very less. The US is making fools of the American people. History has shown us that evil will be vanquished and truth will prevail.

Anonymous said...

The plan of the unbelievers is to stop people from worshipping Allah. That's why they are trying to create havoc, bloodshed in the Muslim countries so that the followers of the true religion, Islam, will swerve from the right path. But the stupid infidels do not know that Allah will protect the believers and will give them a swift victory. Victory has been achieved by Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq to some extent. The christian and jews did not follow Allah's command and created their own sects from the true religion, Islam. They always try to create an illusion that Islam is bad. They are doing this because many good non-believers are embracing Islam. See that for yourself if you do not know that already. My family and myself have embraced Islam. For your info, I am a White American.

Unknown said...

america is not controled by zionists, it is controled by the sovereign military order of the knights of malta. look up the black pope, he is their general. get a clue you hippies, you are being misdirected and being played with.

people say the jews are zionists and not all jews are zionists, well NEWSFLASH jews are not zionists, EDOMITES ARE ZIONISTS. do your homework yah losers and quit making america look bad by spouting this misinformation crap.

Anonymous said...

Maps and Charts of Iraqi Oil Fields

These are documents turned over by the Commerce Department, under a March 5, 2002 court order as a result of Judicial Watch’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit concerning the activities of the Cheney Energy Task Force. The documents contain a map of Iraqi oilfields, pipelines, refineries and terminals, as well as 2 charts detailing Iraqi oil and gas projects, and “Foreign Suitors for Iraqi Oilfield Contracts.” The documents are dated March 2001.

Iraq Oil Map
Foreign Suitors for Iraqi Oilfield Contracts - Part 1
Foreign Suitors for Iraqi Oilfield Contracts - Part 2
United Arab Emirates Oil Map
United Arab Emirates: Major Oil and Natural Gas Development Projects
Saudi Arabia Oil Map
Saudi Arabia: Major Oil and Natural Gas Development Projects

Anonymous said...

America is not controlled by zionists, we are not out to stop the muslims . We don't care about your religion, your culture or way of life. America is capitalism at it's worst. We care about raping your natural resources. We care about raping our tax payers. It's an easy execution. First we make up some bogus excuse to go to war. If we can't instigate an attack on us or our "interests", we'll attack ourselves and blame it on you. Next we blow the holy crap out of your country, being careful not to damage any existing gold mines, like your oil fields or records that pertain to oil output. Then we rebuild your country and charge you for it and charge our tax payers for the cost of destruction and maintenance. The only people in the US that benefits is the corporations. With all the great examples of democracy and the benefits of capitalism, I can't imagine why you don't want to be just like us. (sarcasm)

Anonymous said...

America doesn't need any help to look bad. I would say, "It's doing a pretty good job on it's own." But, that would appear a degree predictable.

"America the free, is finished."

How's that?

"Your word is worthless."

"And Mr.Cheney and Bush, instead of standing on trial for crimes against humanity, get full control of Iraq."

Ain't that a kick in the head?

Rumsfelders and the American shit encrusted dried up congress, should all be charged with the consented and slow deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children. Simply based on it's presentation of false evidences of the WMD's and George Bush made fun of by not finding under his desk,[as is your true reply to dead kids families], is reason enough America should be put on trial.

America's passing of laws to legalize torture to destroy any last vestige of lingering anger Iraqi citizens may have still held, deceptively disguised informants and US shills and the millions who have been displaced and they're land destroyed, all this should not have taken place. Still, on the scale of the population within the United States, so far barely a peep from the public. And the evidence is clear (PROJECT FOR A NEW AMERICAN CENTURY) , that MR. Dick Cheney had a hand in publishing, is all the proof that is needed to support the reality that the invasion and 911 were deliberate and carefully thought out in total 100% synchronicity.

America is the false peace maker, that by it's works and actions, that it's true colors now show.

Condi was being straightforward with her "Devil'n'the details" cuff.

But worse yet, the silence by the UN and European Common Markets shows just how powerful the rulers over America are.

Hitler would be proud.

Daniel said...

Following Iraq, there must be countries all around the world crying out to be liberated by America, Damian. They bring 'freedom' and 'democracy' don't they?

Anonymous said...

now the underground oil pipeline going to Israel is for ever going to get free oil

Damian Lataan said...

...and, of course Daniel, the country crying out most for liberation is the US itself!

This article may help tell us why.

Vierotchka said...

To the first anonymous poster above, your name is E.A. Blayre III and you have been spamming hundreds of blogs for several years now in your desperate effort to sell your stupid and badly-written book "America Deceived" which was not banned from Amazon but dropped by Amazon for lack of sales. I had to remove your spam several times from my blog, as have many friends of mine.

