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Friday, November 16, 2007


How’s this for unbelievable Chutzpah from the loonies that run Israel.

They threaten to turn off the electrical power to the Gaza Strip in order to collectively punish the Gazan people (a war crime) for allowing a few of their fighters to lob missiles into Israel as a deterrent to the missiles that the Israeli terrorists use to kill selected Palestinians in the Gaza together with assorted and innocent passers-by.

But, there’s little point in turning off electricity at the mains if the system is so badly damaged that the power isn’t getting through to a lot of the Gazan people anyway. So… what do the Israeli’s do so that they can inflict their punishment on the Gazan people? They fix the power system so it does start coming through… then they can turn it off!

It gets worse.

The Israelis don’t actually fix the system themselves; they get Palestinian linesmen to do the job. The Israelis supply the tools and show them how to do it but they don’t actually do it themselves.

But wait, there’s more!

Now the Israelis make a big propaganda scene out of this amazing piece of Chutzpah by telling the world on TV and their news media about how kind they are in fixing up the power system for the Gaza – a system that they actually destroyed in the first place.

Now that’s Chutzpah.

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Daniel said...

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, Damian, and in the hands of people whose minds are locked into the primitive beliefs of the dim, distant past, Israeli behaviour is understandable even if unforgivable!