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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The UK ‘Daily Telegraph’ reports that Israel has declared a covert war against Iran citing US intelligence sources. The intention, according to the report, is for Israel to ‘decapitate’ Iran’s so-called nuclear weapons program by assassinating key nuclear personnel.

The reason given for this new line in policy is that Israel now does not expect the new administration in the US to support an attack on Iran and so, therefore, feels the need to go it alone against Iran’s so-called nuclear weapons program.

However, the news report is patently a propaganda piece because Israel is very much aware that Iran does not actually have a ‘nuclear weapons program’. Israel’s actual goal is nothing less than ‘regime change’ with the propaganda about Iran’s ‘nuclear weapons program’ simply being an excuse to garner world-wide public opinion that they hope to convert into support for the Israelis position if and when it does attack Iran. The ‘Iran has a nuclear weapons program’ accusation will convert to a casus belli when they feel the moment is right.

Given that Israel knows that Iran has no nuclear weapons program one might ask what the Israeli game plan might be now.

Until recently the world seems to have accepted that Israel’s ‘targeted assassinations’ policy is a legitimate form of self-defence for the Israelis. They have used it frequently and openly against Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza and covertly elsewhere in Syria and Lebanon and in Europe where Tzipi Livni, the Israeli Prime Ministerial hopeful, was said to have been involved in Mossad assassinations. However, since the Israeli attack on the Gaza, seen by the world as an unnecessary and fruitless overkill that resulted in the deaths and wounding of thousands of innocent civilians and which showed Israel in its true colours, the world may now be able to see Israeli policies from a different perspective. Certainly there has been a noticeable decrease in the number of assassinations carried out in Western countries.

Meanwhile though, the Israelis hope that Iran has been demonised enough now by the propaganda seeded within Western mainstream media for the Western world to accept that Israel has a legitimate right to continue to use assassination as a weapon against Iran; not so much for the purposes of stopping Iran’s ‘nuclear weapons program’, but more for eliciting an Iran reaction like a retaliatory assassination of an Israeli political or military leader. This, of course, would be hailed as an atrocious terrorist act which the Israelis, and so they would hope, the US, would then claim as a legitimate casus belli to attack Iran. If the Iranians didn’t retaliate then the Israelis have lost nothing while the Iranians lose a few nuclear scientists.

And, naturally, one couldn’t put it past the Israelis to ‘assassinate’ one of their own in a false flag killing if they couldn’t get the Iranians infuriated enough to oblige the Israelis by doing it for them.


Anonymous said...

So is it ok for israels nuclear personnel also to be assassinated??? Or are the 'hosen people' a special case?


Damian Lataan said...

G'day Brian. I guess they like to think they're the chosen people but I wouldn't personally suggest that it's OK for Iran, or, indeed, anyone else, to go around knocking off people that upset them. However, once the precedent has been set... well, certainly Israel wouldn't be able to complain if the Iranians did retaliate.

The Israelis might think they can get away with it but the world is now wise to their game.