Anonymous said...

Hey my friends, American population is not dumb, lazy or apathetic. Americans are hard working, noble people. Why offend the US population so much? American people are hard workers, revolutionary, collective and united. It is the upper class, and more specifically the middle elite yuppie class which are pro-wars, and pro-fascism, and who play a big part in lobbying both parties Democrat Party and Republican Party into imperialist wars. The majority of americans are spectators, are pure spectators, not participants at all. Read Noam Chomsky's "Hegemony or Survival", or do a search on google on "Wilsonian Idealism" to see what i am talking about. The majority of hard working americans are not guilty at all, because of the fact that americans never vote, can't vote and don't have a voting system to vote in. Because USA is a monarchy, not an electoral democracy. So the only rational solution is a social revolution, not a reformist elitist election

Anonymous said...

A legitimate Iraqi government will be completely within its rights to repudiate this nonsense, just as General de Gaulle repudiated every law passed by the puppet Vichy government. The real problem of today is the agent provocateur activities of the US in Iraq, first just by being there, but also fuelling the killing by arming Sunni and Shi'a against each other, attempting to murder the authentic popular leaders such as al-Sadr and allowing Blackwater to wander around killing at random. If you were a patriotic Iraqi, wouldn't you blow up any pipeline that you knew to be pumping oil? No-one can guard hundreds of miles of pipelines, making oil very hard to pillage. This is just not a good business model. Fair trade is the only way to go in the long term, quite apart from the moral issues. And tragically, it will take the US at least a generation to regain its moral credibility and be in a position to lecture anyone on aggression and human rights.

Anonymous said...

Just how does America plan on trying to get it's credibility back? Dig up the dead Iraqi's and sit them at the negotiations table? You got away with the deaths of millions of Vietnamese, why should this be any differnet for the "my shit don'stink, America!?"

America has to start-off by leaving Iraq, admitting it lied, pay-off hundreds of billions of dollars to the families, leave the oil alone and stand trial for it's crimes. Then, maybe you can close that fuck'n canyon wide sized crediblity gap.

Anonymous said...

America's homeless soldiers are left to rot in their own streets back home, why should it care about anything other than winners. So long as America wins this war, it doesn't matter how great the lies were. America isn't hitting the streets to protest this war, because deep down it wants to be the winner. They hate losers. Also, they kinda like the idea of being the big bully on the block, (aka; "peace maker").They've been at it since WWII, making big bucks. It's a role they don't plan on giving up soon.
War might be hell, but for American, getting there is half the fun.

So while the rats jump ship and make a clean getaway to far-away lands, the ready made US cloned gated UAE (is but one fine example of another "green zone"), they are showing itself to be the spotswhere many former wheelers in political housing, will be heading out to stay and meet they're makers. US mercenaries, now traing the public's officers to demand the autocratic standard, "yield to the power", are about to go into high gear. By which, they who install virtual dictatotrs and presidents are banking on a world of evil empiricism. They sense an experience of pain heading their way, unless they give up to the empire state of mind.

dingo said...

You are absolutely correct, Damien—it is a sickening document. It is pure unadulterated colonialism and the Vichy Regime is an excellent benchmark to highlight the illegitimacy and sheer malevolence of the U.S. invasion and occupation.

In many respects the Vichy government of Marshal Petain had MORE legitimacy than the current government of Iraq. There were two zones in France; one occupied in the north by the Wehrmacht, the other zone in the south was completely free of German troops. Petain was also an important ‘conservative’ figure before the Nazi invasion.

The hope is that this brazen colonial project in Iraq will stabilize under a collaborationist government long enough to begin the free feeding on Iraqi resources; the hope is that the battered and suppressed population will acquiesce to permanent American military garrisons. The project, however, is so brazen and monstrous that it is unlikely to achieve the levels of pacification needed to successfully administer it.

Setting aside the moral issues, a master of realpolitik such as Zbigniew Brzezinski, hardly a leftist statesman, fears that this sort of rank colonialism runs against the tide of history.

Brzezinski also fears the long-term malaise of the Orwellian ‘War on Terror’ but does not quite acknowledge that it is the new propaganda paradigm to justify a brutal military Empire.

It reveals much about American Empire in the 21st century--as well as the nations such as the UK and Australia that back it. Certainly Israel and the Zionists played a key role in pushing the U.S. to attack Iraq and they are playing a baleful role in pressing for a war on Iran.

It is unconvincing to blame all of this on Zionist conspiracies, however. The Bush/Cheney cabal represents a military-industrial-oil axis, an Empire of greed and arrogance that is now the real face of America in the world. (The elites that run this Empire are also in cahoots with the feudalistic Islamic kleptocracy of Saudi Arabia, for example, as well as the Zionists.)

