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Monday, February 23, 2009


Israel’s navy commander, Maj. Gen. Eliezer Marom, said in a rare statement reported in Ha’aretz: "An axis of evil coordinated between Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas will require Israel to wage a campaign against it that will require our best efforts and abilities."

The remarks go to the heart of what Israel’s ulterior motives really are when it comes to discussing Iran’s so-called ‘nuclear weapons program’. Israel is desperate to keep up the pressure against Iran in any way it possibly can even if it means provoking Hamas or Hezbollah or Syria, or even all of them, in order to escalate the confrontation to ultimately involve Iran and the US. The aim, of course, is not to eliminate Iran’s ‘nuclear weapons program’ – Israel, the US and the West all know that Iran doesn’t actually have a weapons program – but to achieve regime change in Iran just as it did in Iraq in 2003. And, just as in the run up to the invasion and destruction of Iraq, the Israelis and the US and their allies are accusing Iran of pursuing a nuclear weapons program.

Just as Israel, with the help of Zionist Israeli citizens that happened also to be in the US administration under George W. Bush, wanted regime change in Iraq in order to be rid of Saddam's influence and support of the Palestinians in the occupied territories, so the Israelis are manipulating affairs in and around their region in order to be rid of Irans influence and support of Syria, Hamas and Hezbollah.

In 2006 the Israelis tried to provoke their final confrontation with Iran by attacking the Gaza when they claimed one of their soldiers had been ‘kidnapped’ and then, just days later, they attacked Hezbollah in Lebanon when they again tried the old ‘kidnapped soldiers’ routine as casus belli for the attack. All of this was done in the hope of provoking Iran to retaliate either directly or indirectly by supplying Hezbollah with increasingly sophisticated arms.

But Iran didn’t bite.

Then the Israelis got desperate. They tried again to provoke Iranian ire by massively and indiscriminately attacking the Palestinian people bottled up in the Gaza in the hope that Hezbollah might come to their support and then, as that escalates, the hope then was that Iran would be drawn in.

But Hezbollah didn’t bite and nor did Iran.

So twice now Israel has failed to draw Iran into a final confrontation. And twice now Israel has failed in its war aims of destroying Hezbollah and Hamas despite the shocking and disgusting loss of innocent lives in Lebanon and the Gaza.

But now Israel looks likely to have a new Prime Minister, the right-wing Zionist and extremist Benjamin Netanyahu, who is even more determined than Ehud Olmert and Ehud Barak to realise the final confrontation with Iran in order to destroy Hamas, Hezbollah and Syria.

It now seems that it is Hezbollah’s turn again to receive special attention from the Israelis as they renew their efforts for their final confrontation with Iran.

Besides talking the talk by ratcheting up the propaganda generally against both Iran over its ‘nuclear weapons program’ and Hezbollah having got new rockets from Iran ready for their next ‘war against Israel’, the Israelis are also doing their bit to physically provoke Israel by constantly flying their attack jets low into Lebanese airspace.

Obama too is ramping up the Iran nuclear issue with his office recently ‘expressing concerns’ about Iran’s increased stockpile of ‘enriched uranium’ demonstrating that the Obama administration is also willing to attempt to hoodwink the people of the world, despite all the talk about ‘negotiations’ with Iran, by using the ‘enriched uranium’ scare tactic of propaganda when they know that the uranium the Iranians do have is enriched only for use in electrical power generation and not anywhere near the levels of enrichment needed for nuclear weapons. Nothing has really changed at the White House.

During Israel’s onslaught into the Gaza a number of rockets were launched from just inside the Lebanese border into Israel. Hezbollah denied all knowledge of these unsophisticated weapons and no other group in Lebanon made any claim of responsibility. It was strongly speculated that Israel may have launched these rockets themselves using munitions from their arsenal of captured weapons from the 2006 war. Only yesterday another Katyusha rocket, again, more than likely launched by Mossad operators or collaborators in Mossad pay from inside Lebanon, hit Israel. Israel launched an immediate artillery barrage into Lebanon in response in a deliberate attempt to provoke Hezbollah into a counter attack. Again, Hezbollah didn’t bite.

It’s just a matter of time before Israel claims that Hezbollah has launched a much larger rocket into Israel. It will kill Israelis and give Israel the excuse it needs to launch another even more terrible war against the Lebanese people in the hope that it will escalate into the final confrontation they so desperately seek against Iran.


Anonymous said...

if youve not heard, just bringing to youre attention the Gaza convoy, taking aid to Palestine...> 100 vehicles with more joining , travel thru north africa to Rafah: ambulances, trucks, a boat, fireengine etc.
Its not gettting much media coverage, except when it changes history, as it did recently on the borders of Algeria.


Anonymous said...

Yes, impatience will soon force the jews into using a final solution, and we will see the knuckle dragging 'International community' stand by...