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Monday, February 16, 2009


An interesting report appeared in the ‘Jerusalem Post’ today saying that the IDF had assessed the casualty figures and determined that the Palestinian authorities in the Gaza have got it all wrong.

The IDF don’t explain what it is that makes their figures more believable than those of the medical personnel on the ground in the Gaza but the headline may give some hint as to the motivation of the IDFs claim: ‘World duped by Hamas’s civilian death toll figures’. Could it be a propaganda ploy?

There is no explanation whatsoever as to how the IDF arrived at their figures and nor is there any evidence to support any of their claims.

In recent weeks there has been a great deal of serious talk about those Israelis responsible for the carnage in the Gaza being brought before the International Criminal Court on war crime charges now that the Palestinian National Authority has recognised the ICCs authority in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. It is a reflection on how serious the IDF view this development that they should go to such lengths as to cynically create the propaganda of fudging the Gaza casualty figures in order to distract from the reality of having to face the International Criminal court in the Hague.

If the court did indict Israeli military and political chiefs, it would be the responsibility of signatory nations to ensure that those indicted are arrested if they arrive on their soil. There are also some nations, including the UK, Belgium and others, that also have their own separate laws about arresting and trying war criminals even when the crimes were not committed in that country.
The IDF is clearly worried about war crimes accusations and have obviously launched a campaign of propaganda to attempt to counteract war crime charges. Their actions, however, serve only to highlight their guilt and also to make it more imperative to ensure that the real figures are accurate.

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