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Sunday, February 07, 2010


Israel and the US, together with their Western allies, continue to pile on the pressure over Iran’s so-called nuclear weapons program. US Defence Secretary Robert Gates has visited Turkey to discuss how Turkey might join a “NATO-wide missile defense system, which would be focused on the possibility of an attack from Iran”. This follows last week’s deployment of Patriot defence missiles to the Gulf States of Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, and Bahrain as well as two defence missile ships in and around the Mediterranean. To top off the provocations, Israel sent two missile ships to the Gulf via the Suez Canal which they passed through last Thursday (4 February).

These moves are deliberately designed to intimidate and provoke Iran into ‘lashing out’, possibly using Hezbollah and Hamas, which would provide the US and Israel a casus belli to attack Iran for the purpose of effecting regime change.

In the event that Iran is attacked, as it now seems increasingly likely, Israel will most likely simultaneously attack Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in the Gaza Strip and possibly Syria, who Israel have lately been threatening, in strikes the Israelis will claim will be to pre-empt Iranian retaliation against Israel.

Yet, despite the gathering pace to war, the world seems disinterested in demanding there be no more wars. The world seems to have forgotten how the same lies that are being said today about Iran’s ‘nuclear weapons program’ are exactly the same as those that they told to the world about Iraq. In the lead up to that war, the peoples of the world were out in the streets in their millions; yet now, when a war is looming that has the potential to be far more devastating than the one that destroyed Iraq, we are doing nothing.



David G. said...

Why? Mainly because indoctrination has taken the place of education.

People no long think (if they ever did) but rather respond to prompts like: Americans are the goodies; Greed is good; More is better; It is patriotic to die for your country; We live in a democracy; God is looking after us; War is the only way to solve problems and other such infantile falsehoods!

Sheeple fill the world. The wolves are having a field day.

Anonymous said...

Also with scientific spaceshots now being derided as 'provocative' by the yanks toward Iran, one is reminded of the early years of space exploration by the Yanks and others who did the same sort of thing but which they claimed was a noble activity.

The rocket launch vehicle is the main issue, but the yanks forget that they too started out using military rockets for space shots (and still do).

Hypocracy, thy name is America!.

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