Expect nothing much from the American population, however. Although they are tired of the war they are inculcated as consumers—not citizens—and they have little influence over the ruling elites of the country anyway.

Anonymous said...

Not a colony in the old Warsaw pact or British Empire sense. More like guarantees that Iraq will not go off the reservation again, as they did periodically under Saddam. Essentially, "don't mess with Uncle Sam" or his friends. Otherwise, go your own way.

Something like the relationship the French have with their old colonial empire, where the Foreign Legion is always available over the horizon to support the existing government.

Another similarity is with Germany and Japan in the decade after WW2. As with the latter, short-term anyway, this is not necessarily a bad thing for the people of Iraq. At least it gets the US out-- we don't want to be there any more than they want us.

Oh yes, it also opens up their economy to foreign investment, etc.. Whether this is good or bad again depends entirely on your point of view.

Anonymous said...

First, under international law, a belligerant can use force to enforce a peace treaty. Otherwise, no winner of a war would make one. In fact, this was the rationale for the invasion of Iraq in the first place-- that Saddam was not living up to the agreement made to terminate the first Gulf war.

Likewise, there seems to be a mistaken belief that the Iraqi misadventure was some sort of nefarous plot. Would that it were. If so, the follow-up would have been planned a lot better. What you are looking at is folly, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

America has already ended.
Now it will only be revived by the American people taking her back.
Ron Paul 2008

Damian Lataan said...

Good analysis Dingo. In particular your assertion that "It is unconvincing to blame all of this on Zionist conspiracies..." is absolutely correct.

What we see today is the resultant of a convergence of a number of mutually beneficial interests which includes Israeli Zionist interests, US industrial-military complex interests, US resources interests, particularly oil, and a number of other minor interests such as the Christian-Zionist right, so-called 'reconstruction' interests (the twenty-first century version of the post American Civil War 'Carpetbaggers'), and other commercial interests including the private security companies and service and supply companies such as KBR/Haliburton, etc.

All of these interests from tha very beginning have moved toward Iraq hand in hand from the day Bush became President of the US.

Daniel said...

Fortunately other powerful nations, realizing the threat posed by an American Empire, are beginning to create alliances.

Even Europe seems to be more aware of the threat posed by an American Empire, one based upon military dominance and control of the world's oil supply.

The Protector has become the Predator!

Unknown said...

For the ignorant who equates Americans with monkeys:

Any moron alive that even has access to the internet should (before commenting about Bush/America on the internet) know that he has an approval rating index of 31.47 percent. That means that 65.21 percent of Americans DON"t aggree with his policies. I suppose that instead of convincing thousands of conservatives to begin electing democratic representatives, Americans should decline to pay taxes and risk losing their houses, jobs, and freedom to the I.R.S.Who can be bothered with logical things like following the law when it would be far more effective for citizens to simply quit contributing to society. I mean, what with Katrina, the humongous breakdown in healthcare and education funds...why should anyone bother paying taxes?

Honestly, if you can't understand the governmental system of America better than an American 8th grader, how can anyone take your affronting comments about American intelect seriously?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So what? Iraq deserves it for not fighting back the invasion.

Instead, they decided to listen to propaganda and allowed the invasion and supported it themselves. But now look at the mess they are in. I guess they really wanted change so bad that they would support an invasion into their own country.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

US is controlled by the Catholic Jesuits, not the Zionists. This is all to enthrone the Pope as antichrist. Read a King James Bible and figure it out.

Damian Lataan said...


Unknown said...

things are much worse than you all think,go to googlevideo, key word Dr. Deagle.

Unknown said...

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paul walter said...

Actually came here to see if there was anything beyond Henson anywhere on the internet.
Surprise, surprise!
Some odd posts here, but at least its real.
Anyone watch 4 Corners on Frank Bloewy?

Damian Lataan said...

Hi Paul

You won't find much on Henson here - thankfully. It seems like it's getting another hammering over at Webdiary though.

Odd, is it not, that while the world crumbles around us as a direct result of all the stuff that we warned about now coming to fruition, the folk over at Webdiary still feel the need to bury their heads even deeper into the sands of what they believe is their morality in the hope that it'll all go away.

I'm afraid I have little time for what is left of a once promising blog. It has become the Ramsey and Jenny blog; it caters for the professional propagandist that is Ramsey, and services the self aggrandising needs of the blatantly self-righteous and arrogant Jenny Hume. Between Ramsey's deceit and Hume's conceit there's no room for reality there anymore.

You're welcome here any tick of the clock.