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Saturday, February 27, 2010


Andrew Bolt of the Melbourne, Australia, ‘Herald-Sun’ newspaper (owned by who else but Rupert Murdoch), wrote in his column today that “If Israel killed Mabhouh, it was… because of the threat he posed to the lives of Israelis today”.

Based on Bolt’s logic, one could argue that, if it’s OK to assassinate people that are a threat to you, then it would be OK for Hamas to assassinate, say, Gabi Ashkenazi, Israel’s chief of staff, on account of the threat he poses to the lives of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Not only does this sorry excuse for an Australian support the notion of targeted assassinations, but he actually criticises those that speak out against the practise. If this Murdoch-paid racist lunatic had his way, he’d no doubt be happy to extra-judicially execute all of the West’s enemies – particularly if they happen to be Muslims and better still if they’re in Australia if the way he relentlessly demeans and vilifies Islam in Australia is anything to go by.

Bolt wrote: “Fraser’s [referring to Malcolm Fraser, a former Australian Prime Minister] suggestion that Jews are just trading on the Holocaust dead is morally despicable, and bordering on anti-Semitism.”

What Fraser actually was quoted as saying was, “the Jewish state could no longer use the Holocaust as an excuse to justify state-sanctioned murder, and criticism of its policies should not be dismissed as anti-Semitism”.

Clearly, Fraser was not referring to ‘Jews’ generally as Bolt asserts but to the ‘Jewish State’, the Zionist State, whose apparatchiks have indeed invoked the Holocaust to justify killing their enemies claiming that such killings are aimed at preventing another ‘holocaust’. The reality, of course, is that Mabhouh, who certainly did buy arms for Hamas, was not doing so in order to create another ‘holocaust’ but simply to defend Palestinians in the Gaza Strip from the Israelis that frequently invade and indiscriminately kill civilians in the Gaza.

Fortunately, most Australians don’t go along with Bolt’s Islamophobic and other blatantly racist nonsense, but it’s unfortunate that the vocal few that do support him and several others of Murdoch’s propagandists are the ones that are bringing Australia’s reputation as a successful multicultural society into disrepute.


David G. said...

What Bolt thinks about anything is of no interest to me, Damian. Why give him more coverage than he already gets?

That the ABC allows him on the Insiders is bad enough. Every time he opens his large mouth, he offers an insult to every intelligent viewer!

Damian Lataan said...

True, David; and I'm inclined to go along with you if Bolt were on his own. However, he's part of a large and prominent propaganda organisation that needs to be exposed for what it is. Having my say about Blair, Akerman and Bolt in Australia and other Murdoch propagandists elsewhere takes up little of my time and is even a relief from the everyday stuff I need to do.

Since I rarely get much more than a few hundred hits a day, I'm not really giving him much coverage. For Bolt and the others I'm a persistant annoyance that eventually will wear them down. And, if I don't, then at least I have my say in letting the world know what sort of people there are on the fringes of Australian society.

David G. said...

Bolt is but a small toad in a pond full of sharks, Damian.

Attacking Murdoch and others of his ilk might be more a more profitable endeavour.


Anonymous said...

Damian, I'm glad you expose slime like Bolt, and I agree with your reasoning for doing so. Very fine blog that should have larger readership. Sally in Massachusetts, USA.

Bibi's Lunatic Fringe said...

Might I suggest that you embed a link to the URL for wiki's Andrew Bolt page behind the word Bolt each time you wish to ventilate an opinion of him?

Like most right-wingers/closet Zionists, Bolt is allergic to contrary opinion and banishes any attempt to point out the flaws in his studiously uninformed rants from his blog. It speaks volumes about his myopic self-obsession that he has published a book of his own newspaper articles.