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Thursday, February 04, 2010


Well, it was just a matter of time, was it not?

The other day the Iranian government conceded to UN demands that it send its Uranium abroad for enrichment. It was just what the Western power alliance was asking the Iranians to do under threat of further sanctions. I argued yesterday that such a move would likely upset the Israelis and the US because conceding to the demands would deprive them of a casus belli to attack them directly and that they would have to find some other way of getting at them. I figured that it would mostly likely be through one or both of Iran’s allies, Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. I never imagined that the Western allies would be so stupid as to play the dumbest piece of Chutzpah in the book by rejecting Iran’s offer to comply because – wait for it – they reckon Iran is only making the offer in order to avoid sanctions!!

Need I go on?


michael mazur said...

All this would be funny if it weren't so serious, as these psychotic Judaized Anglo American terroristic gangsters are about to Holocaust a substantial part of 65,000,000 innocent people of Iran.

Whether slowly or quickly the world would finally come to grasp that the psychosis of mass murder for its own sake, so well proven by the relentless horror that rained on Gaza a little more than a yr ago, was just a hint for the knowing of what was intended for Iran.

Incinerating a substantial portion of the Iranian people might be thought by ordinary mortals as surely being sufficient for the maddest of leadership cabals, but they do not know of one Ra'nan Gissin, a real loudmouth close advisor to the late Ariel Sharon (officially still comatosed 4yrs, do you believe that ?), who said in Arizona on a fundraiser in April 02 that the world would be brought to ww3 whether it liked it or not. More chutzpah.

Judaism having found that it can, through the Zionised apparati of a number of western states, project immense military power which allows it to exercise the option of planetary suicide if it feels that it will go into terminal decline through universal rejection of Jews everywhere on account of the unspeakable crimes against innocents perpetrated by the temporal expression of their religion in the form of the Jewish State.

In short, they cannot bear the thought of being regarded as being morally unfit to walk amongst the rest of humanity, meaning that they would be excluded from all decision making affecting the directions humanity is to take.

Gratuitous mass murder by the psychotic with immense hitherto unimaginable implements of destruction is a novel phenomenon, and being novel, is not posited in the minds of people; and thus the rejected psychotic will not be stopped in using such implements until there is no human life left on Earth, for the alternative is to disarm, and that is unthinkable to the psychotic.

David G. said...

Michael, yours is a well-reasoned comment, one that highlights the extreme danger the world faces from fanatics in Israel and America and their servile supporters in Australia and the U.K., etc.

Anyone of a number of crazies in Israel and America could initiate a nuclear war. America came close to it during the Cuban Crisis.

Only a revolution by the sheeple of the world can dethrone the crazies so don't hold your breath. Baaaaaaa!

The countdown to Armageddon has begun!

james said...

I love this - from the linked Guardian article,
"His German counterpart, Guido Westerwelle told journalists that "Iran has to be measured by its actions, not by what it says. "It is up to Iran to show an end to its refusal to negotiate."

I guess Guido is using the Zionist definition of "negotiating" which means conceding all Zionist demands before they'll agree to sit down and call it "negotiating".

These people shouldn't be put in charge of a can opener let alone nuclear weapons (and goodness knows what else).