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Tuesday, February 03, 2009


After what the Gazan people have recently gone through, and, indeed, still are, one has to wonder what it is that makes ‘President’ Mahmoud Abbas so cock sure that he has any credibility left with which to govern the Palestinian people or even a mandate from the Palestinian people to continue doing so. What authority he has is that given to him and the corrupt elements within the Fatah movement by the US and the current Israeli government who consider him and Fatah the better of two evils rather than a real partner for peace and a negotiator for the creation of Palestinian state.

After the elections, which are now only a week away, the notion of any possibility of a Palestinian state will entirely disappear – which will leave Abbas with nothing except the ability to promise to the Palestinian people that things may improve for them if they accept Israeli domination. An Israel under a Likud government led by Benjamin Netanyahu will not be talking about a Palestinian state under any conditions; will not be considering any right of return of the Palestinian refugees to their lands; and the only aspect of the settlements in the West Bank that will be discussed is how they can be expanded. The Palestinians can forget any idea of any part of Jerusalem reverting to Palestinian control and the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip can look forward only to being further squeezed into oblivion prior to the Israeli Zionists forcing them out entirely and occupying their land.

Palestinians will likely reject Abbas and support a movement that demands a state within which Palestinians – all Palestinians – can be free and which includes all of the lands that were taken from them.

Abbas has nothing left to offer the Palestinian people and has lost the authority the people gave him. To many he is seen as a traitor, indeed, some have suggested that it was Abbas supporters in the Gaza that had collaborated with the Israelis in their attack on the Gaza and even lobbed rockets from the Gaza into Israel as part of a false flag series of operations to provide Israel with an excuse to finally crush Hamas in the hope that Fatah and Abbas will regain power there once Hams have been removed. The reality is, however, that Netanyahu and his ultra right-wing Zionist followers have no more liking for Abbas and Fatah than they do for Hamas and have absolutely no intention of allowing anyone to govern the Gaza except themselves.

The simple fact is; the Palestinian people voted for Hamas to govern them. The Western world and the Israelis don’t like it? Tough! It’s called democracy! Abbas is a usurper and has nothing to offer. Hamas offers a fighting chance and has demonstrated their tenacity to resist Zionist oppression. The world should support the movement democratically chosen by the people – like it or not.

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