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Saturday, May 23, 2009


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is just itching to find an excuse to attack Iran and what better way than to try what his predecessor, Ehud Olmert, tried in 2006 – provoke Hamas in the Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon by getting them to retaliate with minor incidents to Israeli border provocations and then use this as an excuse to launch massive attacks against both.

Olmert failed in 2006, not through lack of effort, but because Hezbollah didn’t use its Iranian-built ordnance against Israel and Iran refrained from any direct, other than verbal, support to Hezbollah and Hamas. Nearly three years later Netanyahu awaits his opportunity. He knows that he will not be able to strike against Iran first because Obama has made it quite clear that he doesn’t support any Israeli unprovoked so-called preventative or pre-emptive attack against Iran.

This past week Israel conducted a full-scale ‘defence’ exercise simulating war with Hamas and Hezbollah indicating that this may be seen by the Netanyahu government as the most expedient way of getting Iran to act in such a way as to provide casus belli for Israel to attack Iran with US support.

The other alternative is for Israel to make such a lot of noise about a ‘pre-emptive’ attack on Iran that Iran makes a pre-emptive pre-emptive attack on Israel – hardly likely but, what would an Iranian attack against Israel look like? A massive explosion in the heart of Tel Aviv? A missile attack alarm going off two minutes before the explosion? Maybe a second explosion of similar size elsewhere? Follow it up with propaganda about ‘Iranian pre-emptive attack’ and, voila! Instant casus belli. Why not? The Zionists are quite happy to put their own people in harms way for the Zionist cause. They certainly had no qualms about putting the people of Ashkelon and Sderot in harms way by bombing the Palestinians in the Gaza knowing full well that Palestinian fighters would launch retaliatory rocket strikes against the Israelis. It’s exactly what the Israeli military wanted them to do in order to create their casus belli to launch their devastating onslaught against the Gazan people in 2008/09. There’s no chicken and egg question here; sixty years of Israeli aggression against the Gazan people demonstrate adequately that the Gazans were responding to Israeli aggression and deprivations, not the other way round – unless, of course, one believed the Israeli propaganda.

There is no option now for the Israelis but for the Iranians to be seen casting the first stone. Without that there can be no attack against Iran.



Anonymous said...

Hezbollahn may not have used its iranian ordinance..that didnt stop the US from using its US ordinance,,in violation of US laws:

Yet obama or is handlers have chosen to INCREASE funding for israels army...
So much for the candidate for any sort of change...


traducteur said...

Hezbollah gave them a good kicking last time, in 2006. They want to try it again? Bring 'em on!

PoliticalTheatrics said...

I agree with Traducteur here.
Bring them on!
Hezballah and Hamas will not go easy this time.

David G said...

'Bring 'em on' is a silly comment.

Israel is just itching for a chance to use its arsenal of nukes on Iran and anyone else who appears to stand in its imperial road.

And imperial America, hoping to get a cut of the action, will back Israel all the way!

Do you guys want to witness the end of the world?

Peter said...

David G

By your comments, it really means Israel would be the next country willing to use nukes to strike another country.

Do you know what does that mean?

You condone it?

Of course we all know that the Israelis can only rely on their air force in any battle and in fact about the only real fighting unit (unopposed of course without SAMs otherwise they would also run)

So really , is Israel able to handle years of war of attrition against hezbollah, Hamas, Syrians with constant Iranian full support ?

Israel with a tiny little country and reported 1/4 of population would leave the moment Iran has the nuke (not attacking with nuke) able to stand the distance?

After Lebanon 2006 and Gaza 2009 the world saw how the IDF performed!

Anonymous said...

Imagine if instead of :

we had:

'IF Irael FIREs JUST ONE american-BUILT ROCKET INTO Iran....'

What the media firestorm and political outrage in the 'International community' would be like!

The 'chosen' people get away with the most outrageous things!


Anonymous said...

Please realize that Israel can't do ANYTHING SIGNIFICANT to Iran unless it does it with nukes. That it cannot do. But it must keep up the myth of destroying Iran's nuclear instalations because in a recent poll 30% of Israelis said they would move away if Iran went atomic. If Iran gets a puny A BOMB, Israel will then become the nuclear deterrent umbrella for all Sunni Arabs and they will have to accept it in return. Look at N. Korea. It has nukes because China said YES and we are doing nothing about it because China said NO....When our banker sais NO, we have no choice but to listen. We are the dying Roman Empire, killed by greed and reckless war when we elected a putz cheerleader to be captain of the football team. He insisted "I'm Commander-in-Chief" but he was simply an UNdecider. So Cheney took over and the Pentagon followed him because that meant big $$$ for defense. As a result, we have leadership of gorillas fighting guerrillas. Now we are screwed...but so is Israel!

Daniel E. Teodoru